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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2014-07

Versatile guitarist Dick Wagner dies

Dick Wagner may not ba a familiar name to a lot of fans of the artists he played with, but his guitar riffs are. The versatile player who logged time working with Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Aerosmith and KISS passed away Wednesday (7/30) after contracting a lung infection following a recent surgery.  Paul Stanley, weighing in on Wagner's death, said, 'Dick was a stellar player' and called his playing with Steve Hunter on Lou Reed's 1974 live album Rock & Roll Animal '...legendary', adding that Wagner was 'A huge talent with a huge heart. A great unsung hero.'

Todd Rundgren loses foreclosure claim


A suit claiming a non-judicial foreclosure Chase started over a house Todd Rundgren and his wife bought in Hawaii should be invalidated was rejected Tuesday (7/29) by a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The Rundgrens had contended that a bank filed an application with incorrect information about the couple's assets on an application for the $3 million mortgage on the Kilauea, Kauai home the couple bought.  Foreclosure action initiated in 2009 was challenged by the Rundgrens in a District Court claim seeking a blocakge of the sale and damages.  The court ruled that it could not invalidate the foreclosure because couple had failed to exhaust administrative remedies, a requirement of the Financial Institutions Reform.  The Court of Appeals decision this week upheld the finding of the District Court. 

Round two of Zeppelin Reissues

Jimmy Page's job remastering the first three Led Zeppelin albums earned the guitarist/producer high marks.   Round two of his labor features expanded editions of Led Zeppelin IV and Houses Of The Holy.  As was the case with the previous reissues, each copy of the next two includes a bonus disc of previously unreleased material recorded during the original album sessions.  Bonus material on the October 28 re-release of IV include alternate versions or mixes of Black Dog, Rock and Roll, The Battle Of Evermore, Stairway To Heaven, Misty Mountain Hop, Four Sticks, Going To California and When The Levee Breaks.  The Added disc for Houses Of The Holy serves-up The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song (without piano), Over The Hills And Far Away, The Crunge, Dancing Days, No Quarter (instrumental), and The Ocean. Super Deluxe editions will include a 180-gram vinly pressing of the album, a HD download of all of the audio and an 80 page hard-cover book of rare photos.



McCartney reissues include a John Bonham collaboration

Upcoming reissues from the catalog of solo and Wings era Paul McCartney material include a song the will be of particular interest to Led Zeppelin fans. A bonus version of Beware My Love on the Wings At the Speed Of Sound album features Zep drummer John Bonham.  Bonzo also played drums on a couple of tracks that were included on the last Wings album, Back To The Egg, released in '79.  The expanded edition of Speed Of Sound and Venus and Mars come out September 23. In addition to remastered versions of the original albums, the Venus and Mars album will pack 14 bonus tracks and a DVD with 3 songs and the original TV ad for the album. Wings At the Speed of Sound adds 7 bonus tracks to the original 11 and a DVD with 3 elements.



Frehley taunts KISS


Sniping between former members of KISS and the current lineup continues. The latest taunt came from Ace Frehley who responded to what he claims are statements from the band designed to discredit him and his new solo album. He says his Space Invader album has the goods and will make them '...look foolish' when the release gets heard.  The guitarist went on to contend that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley blocked Ferehley and Peter Criss from performing with them during the Rock Hall Of Fame induction of KISS because they were '...afraid of hsitory repeating itself' by showing how much better a group KISS was with them as members.



Yes vocalist Jon Anderson forms new band

The rift between Jon Anderson and his former band mates in Yes shows no sign of ending (story), so the vocalsit is moving forward with a new band that will include jazz-fusion violinist Jean-Luc Ponty.  Anderson says the notion  of working with Ponty came spontaneously when he found himself singing along to Ponty's music.  He says working with Ponty, guitarist Jamie Dunlap, bass player Baron Browne and keyboardist Wally Minko made 2014, ' amazing year for me musically'.  The Anderson Ponty Band is turning to Kickstarter as a source of funding for a new album and plans for the group to '...sing our way around the world and have fun'.



