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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2013-12

Hendrix London flat becomes museum (video)

Rockers visiting London have a new itinerary item thanks to a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  The organization doled out close to $2 million to restore the inside of the flat Jimi Hendrix called home to the state it was in while the guitar legend lived in the apartment he once said was the only home he ever had.  The attic of the Georgian townhouse at 23 Brooke Street was being rented by Jimi's girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, when he first occupied it in 1968. The apartment was opened to the public briefly not long ago and the level of interest music historians and fans showed in seeing it made a convincing case for the space being converted into a full-time museum.  The space has been used as an administrative office for a museum dedicated to another famous composer/musician - George Frederic Handel, a former neighbor at 25 Brooke Street.





Tommy Lee is the devil (video)

Tommy Lee has raised more than his share of Hard Rock hell during his career. The Motley Crue veteran puts his experience to work in a new video by the band Fall Out Boy in which Lee portrays the devil himself.  Lee appears in Death Valley, a segment that is part of a larger series dubbed The Young Blood Chronicles produced in support of the Punk Rock band's Save Rock and Roll album.



Springsteen album leaked by Amazon

Bruce Springsteen fans were briefly able to download songs from the new album by Bruce before Amazon pulled them. Songs from High Hopes, the album Springsteen will officially release on January 14, appeared as individual tracks. Amazon removed them without comment, leaving people to wonder whether the 'leak' was accidental or a marketing ploy designed to generate interest in an album that consists mostly of reworked older songs.


McCartney could blow out Candlestick

The last full Beatles concert took place on a late August night in 1966 at one of the most notoriously uncomfortable stadiums ever built, Candlestick Park. The south of San Francisco penninsula location put the former home of the Giants and 49ers within a footprint of weather that frequently made the stadium a damp and miserable place to be. So it was when McCartney and company took the stage for what would be the last concert before the brief appearance the group made atop the Apple HQ three years later. The stadium, now abandoned for nicer digs, is scheduled to be demolished sometime next year. Before that happens, stadium officials are holding out hope McCartney will do a closing concert at The Stick.

Clapton shuffles band lineup





Fans taking in Eric Clapton shows next year will see the guitar great backed by some different band members.  EC, who recently announced a series of dates in the Far and Mid East commencing in February, will be backed by Paul Carrack (keyboards), Steve Gadd (drums), Nathan East (bass) and feature backing vocals by Sharon White and Michelle Long.


Deep Purple, Sabbathe vet teams with Lennon's son

The demise of Black Country Communion (story) opened up some unexpected room in the schedule of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath veteran Glenn Hughes.  He's filled some of that doing studio sessions with Julian Lennon for an album that is expected to get a May, 2014 release.  Hughes recently Tweeted, 'Black Country Communion is gone forever. It will live for ever in my heart, but I have now moved on'. Hughes apparently failed in a bid to buy the rights to continuing using the Black Country Communion name from the now defunct band's Joe Bonamassa.



Pearl Jam accountant admits bilking band



While CFO for the management company handling Pearl Jam, Rickey Charles Goodrich managed to pilfer nearly $400,000 from the Seattle group during a four year period that ended with his dismissal in the fall of 2010.  Now, the 55 year old accountant has admitted guilt by pleading guity to 6 counts of theft in the first degree.  He will face sentencing in February.  Goodrich is expected to face 6 months behind bars, but that sentence could more than double if he fails to pay back the band and money he apparently also owes the firm.  Seattle Post Intelligencer

Jimmy Page dishes a bit of Zep reissue info

Jimmy Page will close out this year and start the next combing through more potential material to include in the 2014 Led Zeppelin catalog reissue. Speaking to Pulse Of Radio, the guitarist revealed that he hasn't come up with much from the group's first couple of album sessions but said there is good stuff the group laid down in the studio whiLe working on Led Zeppelin III.  As for the quality fans can expect, Page says, 'Technology has moved on since the last set of remasters and you can hear the difference on these new versions. They're quite something.'  No release date has been set for the deluge of material.


