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Sunshine of Your Love from the Ginger Baker Tribute concert

Eric Clapton and Roger Waters team on Sunshine of Your Love at the Apollo Hammersmith in London Monday (2/17) to launch the Ginger Baker Tribute concert.



Crossroads from the Ginger Baker Tribute concert (2-17-2020)
Black Crowes brothers unplug in London

Almost every band that emerged in the late 80's and early 90's that seemed to have the musical chops and approach to build on the foundation laid by the great classic rock bands and artists has self destructed. One of the most promising ones might make another go of it. The Black Crowes are gearing-up for a tour performing all of the songs on Shake Your Money Maker, their debut album that dropped on this day in 1990. In advance of that tour, Chris and Rich Robinson are doing a few acoustic dates. Here's Jealous Again unplugged from the other night in London.




Eagles open Hotel California tour in Atlanta (2-7-2020)

The Eagles launched their Hotel California tour in Atlanta Friday night (2/7) with an epic performance of the entire 1976 blockbuster album backed by an orchestra an choir and then did a second set comprised of 24 more songs, closing with an encore with Rock Mountain Way, Desperado, The Long Run and the Hotel California (Reprise). The band's 22 concert US tour includes two concerts in almost all cities, with 3 nights at Madison Square Garden and in Dallas. Two Wembley Stadium concerts in London are planned for late August.




Tesla Abbey Road Studios live album preview


Tesla will release a live session album recorded during a performance at Abbey Road Studios in London in June, 2019. The March 27 drop will include vinyl and CD editions. A Blu-ray will also be made available.