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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2013-11

Born To Run artifact up for bids

Sothebys will offer a hand written work-in-progress manuscript for the album that became Bruce Springsteen's 1975 break-out album Born To Run at auction on December 5.  The once spiral bound lined notebook 8.5x11" piece of paper includes a significant number of the lyrics that made it into the final version of the title track of the album, along with margin entries of several words he appears to have considered using in the song.


Collins hints at Genesis reunion


Phil Collins has suggested that a Genesis reunion might not be out of the question.  The Guardian reports that a recent conversation between the former drummer turned vocalist and German media had Collins saying that his 8 and 12 year-old sons are encouraging him to resume performing. Collins announced the year before last that nerve damage had forced him to stop drumming and that he wanted to spend more time raising his sons.  Collins was quoted as saying, 'I've started thinking about doing some new stuff. Some shows again, even with Genesis.'  Nothing he said made it seem possible Peter Gabriel would be involved if a Genesis reunion were to materialize.


Record Store Day offers instant collectibles

Record Store Day, the annual event to encourage support of locally owned, independent music shops, will offer Rock fans plenty to choose from Friday (11/28).  Included in the bumper crop of instant collectibles being made available are limited edition releases from Metallica, (Through The Never Soundtrack on vinyl), the Rolling Stones (Got Live If You Want It on 7" vinyl), three Paul Simon lps (self titled, There Goes Rhymin' Simon and Still Crazy After All These Years), The Doors (a curated by Record Store Day lp), Bob Dylan (Side Track lp), the Grateful Dead (Family Dog at the Great Highway on vinyl), Jethro Tull (Benefit on vinyl), Jimi Hendrix (Fire and Foxey Lady 7") and Ordinary Love, U2's new song on vinyl.  Those looking for something oddly unique will want to snap up the John Denver - Muppets A Christmas Together picture disc.

Rockers align for tornado relief





Rock To The Rescue was hatched by Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon and Tommy Shaw from Styx as a fund raising concert to provide assistance in the aftermath of the 2011 World Trade Center attacks.  The MidWestern artists will convene a number of artists on December 4 in Bloomington, Indiana for a concert to raise money to help people closer to home.  REO, Styx, Survivor, Ted Nugent, Head East, Richard Marx and Larry The Cable Guy are slated to perform during the concert to raise money to help the region recover from the devastating outbreak of tornados November 17 that rampaged through the area, killing six and destroying or damaging close to 2,500 homes.

Springsteen release set for January 14



Bruce Springsteen has confirmed a release date of January 14 for a new album that will include both new and reworked tracks.  The album, the first studio effort Springsteen has recorded while touring, will feature 12 songs. Previously released titles on the record include the title song, High Hopes, a track that appeared in a 1996 documentary, an updated take on The Ghost of Tom Joad featuring Tom Morello on guitar, American Skin (41 Shots) and a cover version of Dream, Baby, Dream, a song by the group Suiside.  Rounding out the album are tracks titled Harry's Place, Just Like Fire Would, Down In The Hole, Heaven's Wall, Frankie Fell In Love, This Is Your Sword, Hunter of Invisible Game and The Wall.  The release will be Springsteen's 18th studio album.




Python reunion a big draw



It took less than 45 seconds to sell every ticket to the first Monty Python reunion performance in 2014, a disappearing act that prompted the group to add four more dates at London's O2 Arena.  Michael Palin, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones last got together to perform as Monty Python in 2009 in New York City. The Python troupe burst onto the scene in October, 1969 when Monty Python's Flying Circus made its BBC debut.  Their first big screen success, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, paved the way to other films and the hit stage production Spamalot.

Former member Graham Chapman passed away in 1989.

Willie Nelson tour bus crashes in Texas

An early Saturday morning (11/23) crash of a bus carrying Willie Nelson's band members about 80 miles north of Dallas resulted in a broken hip for drummer Paul Nelson and and minor injuries to two other band members.  The legendary Country-American singer was on another bus that was not involved in the crash. The accident happened at around 3:30am during heavy rains on Route 30 near the town of Sulfer Springs, Texas when one of the tour busses being buffetted by high winds in the rain reportedly left the highway and struck a bridge column.  The band was en route to a casino engagement in Mississippi when the wreck took place.  That show and and other dates have been put on hold.