Santana reaches out to homeless band mate (video)

A KRON-TV reporter's story about illegal dumping on the streets of Oakland, California has led to a reunion between Carlos Santana and Marcus Malone, a percussionist in the early lineup of the guitar great's original blues band. Stanley Roberts happened upon Malone while the man was picking through items on a curb and decided to interview him.  During their conversation, Malone mentioned that he'd been a composer and musician and had been a member of the late 60's Santana blues band lineup. Skeptical, Roberts looked into the claim and found it credible. He then contacted Carlos and arranged for the pair to get together, a meeting that took place Friday (12/20). Carlos has vowed to help Malone get his former life back, telling him, ''s an honor to be in your presence.'


Ian McLagan dismisses interest in Rod Stewart Faces reunion


Just days after Rod Stewart said that plans were in the works for a Faces reunion in 2015 (story), keyboard player Ian McLagan said that he and drummer Kenny Jones are focused on a Small Faces anniversary in '15 and Stewart wasn't in the group when it went by that name.  Talking with Uncut, McLagan skewered Stewart, saying 'We've done the Faces - and he didn't turn up.'  Exasperated with Stewart leading them on and then blowing them off, McLagan and Jones toured with Simply Red's Mick Hucknall fronting the faces in 2010 and '11.



Bon Jovi shoots down Shinedown

The hard rocking Shinedown has an acoustic covers album pretty much ready for release but Jon Bon Jovi has reportedly failed to approve the use of one of his biggest songs, fan favorite Wanted Dead Or Alive. Shinedown guitarist Zach Myers, in a seemingly intentional slip while talking with This Is Not A Scene, mentioned Bon Jovi when he said. "...two of the artists were like, 'We don't like anyone covering our songs' ".  The album, knocked out in just a couple of recording sessions, includes Sitting On The Dock Of the Bay (Otis Redding), London Calling (Clash). In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins), Runaway Train (Soul Asylum), Black (Pearl Jam), Blue On Black (Kenny Wayne Shepherd), Someone Like You (Adele), She Talks To Angels (Black Crowes), Nothing Else Matters and (maybe) Wanted Dead Or Alive.

KISS and make-up time?

The Rock Hall Of Fame induction of KISS appears to have made a couple of members willing to bury the hatchet someplace other than in one another's backs.  Gene Simmons floated the notion that the band should get together for the April 10 induction ceremony at the Barclays Center, which is not far from where the band made its live debut in Queens, New York. That overture got a positive reaction from Ace Frehley, who hasn't played with the band in about a decade and as recently as a couple of months ago put the prospect ever doing so in the hell freezes over category. Frehley told Rolling Stone that getting back into his gear and playing with the surviving members of the original lineup, '...sounds like a great idea', and added, 'I don't forsee any bad blood.'  HBO will televise highlights from the April 10th induction in May.


Dave Matthews, Jakob Dylan, Charlie Sexton tie in Nauts

The Nauts is the name a of the new group that came together after a jam session in a Shreveport, Lousiana studio involving Dave Matthews, Wallflowers front man Jakob Dylan and guitarist Charlie Sexton.  Sexton has logged time in Jacob's father's band during a stretches over the last 15 years.  According to Mix and Rolling Stone, an album by the group is in the works.

Heartbreaker announces solo release

Benmont Tench, Tom Petty's longtime keyboard player, will release You Should Be So Lucky February 18th.  Petty joins a cast of supporting artists that also includes Ringo Starr, Don Was, Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch. Production is being handled by Glyn Johns, who Tench admires as ' of the greatest producers and engineers' in rock history and a guy who always '...tells you exactly what he thinks and hde backs it up'.  Producer/musician Don Was, who is also the President of Blue Note, the label releasing the album, calls Tench '...the most enigmatic, mystical and delightful musician' and adds, '...musicians from all walks of life hold him in the highest esteem and love to play with him.  His presence on a session or stage elevates everyond's performance to new heights.'  In addition to Benmont Tench originals, the album will include covers of Bob Dylan's Duquesne Whistle and his arrangement of the traditional blues song Corina, Corina.



Gabriel, KISS, Nirvana in, Deep Purple & Yes shut-out


The Rock Hall of fame announced its 2014 inductees Monday (12/16). An active campaign by KISS Army members has paid off for the group.  Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Cat Stevens and Linda Ronstadt will also be officially enshrined April 10th at the Barclays Center in the Queens, New York.  Coming up short in the balloting this year were Deep Purple, Yes, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, the Zombies, Link Wray and the Meters.  Also failing to gain enough traction (thankfully, to us) were Chic, N.W.A. and LL Cool J.  Gabriel, who was a no-show when he was inducted as a member of Genesis in 2010, tells Rolling Stone he does plan to take part in the ceremony next year.  Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band earned the Hall's Musical Excellence award.









