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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2017-03

E Street Band's Gary Tallent announces solo tour

Gary Tallent has spent the better part of five decades in a band that worked its way up from playing small clubs to enormous arenas and stadiums.  After Bruce Springsteen wraps up the River tour, his E Street Band member plans to hit the road with his own group to play clubs and theaters in the US and Europe.  Tallent calls the prospect of going out on a solo tour a challenge for someone who has a long established 'comfort zone' as a member of one of the world's most respected bands.  Speaking with Rolling Stone he said, 'I never really thought of myself as a singer or a frontman.  I don't exactly have a great voice, but I love to sing.'

Tallent's 14 date tour opens in Edwardsville, IL on April 21.  All of the dates and more about his tour and album can be found at

Little Feat live album gets revival

Many great musicians consider Little Feat's Waiting For Columbus one of the best live albums ever recorded.  Warren Haynes is among them. Producer Don Was also has a great appreciation for the double album released 40 years ago this year.  The two are combining forces to coordinate a concert that aims to recreate the magic capture by the Feat during the concerts in London and Washington, DC that the songs on the album were culled from.  The pair have recruited John Medeski, Terrence Higgins, Jamey Johnson, Dave Malone and Mark Mullins to help them pull it off during a concert that will take place at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans on May 6.  Several of the musicians also had musical roles in the well received tribute to the Last Waltz, the Band's final performance before disbanding.



ROCKinsights Quick Takes

The console from Abbey Roads Studio used during the recording of Dark Side Of The Moon has  been auctioned for more than $1.5 million.


The wife of former Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts was arrested in Palmetto, Florida after she allegedly threatened to shoot members of a rowing team. Authorities have charged her on 18 counts after they say she made threats from the shore of the Gulf Coast city before throwing the rifle into the water.

Bev Bevan takes a pass on ELO induction

Bev Bevan has announced that he will not be attending the Rock Hall Of Fame induction of the Electric Light Orchestra at the Barclay Center on April 8.  Citing conflicting commitments involving other concerts he's scheduled to perform at, the co-founding ELO member wrote on his Facebook page, "Unfortunatley I will not be able to attend ELO's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame due to the fact that I am on tour in the UK with another friend of Jeff, Richard and Roy.., the legend that is 'Jasper Carrott'.  These dates have been sold out for sometime and when the news broke about our induction it was too late to change them."





Bowie's former New York apartment hits the market

The Manhattan digs David Bowie an Iman resided in for a decade is available for $6.5 million.  The apartment has a commanding view of Central Park and comes with the piano that Bowie used during the decade he and his wife resided there, features exotic stone bathrooms and a recently renovated kitchen, but much of the 1,877 square feet remains as it was when Bowie lived there from 1992-2002.  One thing did revert to a former state.  The master bedroom was reported to have been retrofit by the couple to serve as a secured panic room in the event of an attack by a thief or a deranged fan.  It is now just a bedroom again. Iman still lives in the SoHo apartment she and David bought after unloading the Essex House apartment.   photo: Corcoran Real Estate



Boston drummer dies during cruise

The drummer that provided the beat on the first two Boston albums died Wednesday night (3/22), reportedly mid performance on a cruise ship.  Sib Hashain was in the lineup of performers booked on a Rock themed cruise.  His death, reported by TMZ, was confirmed by his son.  Efforts to revive the 67 year-old drummer following his collapse failed.  The tragedy struck five days into a cruise that began in Florida and sailed to Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.  The other musicians on board will complete the cruise and perform tributes to their fallen band mate.




Todd Rundgren album features Joe Walsh, Donald Fagen

Todd Rundgren is held in high enough regard by legions of musicians that recruiting ones he admires for his next album was easy.  Todd's White Knight release (5/12) includes Joe Walsh, Steely Dan's Donald Fagen, NIN veteran Trent Reznor and guitar wiz Joe Satriani.  The 15 track effort include a wide range of styles.