Floyd gets back to 'spacey' origins






Fans of A Saucerful Of Secrets and Ummgumma are apt to like the album Pink Floyd will release in October more than those that prefer the more song structured approach used on the majority of albums that followed, The Sun has learned from a source familiar with The Endless River, the album culled from sessions recorded in the mid 90's, features '...lengthy instrumentals rather than straight-up Rock' and describes the material on it as '...very spacey'. One song does include a vocal by David Gilmour, and long-time backup singer  Durga McBroom-Hudson has confirmed that she sang on some of the tracks on the album. The source also expects this will be the last thing the surviving members of the group ever do as a band, saying that even a reunion tour that, '...would probably be the highest grossing tour in history', is not apt to get David Gilmour to change his mind about reuniting with Roger Waters and Nick Mason.



Stevie Nicks doubles-up

Stevie Nicks will draw from songs she wrote over a 20+ year span starting in 1969 for a double album titled 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault she plans to release October 7. Even though the songs were composed long ago, the recordings of them used on the album were done quite recently at studios in Nashville and LA.  She describes the collection as songs that '...represent my life behind the scenes, the secrets, the broken hearts, the broken-hearted and the survivors.' The Vault collection was co-produced by Nicks with assists from Waddy Wachtel and Dave Stewart.

On the Fleetwood Mac front, the band has reportedly completed eight songs for the expected reunion album with Christine McVie.  If Stevie is on any of those it will apparently be via overdubs as she evidently not in the studio when they were laid down.




McCartney, Joe Perry & Alice Cooper combine

One of the more intriguing combos we could imagine apparently got together for some under the radar recording several weeks ago.  Speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry said that he and Paul McCartney got together in a studio '...for a private thing'.  He then revealed that Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp were also in on the session.  Whether or not the material they recorded will ever see the light of day remains to be seen, but Perry did call the experience quite exceptional, saying, '...the three of us are looking at each other like open mouthed kids', and added that Paul, '....can still hit all those notes.'



Farm Aid confirms NC for 2014

Farm Aid announced September 13th as the date for the 2014 concert to raise money and awareness to support family farms but held back an announcement on where it would be staged.  Thursday (7/24), organizers confirmed earlier reports that the concert would be in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The Walnut Creek Amphitheater will be the setting for the day long concert headlined by Farm Aid board members Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews and Willie Nelson. Joining them this time around will be Jack White.  The first ever Farm Aid in NC will also include sets from Neil's wife, Pegi Young and the Survivors, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Carlene Carter, Jamey Johnson, Delta Rae, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real and others.  Ticket sales start August 1 at 10am (Eastern).

Group seeks Bonzo memorial

The John Bonham Memorial Fund hopes to raise $85,000  to establish a memorial honoring the late Led Zeppelin drummer in Redditch, the UK town he was born in.  Bonham's singer-songwriter sister, Deborah, will do a benefit performance in the town on the first Saturday of August (8/2).  If enough money is raised by the organization and the plan receives approval, the memorial will be located next to a bandstand behind the church where her concert is taking place.








Bonamassa dishes on new project (video)

Guitarist extraordinaire Joe Bonamassa unleashes a new album of potent original Blues songs on September 22. His self-imposed challenge in making Different Shades of Blue is to meet or exceed fan expectations, saying, 'I've really had to push myself to make everything I do better than the last project.  I know the fans expect it. And I feel like I owe it to the fans to give them an original record'.  Tracks for the album were laid down in the studio at The Palms in Las Vegas. Joe got assists from Jonathan Cain of Journey and drummer Anton Fig on the album that drops September 22.



U2 may have album this year after all

Last we knew, U2's first album in 5 years would not make it out until 2015 (story).  If 'sources' cited by some of the sites we keep tabs on prove legit, the next album from the Irish rockers might be in play before the year is out after all.



Bowie looks to re-engage

After keeping a total lid on his most recent album, David Bowie is making his next one less of a secret. A decade + elapsed between Reality, and The Next Day, his surprise album of 2014.  Granted he's not saying much, but 'More music soon' the promise he uttered recently at an event in London amounts to more than he said about anything new being in the works before ambushing fans with a cryptic confirmation that he was releasing last year's album.  We'll make no secret of hoping the next one has stronger songs than the last.