Roger Waters in hot water

Drawing a parallel between the government of Israel and the Nazis is generating a vigorous negative response from lots of quarters.  The Pink Floyd veteran defends his position by contending in a US online magazine piece titled Counter Punch, in which he says, 'There were many people that pretended that the oppression of the Jews was not going on. From 1933 until 1946.  So this is not a new scenario. Except this time it's the Palestinian people being murdered.'  Suggesting that the sporadic episodes of violence toward Palestinians by Israel compares to the systematic mass murder the Nazis engaged in has outraged many, including Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who penned a New York Observer opinion piece he titled The Anti-Semitic Stench of Pink Floyd.  In it, he wrote, '...Mr. Waters. the Nazis were a genocidal regime that murdered six million Jews. That you would have the audacity to compare Jews to monsters who murdered them shows you have no decency, you have no heart, you have no soul.'  Waters declined to respond to the smack down, other than to say 'I do not know Rabbi Boteach, and am not prepared to get into a slanging match with him.'



Bon Jovi tops 2013 tours



Bon Jovi had the top grossing tour of the 2013 by a good margin.  The $229 million Bon Jovi took in easily bettered fellow Jersey Rocker Bruce Springsteen's $164 million take and the Rolling Stones 50 And Counting tour, which managed to rake in $144 million.  The Stones and Bruce and his  E Street Band accumulated their millions at a much more relaxed pace than Bon Jovi, who staged 102 concerts during the year.


Allman Brothers Biopic lead roles cast

All AmerIcan Rejects lead singer Tyson Ritter will assume the role of the young Gregg Allman and 22 Jump Street's Wyatt Russell will play Duane in the upcoming film that chronicles the life of Gregg Allman.  Based on My Cross To Bear, Gregg's candid and compelling autobiography, the biopic goes into production next month in Savannah, Georgia. In addition to original music from the band itself, the film will include several songs featuring Ritter and Russell.  Director Randall Miller says people aware of what a good musician Ritter is will be impressed with his acting strength and Jody Savin of the production credits Russell, a life-long fan of Duane, who he says '...blew us away with his total embodiment of the rock icon and his uncanny slide guitar chops.'   





 Phot Credit - Randy Miller

AC/DC front man lands TV gig (Video)

Hard Rockin' gear head Brian Johnson of AC/DC will host his own TV show about cars starting in the spring in the UK. Cars That Rock will feature hour long episodes devoted to six of Johnson's favorite rides.  Johnson, who takes to the track himself with some regularity, is tight with a number of competitive drivers. His 2009 autobiography, Rockers and Rollers: A Full Throttle Memoir, related his life long passion for loud music and fast cars.  Here's a guest shot the AC/DC front man did with the Top Gear guys. 





Armed robbery of Iron Maiden home

A caretaker suffered a knife wound during a robbery at the Bahamas home of Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris last month.  The just recently revealed robbery took place November 29th.  The property manager of the estate told Tribune242 the caretaker was assaulted by thieves that '...put a knife on his throat and left him in a pool of blood, wrapped in duct tape.'  Three men were taken into custody and around $5,000 of the estimated $8,000 in items boosted in the robbery were recovered after friends of the caretaker undertook an island wide campaign to identify the perps.


Stones plant to 'Rock 'til we drop'


Unless one or more of the Rolling Stones checks-out in 2014, the 14 On Fire tour won't be the group's last.  Ron Wood told BANG Showbiz Wednesday (12/11) 'We'll keep going - rock 'til we drop!' The band takes to the road next month for dates in Abu Dhabi. Macau and Australia that will carry them trhough April.  More dates will likely follow. Wood says, 'I can't get enough. It's going to be good. We can't leave the world uncovered. We've got to cover it all.'



Boston Rocks Ye Metal Gentlemen (Listen)

Boston's first new material in more than a decade is on the new album Life, Love & Hope (12/3) (story), but there's a holiday rave-up of a traditional tune from Tom Scholz and the current lineup of the band, too.




