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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2016-01

If Genesis reunites, Collins doubtful about being the drummer

The operation Phil Collins underwent last October has him optimistic about playing the drums again.  Collins had the back surgery to relieve severe pain he had been experiencing.  In addition to addressing the discomfort, the operation has relieved the nerve problem that caused him to quit playing the drums.  While he looks forward to regaining his percussion form, Collins doubts that he would be capable of doing a full tour as drummer if Peter Gabriel was to agree to the idea of a Genesis reunion tour. Given Gabriel's past resistance to the idea of touring with his former band mates, the prospect of a reunion that includes him is a long shot, but Collins says he and the others still '...get on great'.  While nothing has firmed up yet, it suggests that the he, Mike Rutherford and Steve Hackett may get back together for another go round.



Clapton to pay artist's family for change to Layla album art

A Paris court issued an order Thursday (1/28) for Eric Clapton to pay the family of the artist that painted the Derek & The Dominos cover art $16,500 for having altered the work for the 2011 collector's edition reissue of the album containing the epic love song Layla.  Emile Frandsen, the French-Danish painter of the album art, died before the original album's release in November of 1970. The 2011 re-release included a multi dimensional version of the painting that had been given to the guitarist by the son of the painter in the months before the double album was released.  In reaching its decision, the court concluded that the alteration amounted to a 'clear distortion of Emile Frandsen's work', however, it also rejected an attempt by family of the late artist to get a ruling that it was entitled to receive money for the use of the painting known as Young Gril With Bouquet (La Jeune Fille au Bouquet) on the original album cover.



Bowie ashes to be spread in Bali

The desire for personal privacy during the last decades of his life is evidently something David wanted even after death. Instead of a grave site, he stipulated that his ashes be spread in Bali.

The will filed by David Bowie calls for his wife to receive half of the approximately $100 million dollar estate and retain ownership of the couple's New York City apartment.  His two children will share the bulk of the remaining money, with his daughter also getting some other property in New York State the singer owned.  Bowie also left $2 million to his personal assistant and $1 million to the nanny that helped raise his oldest child Duncan, (originally named Zowie Bowie), now a 44 year-old film director.



Vince Neil segues to TV

NBC is turning to former a former politician to replace the former host turned politician to revive The Celebrity Apprentice in the fall. Arnold Schwarzenegger will replace Donald Trump as the host on the show, and one of the season's contestants looking to TV for a career move will apparently be former Crue front man Vince Neil.  Neil confirmed to  FOX5 in Las Vegas he met with the show's producers, who apparently did not want him to go public about it yet, so he left it at, 'I'm up for it. So I never said I was going to be on it.' Bret Michaels went the distance on the show in 2013.  Dee Snider of Twisted Sister got axed almost out of the gate on the show in 2012.

Airplane Starship guitarist gone at 74

A new year that has already seen the loss of David Bowie and Glenn Frey now adds Paul Kantner, a founding member of the Jefferson Airplane and Starship and a mainstay of the Bay Area music scene to the list of musicians lost during the opening weeks of the new year.  The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the guitarist and singer died Thursday (1/28)  of septic shock and multiple organ failure after suffering a heart attack earlier in the week.  Kantner was in the Jefferson Airplane before Grace Slick joined the band at the end of 1966 and propelled the group to new heights.  Some blamed his relationship with Slick for creating conflict within the band that led to its end in 1974, when he and Slick formed the Jefferson Starship. Throughout his career, Kantner was a staunch advocate of free choice on political and social matters and made a point of reflecting that in the music he wrote and performed.  Kantner was 74.



Steven Tyler claims role reuniting GNR. Band fires back

According to Steven Tyler, the Gun N' Roses reunion might  be due to him encouraging Axl Rose to open up to the idea. Speaking with Howard Stern, the Aerosmith front man said he did for Rose what Jon Bon Jovi did for him back when Tyler was in rehab and he and Joe Perry were on bad terms. Bon Jovi called him up and, according to Tyler, said, 'What the f%*k are you doing? The world needs you.  We are out there ripping it up and everybody's asking for Aerosmith.'  Tyler says he and Rose crossed paths a couple of times and he encouraged Axl to get beyond whatever differences he and Slash had for the sake of getting the band back together.  The GNR crew was amused by the claim, tweeting the band '...would like to respectfully thank the many people taking credit for our upcoming shows and everything in between. Especially those whom we haven't spoken to in numerous years who, through the power of media, have somehow served a pivotal, even if non-existent role.' 