Brad Whitford rips with Roots (video)





Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford stood in with the Roots, Jimmy Fallon's house band, and got a nice plug from the host of the late night entertainment program for his new book featuring rare guitars and the players that own them.  Guitar Aficinado - the Collections: The Most Famous, Rare, and Valuable Guitars in the World includes some instruments from his own considerable collection, as well as guitars owned by Jimmie Vaughan, Metallica's James Hetfield, Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick and a number of others.  Here's Brad dropping some Aerosmith  licks in with the band and bantering with Fallon.



Christine McVie could return to Fleetwood Mac



The experience of returning to the stage with her former band mates when Fleetwood Mac played London in September appears to have ignited an interest in returning to the group in Christine McVie.  Speaking with the Guardian, McVie says she's gottoen over the '...deleusion that I wanted to be an English Country girl', and called her brief reunion, '...amazing, like I'd never left' and then added about the prospect of becoming a full-fledged member again, 'I miss them all. If they were to ask me, I would probably be delighted... but it hasn't happened so we'll have to wait and see.'

The group cancelled remaining dates on their recent tour so McVie's former husband, Joh, could undergoe treatments for an unannounced form of cancer he was diagnosed with.


Dual Floyd solo projects underway



Both Roger Waters and David Gilmour are working on separate solo albums.  The Gilmour recording sessions, once again, include Graham Nash and David Crosby.  The pair appeared on the Pink Floyd guitarist's On An Island album (2006).  Commenting on the renewed invitation, Nash says Gilmour said, 'What the hell would it cost you to have David Crosby and Graham Nash getting on a bloody train to Brighton to sing with you?  We're musicians. We love good songs. We'll sing them until we're dead.'  Waters, by far the most active former Floyd member when it comes to live shows, hasn't put out a new studio album in more than a decade (Amused To Death, 2002).  He recently told Rolling Stone he completed a demo of the songs he plans to put on his 2014 release, a concept album he calls '...couched as a radio play.  It has characters who speak to each other, and it's a quest.  It's about an old man and a young child trying to figure out why they are killing the children.'  Sounds bleak enough.



Weir & Hornsby team-up for animal benefit



Bob Weir and Bruce Hornsby will do sets during the Animal Rescue Foundation's 13th Stars To The Rescue benefit concert on January 4th at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California.  The former Grateful Dead founding rhythm guitarist and one of the multitude of former keyboard players for the Dead (1988-95) will each do solo sets, but are expected to collaborate on songs during the concert.  Tony LaRussa and his wife started the foundation after the the MLB manager adopted a cat to save it from being euthanized after the stray critter strolled onto the field during a game in Oakland. 

Stones gear-up for 2014 Down Under dates



The Stones challenged notions the 2013 dates would be their last live concerts by dubbing the tour 50 & Counting.  The group has now confirmed plans to play Adelaide, Australia on their first performing visit to Australia in 13 years.  The Stones appearance will be the first concert staged at the renovated Adelaide Oval.




Jimmy Page mashes up Ramble On






Jimmy Page has been in the studio working on the remastered Zeppelin catalog and selecting out-takes to include as bonus tracks on the reissues due out in 2014.  He has also apparently been messing around with at least one tune.  A version of Ramble On has been posted on a Sound Cloud page linked to Page.  Dubbed Ramblize, the track merges in elements from rapper Notorious B.I.G.'s 1996 song Hypnotize. Check it out here.



Springsteen album in January





Bruce Springsteen found enough time between Wrecking Ball tour dates to duck into the studio and rework a song that first appeared in the 1996 documentary Blood Brothers.  The new recording of the Tim McConnell song High Hopes gets released November 25.  Billboard now says the Boss has an album's worth of material and aims to have it out in January.