Alabama adopts Skynyrd song title


The band was from Florida and the song was recorded in a Georgia studio, but tourism and transportation officials in Alabama know a good marketing opportunity when they hear one., the official travel site of the state is using Sweet Home Alabama, the southern anthem Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote in rebuttal to Neil Young's unflattering songs about the south, Southern Man and Alabama, as it's lead marketing slogan.  Now, the Alabama Department of Transportation is deploying 'Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama' signs on interstates in place of the 'Alabama The Beautiful' signs that have welcomed travelers for the last decade.  Ironically, the state recently discontinued the use of the three word title on its license plates so the state's name can be printed and placed more prominently on it.










Early Hendrix material in the pipeline

The trove of Jimi Hendrix material controlled by his estate has grown by nearly 100 titles with the acquisition of 88 songs recorded by Curtis Knight & The Squires between 1965 and '67 while Jimi (then 'Jimmy') was a guitarist in the group. The New York City based band reportedly got Hendrix in a 3 year deal for just $1 plus 1% of the royalties - which doesn't amount to much if you don't sell a ton of records, and they didn't. In 1966, Hendrix formed his own group under the alias Jimmy James and called his band The Blue Flames. That was the outfit that Chas Chandler caught one night at a small Greenwich Village club.  The Animals bass player was so blown away by Hendrix that night that he convinced him to return to London with him so Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and others could see him play.  Chandler subsequently became Jimi's manager. 
The material Hendrix recorded while a member of the Knights will be remixed and remastered by Eddie Kramer for release in the coming years.



Surgery sidelines ZZ Top bass player

ZZ Top has had to pull out of a headline appearance at Musikfest in Bethlehm, PA on August 1 and five other dates so bass player Dusty Hill has time to regain form after surgery this week to get a pair of kidney stones removed.  The condition was discovered during a routine physical and Hill's MD recommended he get them out asap.  The news deals a blow to the annual lineup on the Sands Steel Stage.  The concert was approaching a sellout.  ZZ Top plans to return to the road August 6 date in Sturgis, SD for an appearance that will open a series of dates that team Tres Hombres with guitar legend Jeff Beck.



Plant pereviews new release (video)

Wile countless numbers of Led Zeppelin fans and some of his former band mates seem content to rehash every era of his former band, Robert Plant prefers to move forward.  Here's a preview of what fans can expect on his next solo venture.



More legal problems for Mellencamp son

Already facing the prospect of fines or worse related to a 2013 incident in which he is alleged to have assaulted a 19 year-old at a party at a Bloomington, Indiana house (story), Hud Mellencamp, a son of Rocker John Mellencamp, now faces the prospect of charges related to illegal consumption of alcohol.  The Class C misdemeanor charges filed July 10 will be heard in court on July 25, two months prior to his appearance on allegations he and his brother assaulted a young man at a party.




George Harrison tree a victim of beetles

A tree planted in Los Angeles in honor of George Harrison has apparently been killed by actual beetles.   The pine, located near the city's famous Griffiths Observatory, will be replaced by one hopefully more resistant to the insect... and irony.




Rush park honor possible in Toronto

Neil Peart seems to be getting the shaft if reports from Inside Toronto prove true.  The story indicates a community council in the city is considering naming a new arts oriented park in honor of Rush... or at least 2/3 of the Canadian band.  The proposal to dedicate the space the Lee Lifeson Art Park will be taken-up by the North York council on August 12.  The connection to the vacinity the guitarist and bass player share seems to be what could leave the drummer outside looking in.  Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee were students at the neighborhood's Fisherville Jr. Highschool when the idea for Rush hatched.



Ron Howard picks-up Beatle film production

Director Ron Howard says he is, '...excited and honored' over his opportunity to tell the story of the formative years of the Beatles in an upcoming film being made with the complete cooperation of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the widows of John Lennon and George Harrison.  The movie will concentrate on the period from their earliest months together through the last full-scale concert the group did, Candlestick Park in San Francisco on a chilly, damp night in August of 1966.



ZZ Top previews Montreux 2013 LiveDVD (video)

Yeah, there are bands that move around more on stage during one song than Billy & Dusty do in an entire concert, but they sure do crank out some righteous Rock & Blues.  Here's an advance look & listen to what's in store for fans on the DVD & Blu-ray release culled from the Texas Trio's appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2013.