Maybe Tyler and Rose should both talk with Jon about his split with Richie Sambora.



Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony revisit VH days (watch)

Michael Anthony talked about the early days of Van Halen with his future VH band mate on the premier episode of Sammy Hagar's Rock & Roll Road Trip.  The setting was the Whiskey A Go Go, the Sunset Strip club where Van Halen ushered in a whole new sound and attitude as the house band in the 1970's.  Anthony called up stories of seeing Steppenwolf at the Whiskey and the night he wanted to catch Black Sabbath at the club but couldn't get in and had to settle for listening to their set from the sidewalk on Sunset.

Future episodes of the Road Trip on AXS-TV will find Hagar tooling around in one of his exotic cars for visits with Bob Weir, Tommy Lee, Alice Cooper, Ann & Nancy Wilson and guitarist Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains.  Hagar's Top Rock Countdown Show can also be heard on more than 30 Rock stations.




Haagar also previewed this upcoming session



Ward Sabbath row continues

Geezer Butler of Black Saabbath's suggestion that the reason Bill Ward was not invited to play drums during the group's farewell tour was due to health concerns met with a rapid response from Ward.  The drummer claims he is '...completely capable of touring' and maintains his management expressed his interest in being on the tour to the band's management and was told '...there was no interest'.  Speaking with, Butler said that Ward was invited to play at the tour's closing date in Phoenix on September 16 but the drummer was only interested in playing that night if he could do the rest of the dates as well. The dispute with Ward is believed to have been the result of a disagreement between the drummer and the Osbournes over how much he would be paid for participating in the group's final album and the tour done in support of it. The beat goes on.



Springsteen gives snowed-out fans a free download

Super storm Jonas basically shut down the New York metropolitan area for the weekend.  One victim of the massive storm was the sold out Bruce Springsteen concert scheduled for Madison Square Garden.  Bruce has offered ticket holders a decent consolation while they await an announcment of when the show will be made up in the form of a free download ot the E Street Band concert on 1/19 at the United Center in Chicago. Get in on the limited time offer here.


U2 guitarist faces environmental fight

U2's The Edge has been attempting to build several luxury homes on a hillside above Malibu, California for the better part of a decade.  He finally got the long-sought approval of the California Coastal Commission in December after making a series of modifications to his original plan.  Now, the Sierra Club has initiated a suit that seeks to prevent the development from going forward.  The guitarist claims the complex would be '...some of the most environmentally sensitive ever designed' in the community.  The Sierra Club contends the commission failed to give adequate consideration to the adverse impact the project would have on the environment.



Bowie from beyond

Word that David Bowie believed he would survive long enough to do another album surfaced within a week of his death. A Newsweek article now says the singer laid out plans for the eventual release of quite a bit of material once he had died.  The claim is attributed to an unidentified  source who did not specify how much of that material might be previously unreleased work.  The first in that series of releases is expected to come out late in 2017.  A cast album of songs from Lazarus, the Bowie musical production that opened off-Broadway shortly before his death, is also in development.



Bonamassa gears up for tribute tour

Joe Bonamassa has been binging on Blues, recording and playing interpretations of songs by a number of major and lesser known masters of traditional Blues.  Now the guitarist has decided to do a short tour recognizing a trio of Rock guitar legends he credits with having done the most to generate recognition and appreciation of those artists. Bonamassa and his band will do five concerts in the UK honoring Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, three guitarists that came through the ranks of the Yardbirds and have always shared an enthusiasm for and appreciation of Blues.  The 5 concerts will all take place in the UK in July. Bonamassa releases another album of original Blues material on March 25 titled Blues Of Desperation.


Update (3-1-2016): The strong demand for tickets to the initial series of dates has resulted in an extension of this tour, with additional concerts being added in Ireland and Europe.