Journey steps up for Philippines


Journey is currently fronted by Filipino Arnel Pineda, who has stepped up with a major contribution from his band, management and agency along with concert promoter and production company Live Nation. The collective donation arranged by Journey totals $350,000. It will go to the World Food Programme, which is scrambling to provide meals hundreds of thousands that were severely impacted by the historic storm when it tore into the Philippines November 7th.



Deep Purple unearth lost video

Film footage of the 1968 lineup of Deep Purple synching a performance of Hush has been uncovered.  The spoofing on themselves players include Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Ritchie Blackmore Rod Evans and Nick Simper.

Dark day for Floyd collaborator



British folk-rock artist Roy Harper is facing charges relating to sexual abuse of an underage girl at about the time that he was participating in recording sessions  for Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album. Harper is due in court Monday (11/18) to face a total of nine charges, all of them relating to his alleged conduct toward a girl that was 12 and 13 at the time the incidents are claimed to have taken place. Harper sang lead vocals on the track Have A Cigar on the band's 1976 album and also recorded material with Led Zeppelin.

Garcia guitar goes to auction



TheTravis Bean TB500 guitar Jerry Garcia played regularly during the period many Dead Heads consider the group's golden era of live performances goes up for auction on December 6 in Beverly Hills. Juliens will take bids on the guitar Garcia used while recording Terrapin Station and during upwards of 90 concerts in the mid-late 1970's and  expects the instrument to bring in a top bid between $150,000 and $200,000. Other rare collectibles up for bidding during the event include a Hofner bass custom made for Paul McCartney, a 1950's Telecaster played by Keith Richards, a Kramer Ferrington guitar once owned by Mick Jagger and hand written lyrics from Bob Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man and George Harrison's Isn't It A Pity.

Beatles visit revisited on CBS


In this highly fragmented era, a single media source just about never gets the undivided attention of a nation.  But CBS television did in February of 1964 when the Beatles appeared live on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Sunday night variety program that was a weekly viewing ritual in a tremendous number of households. On the 50th anniversary of that February 9th performance before a live audience largely comprised of screeming young women, the network will present a two hour special with footage from that appearance and the group's first visit to the States. The special will also include covers of Beatle songs done by other acts during the Sullivan show's run on the network and songs the Beatles played live on the program performed by ''s top artists'. We get the feeling the ones chosen will not be the artists we'd like to see.

Crossroads preview; EC with Allmans (video)

Want a great example of why the upcoming release of highlights from this year's Crossroads Guitar Festival is a 'must have'?... Check out this blistering version of Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad featuring the Allman Brothers with Eric Clapton.


Knopfler on David Crosby solo release




Croz, the first solo album from David Crosby in two decades, includes a guest appearance by Mark Kopfler. The former leader of Dire Straits plays on the album's first track, What's Broken. What's remarkable is that Crosby and Knopfler have never even met. Crosby, who sent the song to Mark out of the blue with a request for him to add some guitar work to it, says Knopfler '...just f@#%in killed it', adding 'He did me a huge favor and we don't even know each other. He's just brilliant.' Croz will be released January 28, the same date Crosby opens a tour that will feature the new album during the first set and songs from his extensive past with the Byrds, CSN(Y) and his previous solo releases during a closing set.

U2 manager plans to step aside

Paul McGuinness has guided U2 for nearly three and a half decades, but his role as manager of the band will be largely handled by Guy Oseary once Live Nation assumes the lead management role for the band under a recently announced deal. McGuinness, never at a loss for zingers, told the New York Times, 'It could be seen as slightly poor etiquette for a manager to consider retiring before his artist has split, quit or died, but U2 have never subscribed to rock 'n roll code of conduct.' The group is currently finishing up work on an album it expects to release in April, 2014.

Red Rocker restaurant shuttered




Sammy Hagar's foray into eating and drinking establishments has been a solid success, but it appears the Red Rocker's food and beverage division is down one with the apparent closing of Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar and Grill in Rosemont, California. the Granite Bay Press Tribune says efforts to get more information about a notice on the door indicating it was 'temporarily' closed met with no answers and that there were reports that the developer behind the enterprise was reported missing by co-workers.