Spring Record Store Day highlights




















Spring 2017 Record Store Day will offer vinyl enthusiasts lots to choose from. Some highlightsforClassic Rock buyers along with the quantity available:

Alice in Chains: Welcome to GAZI picture disc
Ben Folds with the Australian Symphony Orchestra
Blondie: Long Time single
Bruce Springsteen: Hammersmith Odeon 1975 (3,000 4lp sets)

Buddy Guy: Sick With Love/She Got it Together (New songs, 1,500)
David Bowie: Cracked Actor - a live 1974 LA recording

Cars: Live atthe Agoura 1978 (4,000)
Dave Matthews Band: Red Rocks 1995 (2,500)

David Crosby: The Lighthouse Band (2,500)
Def Leppard: First, rare EPs (4,000)
Doors: Live at the Matrix  1967 (4,500)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Brain Salad Surgery single (1,500)

Fleetwood Mac: Mirage Alternate takes LP (3,500)

Frank Zappa: Rollo (4,000)
Grateful Dead; Vancouver 1966 (4,000)
Kinks: All Day and All Of The Night single (2,500)

Lou Reed: Perfect Night 1997 London Live acoustic shows (3,000)

Neil Young: Decade (5,000)

Patti Smith: Hey Joe single (2,250)

Paul McCartney & Elvis Costello: Flowers In The Dirt (cassette)

Pearl Jam: State of Love/Thrust single (5,000)
Pink FLoyd: an extended version of Intestellar Overdrive recorded in 1966
Ramones: 76-79 singles box set (6,500)

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Go Robots/ Dreams of a Samauri Live (5,000)

Rush: Cyngus X1, Hemispheres EP (5,000)

Santana: Woodstock 1969 (3,000)

Sex Pistols: Anarchy In The UK box set singles (3,500)

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Carnegie Hall double lp (3,000)

Sting: Live at Bataclan (3,500)

T Rex: Rock N Roll single (750) and T Rex Live 1977 album

Talking Heads: The Wilding - This Could Be The Place single (3,000)

Todd Rudgren: Fox Theater Live 1973 (1,000)

U2: Red Hill Mining Town 12" picture disc

Who: Ready,Steady Go single

Yes: 90125 picture disc (2,500

Clapton kicks off limited US dates (watch)

Eric Clapton is limiting his tour 2017 dates to a pair of shows in Madison Square Garden and the LA Forum this spring and again in the fall, with a three night series of shows at Royal Albert Hall in between.  Here's a look & listen to his opening night in New York on Sunday (3/21).













Nick Mason crashes his McLaren F1 (watch)

Nick Mason had his McLaren F1 GTR out for some laps during the Members Meet at the Goodwood Circuit race course over the weekend.  Mason, an experienced racer, was sailing through the turns at a good clip until he lost it on one. The Pink Flod drummer's car left the track, slid across the grass and into a barrier, doing a costly amount of damage to the driver's side of the front end.  Other than damage to the vehicle, his pride and his bank account, Mason was uninjured.  He bought the McLaren for around $3 million, but estimates of the value of the very few that have been retrofitted to make them street legal run several times higher than that amount.



Pete Townshend pens new songs for Tommy revival

Pete Townshend has composed some new songs that could get featured in a revival production of the Who's Rock Opera Tommy.  Motivation for writing the new material came when the Who guitarist found out the organizers of the production are making a concerted effort to develop and cast roles for actors with disabilities.  Townshend applauded the move in a media release that read in part, "when I heard they planned to do a production featuring actors with disabilities of various kinds, I became very excited.  This is a totally new adventure, and really does refer back to my original story in which a young man, disabled by extreme trauma, finds his way to some kind of spiritual place because he can FEEL music.  I can't wait to see it."



Chuck Berry passes away at 90

One of the pioneers of Rock made his exit Saturday (3/18).  Chuck Berry, a six decade fixture in music and a man that had a tremendous influence on a long list of musicians that went on to become major influences on subsequent generations themselves, was pronounced dead by first responders in St. Charles County, MO that had been dispatched after a medical emergency was reported.
Charles Edward Anderson Berry was born in 1926 and grew-up in St. Louis. He launched his recording career on the Chess label and quickly gained an avid following that included John Lennon, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and countless others.  Lennon famously said of Berry, 'if you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry'. Richards called Berry '...the epitome of rhythm and blues playing, rock n' roll playing' and credited the guitarist he called an inspiration to him for a style he says  'I got down long ago but I'm still getting the hang of it.' Springsteen took to his Twitter account to proclaim Berry as "rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist and the greatest pure rock 'n' roll writer that ever lived.  This is a tremendous loss of a giant for the ages."