Pearl Jam steps up for Flint

Members of Pearl Jam took note of the plight of Flint, Michigan residents whose health is at risk due to lead and chemical contamination of the city water supply brought on by the negligence of city and state officials.  The band has donated $300,000 to the United Way of Genesee County to assist the organization in addressing the crisis and solicited an additional $175,000 from friends and business associates.  The group also set up a Crowdrise funding campaign that has already surpassed $20,000 donated by fans of the Seattle band.  The band's web site says the funds collected are being used to provide Flint citizens with bottle water, filters and emergency services.  Donations can be made at




Classic Santana lineup album due April 15

The highly anticipated album reuniting early members of Santana now has a release date.  The 16 song album featuring Carlos Santana with Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie Michale Shrieve, Michael Carabello and others will be available April 15.  Titled Santana IV because Carlos aimed to have it pick up  from the point he parted ways with the core of the band that backed him on the first three Santana albums, Carlos says the process of recording it was 'magical' and calls the sound of the reconstituted band instantly recognizable as Santana.  As for the sessions that went into it, Santana's enthusiasm  is obvious; 'When you can go back and break new ground with joy and determination - and some whoop-ass energy - it gets you going.  I think we achieved something really rare.  This music was screaming to come out of us.  It wasn't about nostalgia.  It was about passion.'



Steven Tyler appearing in Super Bowl (ad)

If we had any say in the matter, Aerosmith would be doing the half time entertainment at the Super Bowl.  Sadly, that honor goes to Coldplay and Beyonce. Steven Tyler will make an appearance at the Super Bowl... but only in an ad for Skittles.  The Aerosmith front man will wail into a mic covered in the multi-colored candy pieces.



Yes veterans reuniting

Two mainstays of progressive era Yes and one later member are collaborating on a new album and planning to tour. Original lead vocalsit Jon Anderson, keyboard player Rick Wakeman and later era member Trevor Rabin have confirmed album and tour plans.  Wakeman indicates that the death of Chris Squire served as the catalyst for getting the three to actually get down to doing something they had been discussing for the past 5 years.  Anderson lost his place in Yes to a sound alike vocalist and Wakeman parted company with the group several years before that.  Wakeman says he looks forward to the opportunity to develope new songs with Anderson and Rabin ans to '...perform some of the classic material as we feel it should be performed.'

Prog Magazine



Peter Gabriel & Sting mount joint tour

Peter Gabriel will share stages for 19 dates in North America during a two month tour this summer.  The Rock Paper Scissors tour will bring the former front men of Genesis and the Police to venues in the nothern US and Canada from June 21 through July 24.  Sting tool to his web site to suggest that in addition to individual sets, the pair will do some songs together and may work in versions of each other's songs during their respective sets.


6/21 Columbus, OH

6/23 Washington, DC

6/24 Jones Beach,  NY

6/26 Philadelphia

6/27 New York City

6/29 Toronto

6/30 Detroit

7/02 Worchester, MA

7/05 Montreal

7/07 Quebec

7/09 Chicago

7/10 Milwaukee

7/12 Denver

7/14 San Jose

7/15 Lake Tahoe

7/17 Los Angeles

7/21 Seattle

7/23 Calgary

7/24 Edmonton

American Pie singer facing charges

Singer Don McLean, who scored big with the early 70's song American Pie, was arrested in Maine on a domestic violence count. The Monday (1/18) arrest and booking came in the early morning hours on Monday, with McLean transported to the Knox County Jail shortly after 3am.  Bail was posted within a couple of hours and the singer was released with a court appearance scheduled for Feb. 22.

McClean's 8 minute tribute to a number of the biggest early songs and artists in Rock was a chart topper for a month during 1972.

Glenn Frey of the Eagles has died

Just days after receiving news of the unexpected passing of David Bowie, the Rock world was shaken again by the death of another major musician. Glenn Frey of the Eagles died Monday (1/18) in New York City where he had been being treated for Pneumonia in addition to complications related to Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Rheumatiod Arthritis.  The 67 year old Frey's health issues had prompted the Eagles to respectfully request that the Kennedy Center Honor the band was due to receive this year be deferred until next year in anticipation that the guitarist would be in better health and able to attend. Sadly, the addition of Pneumonia to the other ailments Frey was waging dealing with created a health tsunami not even some of the top health providers in the country could pull him through.  In acknowledging the loss of their band mate the Eagles site quoted lyrics from a song Frey and Jack Tempchin co-wrote.