That performance becomes available for Top fans July 22 when Eagle Rock Entertainment releases the set on Blu-ray.  The career spanning set list found the trio dipping their boots into early, recent and decades between crowd pleasers, including Waitin' For The Bus>Jesus Just Left Chicago, Gimme All Your Lovin', Sharp Dressed Man. La Grange, Tush, Tube Snake Boogie and close to a dozen other tracks.


1. Got Me Under Pressure
. Waitin' For The Bus
. Jesus Just Left Chicago
. Gimme All Your Lovin'
. Pincushion
. I Gotsta Get Paid
. Flyin' High
. Kiko
. I Loved The Woman
. Foxey Lady
. My Head's In Mississippi
. Chartreuse
. Sharp Dressed Man
. Legs
. Tube Snake Boogie
. La Grange
. Tush 

- See more at:



Texas guitar legend Johnny Winter passes

The body of Johnny Winter was discovered in a Swiss Hotel in Zurch Wednesday (7/16), where the 70 year-old guitar legend was on tour.  The older brother of another great musician, keyboard player Edgar Winter, Johnny had just recently wrapped-up work on a new album that included contributions from a number of major musicians that were life-long admirers of him.  The wife of Rick Derringer posted news of Johnny's death on her Facebook page, adding, '...he was not in good health and was very frail and week'.













  Johnny Winter                     Derek Trucks

Blues artists put together CCR tribute

August will see the release of an album of Creedence Clearwater Revival classics rendered by a collection of Roots & Blues artists that includes Duke Robillard, Sonny Landreth, Mike Zito and Smokin' Joe Kubek.  A Blues Tribute to Creedence features a dozen tracks.  Here's the lineup of songs and featured players for the August 25 release.


Fortunate Son - Mike Zito & Sonny Landreth
Bad Moon Rising - The Mynabirds

Proud Mary - Blitzen Trapper

Down On The Corner - Spirit Family Reunion

Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Dead Man Winter

Looking Out My Back Door - La Roux

Who'll Stop The Rain - Duke Robillard

Up Around The Bend - South Memphis String Band

Suzi Q - Will Wilde

Run Through The Jungle - Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King

Green River - Kirk Fletcher

Born On The Bayou - Trampled Under Foot



Photo hints at VH album progress

Mastering is a process that seldom takes place until most if not all of the recording is finished, so it might be a good sign that Eddie Van Halen was recently photgraphed with mastering master Howie Weinberg.  The pic on the studio's Facebook page was apparently taken at the Howie Weinberg Mastering Studio in LA.  Weinberg mastered the group's last album.



New GNR album could be close

Chinese Democracy was more than a decade in the making and proved nowhere near worth the wait to the ears of most Guns N' Roses fans.  Maybe working faster will produce a better results.  It appears the band should be setting a release date sometime soon for at least one new album.  Keyboard player Dizzy Reed recently told Rolling Stone that the group has plenty of songs that did not appear on the 2008 release to choose from and said, 'If the new record is not done, then it's close to being done.'  His remarks echo those of Al Rose, who said while speaking to Revolver, 'We recorded a lot of things before Chinese was out. And then we have a remix album made of the songs from Chinese. That's been done for a while, too.'



The abundance of 'love' in Beatles tunes

On their first three albums, the word 'love' appeared in Beatles song lyrics 151 times.  Overall, the writing team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney got by quite well using far fewer words than some others, using just 688 unique words of the 7,283 they sang over that span of recordings (it should be noted, some songs were covers).  In contrast, Elvis Costello, who could cram more words into short songs than just about anyone, managed to use 1,890 different ones on his first three records and a jaw flapping total of 11,422.  David Bowie wasn't that far behind, using 1,748 unique words on his first three albums.  1960's songs averaged 28 unique words per tune. The 70's & 80's were remarkably similar with 37.1 and 37 different words respectively.  Vocabulary slipped in the 90's, with unique words per song  dipping to 31.6. There's been a slight increase since 2000.  The average has climbed to 33.