Berry not only broke new ground musically, he opened eyes to the intoxicating effect a dynamic stage presence could have on an audience.  His life off the stage was wild, too.  He had a number of run-ins with the law and the IRS.  But Berry was irrepressible - a force of nature whose imprint on Rock was and will remain considerable.


Eddie Vedder & Jack Irons do epic Floyd song (watch)

Former Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons was behind the kit at Key Arena in Seattle Friday (3/17) when the band dove into Pink Floyd's Shine On You Carzy Diamond



Harp legend James Cotton dies at 81

James Cotton, the field laborer from Mississippi that gained notoriety as a harmonica player with the Muddy Waters Band and went on to be share bills with a number of major Rock acts during the late 60's and the 70's, passed away in an Austin, Texas hospital Thursday (3/16) after coming down with pneumonia. Cotton, who outlasted the cancer that robbed him of his ability to song in the 90's, barnstormed the country through many of the early years of Classic Rock doing headline dates with his James Cotton Blues Band and earning opening invites for concerts headlined by the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin. 

Bowie stamp set lifted into space

The Royal Mail is so much cooler than the US Postal Service.  Not only has it released several series of stamps celebrating some of England's Rock legends, it has gone above and beyond in promoting them ,literally in the case of the recently released (story) David Bowie stamps. 52 sets of the stamps (the number chosen because it represents the years of Bowie's career) were attached to helium balloons and released into the atmosphere.  All are marked with a special lightning bolt edition of the Aladdin Sane stamp. The location and direction of each balloon will be updated in hints posted to every two days so fans can enter guesses as to where they will land.  You can also watch the stream of that balloon's flight on the site. Those who guess the most accurately about the landing points will be rewarded with First Edition stamp sets.



Ray Davies knighted at Buckingham Palace

In typical Ray Davies style, the glib leader of the Kinks received one of his country's highest honors Thursday (3/16) with little fanfare of his own.  After the brief ceremony presided over by Prince Charles, Davies said, ' It laseted three minutes and it went very well. And I said goobbye and went home.'



Original KISS drummer retiring

Peter Criss has lined up what he claims will be his final performances ever in the US and Australia.  If he doesn't really retire, the fans that fork over close to $1,900 for the VIP Dinner Performance at the KISS Expo Down Under in May could turn from fans to foes.  The price for his VIP Dinner Performance at the New York KISS Expo hasn't been announced.  The NY Expo itslef is slated for June 9-11, with the VIP gig taking place on June 16.

Nicks nixes another Fleetwood Mac album

Stevie Nicks attributes her reluctance to work on a new Fleetwooc Mac album to the apathy of fans when it comes to buying albums.  Talking with Rolling Stone, Nicks said, 'I don't think there's any reason to spend a year and an amazing amount of money on a record that, even if it has great things, isn't going to sell'.  She also said she far prefers spending time on tour to recording an album, the process of which she says 'isn't all that much fun.'  Other FM members went into the studio hoping she would join them in working on a new band album. When it became evident she wouldn't, the Fleetwood Mac recording sessions morphed into a Christine McVie, Lindsay Buckingham duets project with backing from other band members.



Sammy Hagar lays out the "ifs" required for him to reunite with VH

Sammy Hagar isn't counting on reuniting with Van Halen,but he has laid out some conditions for the others in the group to consider if they want him back. Topping the list is that an invitation to be extended to Michael Anthony, the former VH bass player the Red Rocker remains tight with musically and as a friend.  Less predictable is Hagar's insistence that original and recently once again vocalist David Lee Roth continue singing with the group.  Sammy even told Billboard that he'd be willing to play for free with that lineup.