A perfect day, the sun is sinkin' low

As evening falls, the gentle breezes blow

The time we shared went by so fast

Just like a dream, we knew it couldn't last

But I'd do it all again

If I could, somehow

But I must be leavin' soon

It's your world now


It's your world now

My race is run

I'm moving on

Like the setting sun

No sad goodbyes

No tears allowed

You'll be alright

It's your world now


Even When we're apart

You'll alwasy be in my heart

When dark clouds appear in the sky

Remember true love never dies


But first a kiss, one glass of wine

Just one more dance while there's still time

My one last wish: someday, you'll see

How hard I tried and how much you meant to me


It's your world now

Used well your time

Be part of something good

Leave something good behind

The curtain falls

I take my bow

That's how it's meant to be

It's your world now

It's your world now

It's your world now

E Street Band tribute to Bowie (watch)

The current E Street Band tour is all about The River.  The 1980 double album is getting performed in its entirety during the 24 night run. But as he has in the past on album tours, Bruce is working in other material, too. Opening night in Pittsburgh Saturday (1/16) the extras included a version of Rebel, Rebel in tribute to David Bowie.  Bowie was an early fan of the character and story based songs of Springsteen.  He recorded a terrific version of It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City that eventually was released on the Low boxed edition.



Zakk Wylde solo set for April

Guitarist Zakk Wylde revisits a solo project he released  two decades ago on April 8 with the release of a follow-up to his 1996 album Book Of Shadows.  Book Of Shadows II was recorded in Wylde's home studio, with most of the work on it having come in the months since ending Black Label Society's Unblackened tour.  He is also preparing a new side project called Zakk Sabbath that will feature him doing Black Sabbath sets in a band  featuring Joey Castillo on drums and Blasko on bass. The power trio will make its debut on Jnauary 23 in Anaheim, California.

Sabbath farewell tour won't include Ward

It appears lingering fallout over the lower pay Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward stood to collect compared to Ozzy for the Black Sabbath reunion has cost him a spot in the lineup for the farewell tour.  Ward's apparent dispute with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne led him to refuse to play drums on the group's reunion album. Ward's subsequent scathing review of the album (story) made it very unlikely he'd be invited back for the farewell tour.  The band has made that official with the announcement that Tommy Clufetos, Osbourne's solo band drummer, will be on the kit for the final Black Sabbath tour.



Close call for Kim Mitchell

Former Max Webster lead singer and guitarist Kim Mitchell underwent life saving emergency surgery in a Toronto hospital Tuesday (1/12) after suffering a heart attack.  Until recently Mitchell, who scored moderate success as a solo artist with the songs Go For A Soda and Patio Lanterns, had been working in radio at Toronto's Q107.

Raise a Lemmy to Lemmy

In recognition of one of the cocktail's biggest fans and consumers, Jack Daniels & Coke is now officially The Lemmy.  The proclamation has been issued by Food & Beverage Magazine in honor of Lemmy Kilmister, the Motorhead front man who died of cancer December 28.  Publisher Michael Politz said his publication is '...honored to represent the industry and bring the moniker The Lemmy to every bar in the world.'  The new name had been championed by more than 40,000 signatures of fans of the man and the band.  Jack Daniels has also released a limited edition Single Barrell Select in honor of Lemmy.

Jagger's Ex reportedly marrying media mogul Rupert Murdoch

Here's one pre-nup we'd like to see.  Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is said to be engaged to marry Jerry Hall, the model Mick Jagger was hooked up with for a number of years.  The 84 year old  head honcho of the News Corporation is 25 years older than Hall.  If a wedding takes place it will be the Australian-turned US citizen's 4th marriage and the model's first. Although many presumed Hall and Jagger to be husband and wife, their relationship was more of an agreement than a marriage. They staged an informal 'wedding'  in Bali in November of 1990.

