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In the wake of the Brazilian World Cup soccer team's collapse against Germany, host country fans are venting about the loss by putting some of the blame on Mick Jagger. The Jagger jinx became a big buzz among fans even before the team's 7-1 loss set a new record for the most one-sided semi final in the tournament's 84 year history. Fans trace tie the jinx to the pattern of losses by teams the Stones front man supports in person or expresses confidence in. Jagger was on hand for England's 4-1 loss to Germany during the 2010 World Cup, sat next to Bill Clinton when the US team went down to Ghana and wore a Brazil team shirt while watching them lose to the Netherlands in the quarter finals. He tweeted the Brazilians a message of encouragement before they took the field and got beaten by Italy in an early round in this year's Cup.  Brazilians are not the only ones that think Jagger's support is the kiss of death. Mick blurted out to fans during a Stone concerts in Lisbon and Rome that Portugal and Italy would win it all this year.  Neither team made it to the second round.