Sacramento Business Journal

Roger Waters gives special veteran thanks







Roger Waters was less than six months old with his father lost his live in the Battle of Anzio during WWII.  A  war veteran that conducted a search of British war documents in order to pinpoint the actual site where the Lietenant Eric Waters died has received a poem of thanks from his son. Harry Schindler received the letter sogned 'To Harry, with gratitude' from Roger.  Schindler told the Daily Telegraph he was fortunate to survive the D Day landings and battles that followed and considers it his job to '...make sure that nobody forgets the lads who died and what happened after the landings.'

Jagger aides Sid Vicious

John Lydon says Mick Jagger came to the aid of embattled Sex Pistol front man Sid Vicious (aka Johnny Rotten) after the former member of the Sex Pistols was charged with murdering his girlfriend at the Chelsea Hotel in New York in 1979. Vicious died of an overdose before a verdict was reached in the case.  Talking with the Daily Record, Lydon says the Stones front man stepped up on behalf of Vicious when few others showed any interest in helping his tormented band mate.  He called the woman Sis was charged with killing, '...a hideous, awful person who killed herself'.

Thorogood live set due

 George Thorogood & The Destroyers: Live At Montreux 2013 gets a November 19n DVD, Blu-ray, and CD release
The 2013 Montreux Jazz Festival debut at the festival that has featured many of the artists that inspired them inspires a dynamic performance during which the band delved into their rich repertoire, spanning material from their 1977 debut album, right up through their most recent releases. “Who Do You Love?” “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” “Move It On Over,” “Bad To The Bone,” -- these classic and many others are all performed on Live At Montreux 2013.
Track Listing
1) Rock Party  
2) Who Do You Love?  
3) Help Me  
4) Night Time (On DVD and Blu-ray only)  
5) I Drink Alone
 6) One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer  
7) Cocaine Blues  
8) Get A Haircut  
9) Bad To The Bone  
10) Move It On Over  
11) Tail Dragger  
12) Madison Blues


Phil Lesh jams in Central Park

The New York Jazz & Colors event in Central Park got a surprise guest guest musician Saturday (11/9) when Grateful Dead &  Furthur veteran Phil Lesh staged an impromptu jam with several other musicians for a small gathering of surprised event goers and strollers for about a half hour. The set included a version of the Beatles Get Back.

Chili Pepper drummer target of soccer fanatics (video)

Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers got a lot of soccer fans in Brazil hot and bothered by taking a soccer jersey he was given during a drum clinic and stuffing it down his back side and mocking a wiping motion. You'd think he'd be bright enough to realize that move was equivalent of doing the same thing with a Yankee Jersey in the Bronx. One attendee threw something at Smith while others in the crowd showered him with verbal abuse. Things escalated after a video of the incident went viral, with death threats and other taunts promising of revenge.



Mellencamp-Stephen King musical preview (video)

John Mellencamp's always got lots going on in his multi-faceted career.  An exhibit of his art work is currently on display in his home state of Indiana, he remains a core artist member of Farm Aid and he recently completed work putting togeteher a career spanning box set. One of his long term projects has been Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, a smoldering musical he and author Stephen King collaborated on with T Bone Burnett.  The team has released a trailer of a scene from the production that revolves around a fight between two brothers that costs both of them their lives.  This ain't no Sound Of Music - and you wouldn't expect it to be, coming from these three.  Have a look.



Morrison poems & Van Halen guitar up for grabs










A Profiles in history auction being conducted in Carlsbad, California December 18 has a couple of very big ticket collectibles available to high bidders.  The item expected to bring the biggest bucks is a notbook of handwritten lyrics, poems and observations recorded by Jim Morrison during his last year. The notebook was presented to Graham Nash as a gift from his manager, Bill Siddons, who was dispatched to claim the late Doors singer's body after his death in 1971.  The 'Frankenstrat' guitar Eddie Van Halen used during his group's Diver Down tour and in recording sessions for the 1984 album is expected to draw a top bid between $100,000 and $150,000.  Some proceeds from the sale of the fabled axe will be donated to guitarist Jason Becker, who is suffering from ALS.