Sammy Hagar packs for his Rockin' Road Trip

Trunk space is at a premium in Ferraris and the other exotic machines in Sammy Hagar's high horsepower stable, so packing for a Road Trip involves pains taking consideration of what goes along for the ride when the Red Rocker launches his Rock & Roll Road Trip series on AXS TV later this month.  You know it's gonna be a blast when Sammy rolls up on former bandmate Michael Anthony, Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, Alice Cooper, Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains and others to talk shop.  Look for the premiere on Janaury 24.




Music world shaken by news of David Bowie's death

David Bowie cloaked much about his public persona and kept nearly every aspect of his personal life strictly  private. But the fact he kept an 18 month battle with cancer completely under wraps made the news that he died from the disease even more stunning. Bowie's son Duncan released the information Monday (1/11) in his social media accounts through a simple, straightforward  announcemet that read "David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous   18 month battle with cancer. While many of you share in the loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief." The 69 year old artist just Friday released his final album on his birthday with the absolute lack of fanfare that had become typical in the fiercely private artist's recent decades. The scope of his influence was so wide that tributes began flooding in immediately from all sectors of the arts and beyond.


His close friend and musical collaborator Brian Eno wrote 'Words cannot express: RIP David Bowie. David's death came as a complete surprise, as did nearly everything else about him. I feel a huge gap now.'

Pual McCartney said he will '...always remember the great laughs.  David was a great star and I treasure the moments we had together.'

Brian May, who collaborated on Under Pressure with Queen and Bowie, called David 'a fearsome talent'.

The Rolling Stones saluted their departed friend as 'an extraordianry artist' and 'true original'.

Gene Simmons of Kiss said Ziggy Stardust songs were a major influence.

Madonna Tweeted 'So lucky to have met you!!! Hot Tramp, I Love You so!'
Foo Fighters posted a pic of them with Bowie captioned 'Rest in Peace, David'

Billy Idol posted the news left him 'Nearly left to tears'.

Iggy Pop called his freindship with Bowie 'the light of my life', adding, 'I never met such a brilliant person. He was the best there is.'

Bruce Springsteen hailed Bowie as a 'visionary artist' and expressed appreciation that David was an early fan of the E Street Band (one of Bowie's lesser known covers is a great version of It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City).

Pete Townshend wrote an eloquent homage to Bowie that included, 'For those who were his fans he was a charismatic and exotic creature and still gloriously beautiful even as he approached 70. But face to face he was funny, clever, well read, excited by the arts, and really good company.  He was simply a joy to be around, so good at making everyone feel at ease... We have lost a monumental figurehead of the British arts scene. We have also lost a wonderful clown whose combined sense of mischief and creativity delightedly touched our hearts.  He was my Salvadore Dali'.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron wrote 'I grew up listening to and watching the pop genius David Bowie. He was a master of re-invention, who kept getting it right. A huge loss'


Born David Robert Jones on January 8, 1947 and disinclined to go under the name Robert Jones, David changed his last name out of defference to avoid being confused with Davy Jones of The Monkees.  His landmark albums always pushed the envelope in terms of music, themes and lyrics, gaining him wide appreciation among artists in fields other than music and opening opportunities for him to work on stage and screen.  As with his music, his film and theatrical work was ambitious and challenging both to the artist and his audiences.  Some consider his biggest triumph The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, his 5th album, released in the Spring of 1972.  The thematic 11 track album chronicled the rise and demise of an alter-ego Rock star, became a catalyst for the emergence of Glam Rock and is counted as among the most influencial albums to generations of musicians since.



Heart at work on new album

Ann and Nancy Wilson are busy writing songs for a new Heart album the pair hopes to have ready for release in the summer. Ann Wilson confirms that four songs are have been penned and more are in development.  Speaking with ABC News Radio, Ann indicated that Heart fans can expect a less hard rockin' release that Fanatic, the album Heart put out in 2012.  The group wii hit the road for Canadian dates during the month of March and will venture overseas for a short UK tour toward the end of June.