Security concerns cause Neil Young cancelation

The growing tensions between Palestininans and Israelis have ignited sustained rounds of rocket fire from Gaza and retaliatory air strikes by Israel.  Concerns over the safety of those planning to see Neil Young in concert in Tel Aviv Thursday (7/17) have resulted in that show being cancelled.  Young announced through a spokesman, 'It is with heavy heart and deep sadness that we must cance our one and only Israeli concert due to tensions which have rendered the event unsafe at this time.'  Young also announced that he will make a donation to a pair of organizations that seek to help Israeli and Palestinin youg people to reach a better understanding of one another by playing music together, the Louise Tillie Alpert Youth Music Centre of Israel and Heartbeat.



Steve Walsh exiting Kansas

Kansas fans learned that Steve Walsh was leaving the group from a post on the band Facebook page.  Our friends at Melodic Rock contacted Walsh seeking an account of why he decided it was time to end his long run with the mainstay Classic Rock band.  He responded by writing, 'I know there's a lot of different versions out there on why I'm leaving so just let me say that it's time for me to go, and yes, it makes me sad to have to admit that.'  He also said he wishes the remaining members all the best and made a special point of thanking the crew members, who Walsh called, '...the best group of guys behind thescenes that I've ever worked with.'  His 41 years as a member of Kansas come to a close August 16 after a concert at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Sioux City, Iowa.



Last surviving original Ramone member dies

Earlier exits from this life by Ramones Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee Ramone left Tommy the last founding member standing.  He, too, is gone, according to a post in the early minutes of Saturday (7/12) on the band's Twitter account. The drummer had been battling cancer.  Tommy, born Erdelyi Tamas in Hungary, migrated to the states in 1957, where he co-founded the seminal Punk Band that shared the common last last name all of them adopted for stage purposes.  Tommy played drums on the group's ground breaking debut album and stayed with the group for the two albums that followed it before parting to pursue a solo career as a studio drummer and producer. In recent years Tommy turned to bluegrass music, performing in Uncle Monk.  Lymphoma claimed Joey in 2001, the same year Dee Dee overdosed and died.  Johnny died two years later.  The Ramones were inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame in 2002.

Who instruments up for bids

Who fans willing to part with a good chunk of change can get their hands on some original band gear through an online auction being conducted by  The auction that concludes on July 25 includes a Pete Townshend Gibson SG played during a Who concert in Cleveland and the drum stool, timbale drums and a cymbal that wer part of the drum kit Keith Moon used while recording his final album with the band, Who Are You.  The red Gibson was gifted by Townshend to Cleveland DJ and future Joe Walsh manager David Spero.  The SG comes with a case and a letter from Spero authenticating it as having belonged to Townshend and detailing how he acquired it.



Jagger faces Brazilian backlash

In the wake of the Brazilian World Cup soccer team's collapse against Germany, host country fans are venting about the loss by putting some of the blame on Mick Jagger. The Jagger jinx became a big buzz among fans even before the team's 7-1 loss set a new record for the most one-sided semi final in the tournament's 84 year history. Fans trace tie the jinx to the pattern of losses by teams the Stones front man supports in person or expresses confidence in. Jagger was on hand for England's 4-1 loss to Germany during the 2010 World Cup, sat next to Bill Clinton when the US team went down to Ghana and wore a Brazil team shirt while watching them lose to the Netherlands in the quarter finals. He tweeted the Brazilians a message of encouragement before they took the field and got beaten by Italy in an early round in this year's Cup.  Brazilians are not the only ones that think Jagger's support is the kiss of death. Mick blurted out to fans during a Stone concerts in Lisbon and Rome that Portugal and Italy would win it all this year.  Neither team made it to the second round.



Springsteen short film debuts online

Hunter Of Invisible Game, a short-form movie Bruce Springsteen made with the help of film maker Thom Zimny, made its debut on Springsteen's web site Wednesday (7/9).  The HD footage, accompanied by an instrumental until Bruce begins singing the title song several minutes into it, is filled with imagery of what appears to be a vagabond or mercenary revisiting scenes from his former family life.

In introducing the online movie, Bruce expresses appreciation to fans for attending one or more of the nearly 170 concerts the E Street Band has done in the past 2 years and says he and the group enter this between musical projects period, '...with a sense of joy and filled with the spirit to bring you our best in the future', and adds, 'We've still got a few surprises for you.'