Jersey realtor pays $250,000 for Springsteen guitar




What's a guitar lesson and recording session with Bruce Springsteen go for if you get to keep the guitar? $250,000. At least that's what a Garden State real estate magnate forked over at the annual Stand Up For Heroes benefit staged by Jon Stewart in the Theater at Madison Square Garden.  The Wednesday (11/6) event in New York raised close to $5 million - a big leap after doubling the capacity by moving the event from the Beacon Theatre to the 5,600 seat venue.  In addition to enjoying music from Bruce and his wife, Patti Scialfa, the sold-out house was treated to a performance by Pink Floyd veteran Roger Waters accompanied by a couple of dozen wounded veterans on John Lennon's Imagine, Floyd's Comfortably Numb and Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.  Comedians, Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby also joined host Jon Stewart in making it an uplifting night of entertainment for the cause.



Joplin lands on Hollywood Walk



A long overdue star for Janis Joplin was unveiled in Hollywood Monday (11/4) during a ceremony that featured  Kris Kristofferson doing a rendition of the song he wrote and Janis turned millions on to, Me & Bobby McGee.  Joining members of Joplin's family at the ceremony, Krisofferson said he heard her interpretation of his song for the first time on the day she died, adding that he had to listen to it over and over again before he ws able to hear it through without breaking-up, adding, '...she means so much more to me than a star on a sidewalk.'



Joe Bonamassa previews a Tour De Force track (video)

Joe Bonamassa's Tour De Force CD and DVD sets include a number of rarely or never before performed live tracks. Here's an advance look and listen to Black Lung Heartache captured live at the Royal Albert Hall.


Neil Young posts acoustic clips (listen)

Neil Young is giving fans a chance to sample brief clips from the songs included on his next archival release.  Live At the Cellar Door was recorded on consecutive nights at the Washington, DC club in 1970 and features songs Young included on his first three solo albums as well as selections he did as a member of the Buffalo Springfield.


Jerry Garcia's first house on the market

A Marin County house overlooking Stinson Beach in California that Jerry Garcia bought for $60,000 in 1971 is on the market for $3.9 million.  The Grateful Dead guitarist resided there seven years with wife Carolyn, known as Mountain Girl, before the couple split, with Garcia moving out and his wife and kids relocating to Oregon, where she still resides. The house was sold about a year and a half after the separation to another musician, Corey Lerios of the band Pablo Cruise (Love Will Find A Way, Place In The Sun). No sooner had the paperwork been completed than Jerry showed up looking to move back in.  Carolyn told the Marin Independent Journal,   "I probably could have called Corey and said, 'Hey, man, you know...' and called off the sale, and I probably should have. Instead I honored the deal."  Lerios owned the house right up until 2003, when he sold it for $2 million.

The 2,700 foot house has sweeping views of the Pacific and is flanked by a nature preserve.  It has a recording studio in a separate guest house Garcia's wife says they seldom ever used because it was inconvenient for other band members to get to and the salt air caused problems with the wiring and the equipment.
The couple finally divorced in 1994, the year before Garcia died.  His former wife still laments the sale, saying, 'I've been kicking myself for 30 years over selling that house. We Should never have done it.'  photo: Sothebys



Jagger denies hitting on pop star


While being interviewed by an Australian radio station last week, pop singer Katy Perry told the host that Mick Jagger hit on her during a dinner date after she had recorded backing vocals for a song on his 2004 solo album.  Asked how the then 18 year old Perry handled the situation, she replied she had a friend with her who left the restaurant with Mick so she didn't have to.  Jagger issued a statement Thursday (10/21) categorically denying the claim and adding, 'Perhaps she is confusing me with somone else.'  Maybe... very attractive young women get approached by older men all the time, but it seems far-fetched to suggest she would have mixed-up the lead singer for one of the biggest bands in history with some other older guy. Oh, the title of the solo album; Old Habits Die Hard.  Perry did follow her account by adding, 'That was a long time ago, and he's been very kind' (since).  We'll see how true that remains.




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