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Earlier exits from this life by Ramones Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee Ramone left Tommy the last founding member standing.  He, too, is gone, according to a post in the early minutes of Saturday (7/12) on the band's Twitter account. The drummer had been battling cancer.  Tommy, born Erdelyi Tamas in Hungary, migrated to the states in 1957, where he co-founded the seminal Punk Band that shared the common last last name all of them adopted for stage purposes.  Tommy played drums on the group's ground breaking debut album and stayed with the group for the two albums that followed it before parting to pursue a solo career as a studio drummer and producer. In recent years Tommy turned to bluegrass music, performing in Uncle Monk.  Lymphoma claimed Joey in 2001, the same year Dee Dee overdosed and died.  Johnny died two years later.  The Ramones were inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame in 2002.