Heart live releae announced (Preview)

A Heart concert filmed in HD at Caesars Colosseum gets a February 25th release in both DVD and CD formats.  The release showcases songs from the most recent studio album by the Wilson sisters, but also includes several of the Seattle band's biggest hits.  Ann Wilson talks about the upcoming release and includes a bit of background on a couple of the group's best known songs.





U2 dedicates acoustic version of Breath to Nelson Mandela (Listen)

U2 has posted a new, acoustic version of a song that appeared on  No Line On The Horizon (2009) in tribute to Nelson Mandela.  Bono, who came to know Mandela well in the years years following the apartheid fighter's release after 27 years as a prisoner of the former regime, wrote after his passing, 'It was as if he was born to teach the age a lesson in humility, in humor and above all else in patience', and said that, because he confronted hatred with such determination but was equally committed to non-violence and forgiveness, Mandela '...played with the highest stakes'.



Aerosmith unloading battered boxes

An empty box hardly qualifies as a good gift - unless it happens to be a road case used on tour by Aerosmith.  The Boston band has decided to unload som equipment cases that have circled the globe on tour. As such, the band includes the dis=claimer that the boxes ' extensive wear'.  Several sizes and shapes are available, each emblazoned with the Aerosmith logo. Oh, there are a couple of catches; Aeroforce 1 fan club members get the first crack and you have to be at the band's warehouse in Hanover, MA on Saturday, December 28th at 10am with a vehicle big enough to cart whatever you buy away with you.  The address is 155 Webster St.  If this is the actual address they park equipment at when not on the road, we assume the joint has good security - or will now that they have made its location public.


Van Morrison downsizes



Van Morrison has announced plans to perfrom regularly at the Harp Bar, a Belfast, Ireland pub that sets fewer than 200.  The six time Grammy winner wants to play a small stage again to '...get back to his roots', according the Harp owner Willie Jack.  The pub is housed in a warehouse that once was the headquarters for Bushmills Whiskey Distillery. The building was used as a set in Good Vibrations, a film about the emergence of punk music in the Irish city.


Allman Brothers 1992 concerts getting release


A pair of 1992 Allman Brothers Band live shows will get released on February 18.  Play All Night: Live at the Beacon Theatre is a double CD recorded March 10 and 11 of that year's annual New York City residency by the band.  Live at Great Woods had been previously available as a DVD that had concert segments split up by interview clips. The Feb. 18 release will feature the performance uninterrupted.


Scholz controls new Boston album

Tom Scholz is recognized as a perfectionist and control freak, so it's no surprise that the new Boston album was developed under his total control. Speaking with the Globe, Scholz acknowledged that although he tries to keep fans in mind when working on songs, in the end, ''s all about what I like'.  That preoccupation is why Boston is perceived by many to be more a man than a band and why Scholz has a reputation for being so difficult to work with. Boston's 6th album finds Scholz takes full credit as the producer, arranger and engineer.  True to form, Life, Love & Hope is a product of Scholz spending months in his basement studio - 99% of the time alone, where there is ' one else who is going to tell me if something is good or bad'.  As to outside influences, Scholz professes to have none, claiming he stopped listening to anyone's music other than his own sometime before 1973. Asked about a slide guitar part on the new album that is reminiscent of Joe Walsh on Rocky Mountain Way, Scholz acknowledged having learned a lot from listening to Walsh with the James Gang and Rocky Mountain Way came out, '...after I stopped listening to music.  James Gang Rides Again (1970) was the last album I ever bought'. Whether the result of  being such a recluse is good or bad in the ears and minds of fans remains to be seen.  


Billy Joel, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock honored in DC

Billy Joel, Carlos Santana and jazz legend Herbie Hancock joined actress Shirley McCalin and opera stand-out Martina Arroyo in receiving Kennedy Center Honors recognition Sunday (12/8) in the nation's capitol. Joel told the Associated Press the honor was 'overwhelming', adding, 'To be chosen for this award essentially for doing what I love most amazes me more than anything.'  Santana, the first Latino musician to receive the honor, told Jeffrey Brown of PBS that being a recipient is '...supremely important' to him because it give him the chance to '...give voice to the invisible ones, the ones who clean all the sheets, who clean all the toilets, serve in all hotels.

Highlights from the ceremony will be televised on December 29th.








2014 Grammy nominations announced

The Grammy nominations have been announced and include veteran's Paul McCartney, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Neil Young along with a crop of relative newcomers like Kings Of Leon and Gary Clark Jr., Queens of The Stone Age and Jack White.