East-West Fleetwood Mac, Eagles concerts lineup expands

The still-to-be confirmed festival style concerts being staged at Citi Field and Dodger Stadium we reported on several days ago (story) have added some additional acts. Journey, Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers and Earth Wind & Fire are in the mix, apparently.  Night one's lineup of each two day event will feature the Eagles, Steely Dan and the Doobies.  Night two will be headlined by Fleetwood Mac, Journey and Earth Wind & Fire.  No reference to the dates is included on any of the band web sites, but the lineup for each night is in line with what makes the most sense given the bands involved, so that adds a little more cred to the story.

Love Rocks NYC! (watch)

The Beacon Theatre was the setting for an all-star gathering of musicians that included Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons, Jackson Browne, Mavis Staples, Warren Haynes and Susan Tedeschi, Amy Helm, Gary Clark Jr., Sam Moore - and actors Bill Murray and Bruce Willis on Thursday (3/9).  The Love Rocks NYC! concert generated $1.5 million to assist an organization called God's Love We Deliver provide nutritious food deliveries to poor and ailing residents unable to prepare meals for themselves.
Paul Schaffer conducted a house band that accompanied various combinations of the guest musicians throughout a night that saw Helm and Staples duet on Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Jackson Brown and Michael McDonald pair with Blind Boys of Alabama on I Shall Be Released and Warren Haynes and Marcus King back Bruce Willis on Bring It On Home To Me. The evening closed with a packed stage rendition of With a Little Help From My Friends.








Geddy Lee NOT performing with Yes at Rock Hall induction

With the Rock Hall of Fame induction just weeks away, one detail emerged that would have made the April 8 event at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn more special for Yes and Rush fans -  a reunion of Yes with original lead singer Jon Anderson with Geddy Lee of Rush filling in for the late Chris Squire on bass. Music industry magazine Billboard reported it would happen, but the Rock Hall and Rush management are denying it.  Agreeing to make a point of honoring Squire during the ceremony got Rick Wakeman to change his mind and agree to participate.  Squire was the Yes member that felt most fervently that his band deserved to be in the Rock Hall.  He passed away before the band finally got the nomination that would lead to their overdue induction.



Peter Gabriel revisits Solsbury Hill (watch)

Peter Gabriel has released a new video to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the song on his debut solo album after parting ways with Genesis.  The montage merges live performances of the song from 1978 (Rockplast), 1987 (Athens), 1993 (Secret World Live) 2003 (Growing Up Live, 2011 (New Blood Live) and 2013 (Back To Front).





Steve Howe rejoing Asia for Wetton tribute dates

Steve Howe will rejoin Asia for a 4 concert series in tribute to the late John Wetton this fall.  The tribute culminates at Royal Albert Hall for a night honoring Wetton with Asia members joining Foreigner for a set. That night's lineup will include Howe, Geoff Downs, Billy Sherwood and John Parr.  Dylan Howe will play drums in place of Carl Palmer, who was originally requested but has another commitment he needs to keep.



John Mellencamp & Rascals join Billy Joel at MSG (watch)

Billy Joel's monthly concerts at Madison Square Garden have produced some interesting guest combinations. Friday (3/3) found the Piano Man bringing John Mellencamp and members of the Rascals to share the Garden stage with him.







U2 targeted in suit over Edge solo

To Paul Rose, the guitar solo The Edge throws down on the U2 song The Fly sounds illegaly similar to one he recorded in 1989.  The British songwriter/guitarist is taking his case to court. Ironically, the U2 song is one in which Bono sings, "Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief."
Rose's claim may hinge on him having sent the Irish band a demo of his song Nae Slappin, the one that includes the "elaborate and distinctive guitar solo" he contends The Edge virtually duplicated during the U2 sessions.