Musicians prepare for Montrose tribute

On January 23 a bunch of Rockers will gather at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California and pay tribute to Ronnie Montrose.  The guitar great ended his own life in March of 2012 rather than let prostate cancer do it.  The event comes during the NAMM (Nationa Association of Music Merchants) convention.  Among the players planning to take part are Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, Brad Gillis of Night Ranger, GNR veteran Gilbey Clarke, Doug Aldrich from Whitesnake and drummer Carmen Appice.  The Ronnie Montrose Remembered event will also include the presentation of the Rock The Nation award to a young guitarist. The award was established in Ronnie's honor by Guitar Player magazine in recognition of the guitarist's avid interest in encouraging young musicians and supporting music education for teens.

Bowie turns his back on past (watch)

David Bowie has always been uncompromising and willing to leave fan appreciation of his past work out of the equation when it comes to what's next.  His new album reaffirms that he's making music on his own terms and commercial success and hit songs play no role in his creative process.  Blackstar, Bowie's 25th album comes out Friday (1/8) on Bowie's birthday.





Crue farewell fianle film on the way (preview)

Just days after the tour's closing concert on New Year's Eve in LA, Motley Crue has a preview of an upcoming film documenting the group's final appearance.  The full footage will get a pay-for-view drop and theater run in the spring.



2016 GNR reunion short a couple of members

A couple of chambers apparently won't be reloaded with original members when Guns N' Roses reunites in 2016.  The band has now confirmed that Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagen are in, but Izzy Stradlin and drummer Steven Adler don't seem to be.  Stradlin's role looks to be filled by Richard Fortus and former Velvdt Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner, while the most recent GNR drummer, Frank Ferrer, will handle the kit.



Steely Dan member could face charges

The new year started on a sour note for one Rock couple. Police reportedly arrested Steely Dan's Donald Fagen following an early evening dispute Monday (1/4) with his wife. Libby Titus apparently suffered injuries after falling against a marble frame in the pair's New York City apartment. There were conflicting accounts as to whether Titus planned to file charges.

Gregg Allman recording in Muscle Shoals

Gregg Allman plans to record his next album in one of the south's legendary recording studios.  Allman will head to Muscle Shoals, Alabama's FAME Studios in March to start sessions on an album with the working title All Compositions By Gregg Allman.  Don Was has been tapped to handle production. The news comes from Gregg's guitarist Scott Sharrad via Glide Magazine.  FAME Studios is legendary for having produced seminal works from Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin in the 60's backed by FAME's house rhythm section. The signature sound carried over to the 70's when a second ryhtym section, dubbed the Swampers, carried on the tradition and bridged the appeal of recording there to Rockers, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, who paid tribute to them and the studio in Sweet Home Alabama.



Edge says next U2 album like Zooropa

Speaking with Q Magazine, U2 guitarist The Edge drew parallels to the album his band plans to put out sometime this year to the group's Zooropa release.  He says producer Brian Eno likes the approach he and the band have been taking to recording it during brief stints between tour legs, adding that the piecemeal process has not prevented them from achieving a 'certain momentum' in putting the album together.  Bono says the forced rest resulting from his bicycle accident helped him write better. Let's hope so.  Most fans found group's last two albums annoyingly lacking in good songs and Zooropa was lame compared to the great material fans could bank on from the group back in the 80's.



Guns N' Roses reunion misfire?

The all but certain Guns N' Roses reunion hit a speed bump on Monday (1/4) when Slash confirmed it with a photo but Axl Rose reportedly cancelled his expected announcement of the reunion on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live show. The Slash photo and the announcement by organizers of  Coachella that GNR will headline the 2016 Festival make it a virtual lock that the reunion is on, but Slash stealing Axl's thunder could be the first sign the two won't stay on the same page very long.




Deep Purple doing another album

Nashville seems like an unlikely place for a legendary Hard Rock band to record, but that's where Deep Purple is hooking up with Bob Ezrin to work on a new album.  Work begins this month on the group's follow-up to Now What?!, the 2013 album the band did with Ezrin also at the healm.  Ian Paice told Gary Graff the group already has plenty of material to pull 10 or 11 tracks out of to work on for the release.  The group gets a long overdue induction to the Rock Hall Of Fame on April 8.  The New York cerrmony will recognize players from the earlier eras, including Paice, Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale and Rod Evans.



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