Zeppelin secured a place in the Rock Performance category for Kashmir on the legendary group's Celebration Day, which was also nominated for the Rock Album award.  Sabbath is up for Metal Performance, Rock Album and Rock Song for God Is Dead.  Bowie picked-up a Rock Album nomination for The Next Day, as did Neil Young for Psychedelic Pill. McCartney was recognized for Cut Me Some Slack, a song he did with members of the Foo Fighters.
The hardware gets passed out January 26th at the Staples Center in LA.


Faces reunion prospects improve


The on-again, off-again saga of a Faces reunion has been a recurring story for years.  Rod Stewart is now saying that the group could well get back together in 2015.  Previous attempts to stage the reunion have been scuttled due to conflicting schedules. Speaking with a Boston radio station, Stewart said the outlook for getting back together with Ron Wood has '...much more of a chance' after the Rolling Stones stop touring, adding, 'Ronnie's office is talking to my people and we're earmarking 2015'.


Born To Run draft sells for $197k


An anonymous bidder ponied-up nearly $200,000 Thursday (12/5) for a single page, rough draft of hand written lyrics to what would become Born To Run, the title song to Bruce Springsteen's epic 1975 album.  The $197,000 top bid blew past the pre-auction estimate that the rare artifact would fetch between $70 and $100,000. The page from a spiral notebook was auctioned by Sotheby's on behalf of an unidentified seller.



Plant & Young pay homage to Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch is a name unknown to most Rock fans, but a number of super stars credit the late founding member of the band Pentangle as one of their big influences. Jansch died two years ago of lung cncer.  On Tuesday (12/3), a tribute concert arranged in his honor on what would have been his 70th birthday featured performances and accolades from Robert Plant, Donovan and Pentangle members Jacqui McShee, Danny Thompson and Terry Cox. Neil Young was unable to attend the Royal Festival Hall event in London, but sent a video of him performing the Jansch song Needle Of Death, which Young credits as having inspired The Needle & The Damage Done, the song Young penned after losing a band mate to heroin.  Plant, who sang Go Your Own Way My Love in honor of Jansch, said, 'We all came to a similar place but we concentrated on different levels. Bert was a digger for all of us.'

Piano Man MSG Marathon


Billy Joel vows that he will do a concert a month at Madison Square Garden in New York until fans stop coming.  The 'as long as there is demand' commitment  will open with a previously announced date on January 27. Joel has made close to 50 concert appearances at the landmark arena in Mid-Town Manhattan, including a run of a couple of dozen sold-out shows in 2006. His Tuesday press conference announcing the open-ended series in New York even drew an appearance by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.



More GNR fallout

Guns N' Roses has been a soap opera from its inception and just as it was starting to seem like a new episode was overdue, up stepped guitarist Ron Thal.  It seems the spur-of-the-moment mode GNR seems to constantly operate in is getting in the way of Bumblefoot's solo aspirations.  Talking with Radio Future, the guitarist complained that there's too much truth behind the comic remark 'If you want Guns N' Roses to hit the road, all you have to do is book your own tour.'  He claims that very scenario played out, forcing him to cancel his own tour and causing him to incur '...a very big loss' and damage to his rep with agents and promoters - something he vows he '...can't let happen any more'.

VH working on next release

Van Halen fans will have to wait until mid way through 2015 for a new album David Lee Roth says ground work is underway for.  Roth told BoneYard that the group is getting together to play a few times a week at Eddie Van Halen's house.  Roth says deciding which songs to use and arranging and recording them is only a part of why a new album will take so long to get done.  The front man says every band member participates in every aspect of the album, including artwork and the development of any and all merchandise associated with the album and the stage set-up for tours.  'Any idea you have is 85 phone calls'... and, '87 phone calls that are about to follow to make sure it came out the way we decided.'


Rundgren supporting youth music programs (video)

Todd Rundgren has started a foundation to channel support to programs and events that will increase opportunities for young people to enjoy and participate in music.  In a video post announcing the organization on his Facebook page, the veteran performer-producer said the object is to '...provide support and funding to school programs and other sorts of organizations who are trying to bring music to people who don't have it, especially in terms of learning how to play instruments.'  A more formal introduction for the foundation will take place next month at the National Association of Music Merchants trade show and convention.



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