Mellencamp says Meg Ryan 'hates me to death'

The multiple year relationship John Mellencamp had with actress Meg Ryan hit the wall a couple of years back.  Speaking with Howard Stern, said an attempt to get back together did not go well and that the two haven't had contact since. Mellencamp seems willing to accept a good deal of the blame.  During hhis visit with Stern and Robin Quivers on their SiriusXM show, John said, 'She just doesn't want anything to do with me, and I don't blame her.'  Despite that, the Indiana Rocker sent a signal he might want to try again.  Calling Ryan 'an angel sent to me at the right time', Mellencamp added, 'We tried to have a relationship for three years - long distance.  We'll see what happens.' If anything does, it won't be in New York City of LA. John says 'I'm not leaving Indiana. I'm going to die here.'



Fogerty named NASCAR Grand Marshall

John Fogerty, who will be in residence for concerts at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas for stretches in March and May, has been named Grand Marshall for NASCAR's Monster Energy Kobalt at Las Vegas Speedway March 27.  The former Creedence Clearwater Revival front man says, 'Rock and Roll and fast cars ... ain't nothin' better.'  He'll get a good look at the machines in the 267 lap race when he gives drivers the 'start your engines' command.



Dark Side Of The Moon studio console going to auction

The Abbey Road recording studio console used in recording Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon goes up for bids March 27 in New York when Bonhams at the TCM Presents Rock and Roll Through the Lens.  The TG12345 MK IV resided in Abbey Road's studio 2 from 1971 - 1983 and was used in recording sessions for Paul McCartney and George Harrison, as well. The console, described by one of the studio's former engineers as 'the greatest console ever created', is expected to fetch a six figure top bid.  We think it could make it into the 7 figure category.  David Gilmour may have had a role in EMI adding the custom console to the studio. His band had recorded Meddle at George Martin's Air Studios, which had a 16 track board.  It impressed him enough that he suggested that Abbey Road the jump from 4 to 16 tracks instead of just making the move from 4 to 8.



Eagles & Fleetwood Mac team for East West Ballpark shows

Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles are said to be headlining two day festivals being staged in National League ballparks on both coasts. Dubbed the Classic East and Classic West fest, the Citi Field and Dodger Stadium shows appear to be modeled on the Desert Trips concerts held near Indio, Claifornia last year. Representatives of both bands declined to respond to requests for details, according to Rolling Stone.  Don Henley had declared his band disbanded following the death of Glenn Frey.  He later seemed to be open to the possibility of playing again if one of Frey's sons would fill his 

                                                           father's place in the group.  Dates and details about other acts are still 

under wraps.

Fleetwood Mac has been trying to get a new studio album done, but the unavailability of Stevie Nicks due to her solo touring schedule seems to have resulted in the band album morphing into a Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie duets album with backing from some of the others in the group.



Early Pink Floyd performance surfaces online (watch)

An early performance of Interstellar Overdrive filmed for the the Granada TV show Underground at the UFO Club has surfaced online. Here is the January, 1967 footage.



Rod Stewart takes public transit to London gig

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster decided to beat the nororiously bad London traffic on Monday (2/27) by taking the train from ther home to Rod's gig at the O2 Arena.  The singer, draped in a black hood and wearing sunglasses, apparently made the two train run without being detected.  Penny Lancaster posted pics of the couple's clandestine travels on her Instagram account after the pair had managed to arrive without being found out.



Hagar in gear for another Road Show season (preview)

Sammy Hagar opens season two of his Rock & Roll Road Trip on AXS TV with James Hetfield of Metallica and briefer visits with Joe Satriani, Melissa Etheridge and John Mayer.  The other five show in the series this season will feature Billy Gibbons, John Mellencamp, Mick Fleetwood, Rick Neilsen and Toby Keith.  Catch the opener March 5 at 9pm (Eastern).



Randy Rhodes tribute concerts announced

Former fellow Blizzard of Ozz and Quiet Riot Rudy Sarzo will participate in a pair of concerts honoring Randy Rhodes.  The initial date will take place in Agoura Hills, California on March 19, the 35th anniversary of the day Rhodes was killed when the airplane he was in clipped an Ozzy Osbourne tour bus.  The second is slated for March 24 in Las Vegas.  Other musicians taking part include Whitesnake and Foreigner veteran Brian Tichy, Machine Head's Phil Demmel and Skid Row's Scotti Hill.




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