AC/DC done with new recording

Brian Johnson says recording sessions for the next AC/DC album are complete.  The band spent time in Vancouver recording what the lead singer says includes '...great songs' for an album that marks the beginning of the post Malcolm Young era for AC/DC.  Johnson said his absence from the process made things difficult but praised his nephew for the job he did filling in.  The band has not specified the nature of the medical condition that sidelined their rhythm guitarist.  Reports have suggested the Young brother suffered a stroke.  That would seem consistent with Johnson's comments. He said, 'He's in hospital but he's a fighter.  We've got our fingers crossed that he'll get strong again.'  Johnson suggested Man Down as an album title in tribute to the missing member of the lineup, an idea that sounds as though it met with a less than enthusiastic response from the other members.



Son of Phil Collins fighting drug allegations

Simon Collins, the son of Genesis veteran Phil Collins, is denying claims that he posessed Class B drugs and may have had a role in supplying Class A drugs, according to a report in the Daily Mail.  The singer and drummer with the band Sound Of Contact issued a statement reading, 'I refute the allegations presented in the press today but due to obvious legal implications at this time, I am unable to comment further.'  Simon is the oldest son of Phil Collins with his first wife, Andrea Bertorelli.

Toby Keith covers Ted Nugent (video)

Fans attending a recent Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio concert by Country superstar Toby Keith got an unexpected jolt when Keith and his band launched into Stranglehold, a long song from Ted Nugent's 1975 self-titled album.  Keith and guitarist Rich Eckhardt trimmed a few minutes from the epic album version, but it still Rocked.



Criminal charges filed in Allman film accident

Lawsuits are already in place targeting parties involved in the Gregg Allman biopic set accident that claimed the life of one crew member and injured several others (story).  Three people involved with the movie will apparently also face criminal charges.  Indictments for involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass have been handed to Randall Miller, Jody Savin, and Jay Sedrish, according to ABC.  Miller and Savin reportedly own the company that was making the film and Sedrish had roles as Production Manager and Executive Producer.  The trio were charged in a Wayne County, Georgia court Thursday (7/3).


Bruce Hornsby's son looks to be LSU hoops impact player

Keith Hornsby shares the height and wingspan of his father, lanky keyboard wizard Bruce Hornsby.  That helped the younger Hornsby compile  impressinve stats against D1 opponents as a member of the North Carolina Asheville basketball team.   Looking to move to a bigger program, the 6'4" 210lb Hornsby put in for a transfer to LSU.  After sitting out the requisite season as a transfer, Keith looks forward to providing a big spark to the Tigers on both ends of the court at the guard position.  His skills and stamina both benefit from having a father who loves the game, too. According to LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones, Bruce has put in time conditioning Keith for the rigors of a Division One schedule.  Jones calls Keith '...the hardest working player I've ever been around', and adds, 'I've seen his dad come in here and work him out really, really hard.  I think that's the way he has been conditioned mentally and physically.  If It's true hard work pays off, he's put himself in position for good things to happen.'

There's a good chance Bruce will be on hand for a number of his son's home and road games, as he was when Keith took the court for UNC Asheville.






Springsteen short film to debut


A brief movie Bruce Springsteen put together based on a title he came up with several years ago will debut on his website Wednesday (7/9). Bruce describes Hunter Of Invisible Game as a 'post-apocalyptic' account of a survivor, '...hunting out remnants of what makes the spirit.'  Springsteen worked with Thom Zimny, the director of documentaries about the making of Bruce albums Born To Run and Darkenss on thee Edge of Town, on the feature.



Hackett says no nasty asides during Genesis BBC sesssion

The recent reconvening of Genesis to collect updated group comments for a BBC documentary on the band went well according to Steve Hackett.  Hackett characterized the two hours he spent in the company of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks as ...vey nice', and told BANG Showbiz, '...we spoke at length for about two hours to the camera. We had lunch and it was the first time we'd got everyone in one room for quite some time.' If there were any side discussions about possibly playing together, Hackett did not reveal anything about the prospect.  He said the members were open and honest about one another and added, 'I was able to say nice things. I don't think I said anything nasty or bitch.'












Reports of a fall Pink Floyd album surface

A bit of intrigue regarding a possible Pink Floyd album has surfaced via a post on a Twitter accounts tied to Durga McBroom-Hudson, a background vocalist that has done studio session vocals for Pink Floyd, and Polly Samson, David Gilmour's wife. A Sunday (7/5) tweet from @PollySamson read 'Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called "The Endless River". The backround singer's account included a photo that first appeared on an Instagram account two months ago that shows her with two other vocalists being driected by Gilmour. Her caption reads, 'Remember this photo? It wasn't what you THOUGHT it was'. She then quotes Samson's tweet and adds, YES. THERE IS A NEW PINK FLOYD ALBUM COMING OUT AND I'M ON IT. And there was much rejoicing'.

Before Floyd fans rejoice too much, it's worth noting that if the report proves legit, the material hardly qualifies as new.  It seems it dates back a decade.  The upside of that would be that the late Richard Wright will presumably be included on the recordings.



Preview Hendrix biopic (video)

We've been impressed by what we've hear about scene shoots for the upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic, Jimi: All Is By My Side.  From all accounts (his former girl fireind's excepted (story), the movie does a remarkable job channeling Hendrix.  It was no small task to begin with and got more difficult when the Hendrix estate elected not to grant the makers the rights to use any of Jimi's songs in the film. See whether the trailer convines you this is a movie worth making a point to catch.






Def Leppard guitarst harbors no Hall Of Fame hopes

As far as guitarist Phil Collen is concerned, it's fine if the Rock Hall Of Fame never gets around to inducting his band. Guesting on the Shmonty & Conklin radio show the Def Leppard guitarist said, 'For me, I really don't care, whatever. The way I look at it, I've got two diamond albums sitting on my mantlepiece - that's 10 time platinum. I've got two albums. That means the fans went out and bought it, so that means a lot more to me.'  With the slump in album sales, Phil probably won't need to make room for a third no matter how strong the group's next release is, but he sounds as though he thinks it could measure up with best work the band has recorded, saying, 'The recording has been really going fast and flowing, so we're ultra excited'.  A 2015 release is expected.



Gregg Allman ailing

Following the cancellation of a Tuesday concert in Boise, ID, reports have emerged that Gregg Allman had been hospitalized. Oregon Live indicated that the Allman Brothers Band veteran had checked himself in for treatment, but no information was made available about the nature of his ailment or his condition. The manager of a blues festival Allman and his solo band were scheduled to appear at said Allman's management informed him that entire tour is being scuttled.

Jagger planning a Stones museum?


Mick Jagger made a surprise visit to the Abba Museum in Stockholm, Sweeden the other day.  Relax, Stones fans; Mick's not a closet Abba fan. His motive to sneak into the museum via a private entrance after-hours appears to have been to scope out display ideas that could work well in a museum for his own band.  the Daily Star quotes Abba's Bjorn Ulvaeus as having gotten wind that Jagger wants a Stones museum in London. Ulvaeus, who owns the Abba shrine in Stockholm, says the Stones front man, 'Had thousands of questions', and' '...took loads of photos' during his visit.



Janis Joplin stamp unveiled


A design consistent with the art work of the period that Janis Joplin was belting out songs with unmatched passion surrounds a smiling image of her a new Forever Stamp the US Postal Service will release in August. Joplin joins Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and Lydia Mendoza in the ranks of musicians being honored with a stamp.  Linn's Stamp News



Styx-Foreigner buses go up in smoke

Two of the buses transporting Styx and Foreigner members on the joint tour the groups are on this summer caught fire in a parking lot in Philadelphia Wednesday (7/2).  No injuries resulted from the fire which evidently started near the rear of the Styx bus (naturally!).  The spectacle slowed traffic on nearby I-95.  The incident will not affect their scheduled appearances at the Let Freedom Rock Fest Thursday at Susquehanna Bank Park.  The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.



Allmans member joins ZZ Top in France (video)

Drummer Butch Trucks of the Allman Brothers stood in with ZZ Top for the final song on the Texas trio's Saturday (6/28) set in Nimes, France.  Trucks called the experience of playing on stage standing with just a snare, atom-tom and cymbal while the band played Tush the most unique guest stint he's ever done.




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