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On their first three albums, the word 'love' appeared in Beatles song lyrics 151 times.  Overall, the writing team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney got by quite well using far fewer words than some others, using just 688 unique words of the 7,283 they sang over that span of recordings (it should be noted, some songs were covers).  In contrast, Elvis Costello, who could cram more words into short songs than just about anyone, managed to use 1,890 different ones on his first three records and a jaw flapping total of 11,422.  David Bowie wasn't that far behind, using 1,748 unique words on his first three albums.  1960's songs averaged 28 unique words per tune. The 70's & 80's were remarkably similar with 37.1 and 37 different words respectively.  Vocabulary slipped in the 90's, with unique words per song  dipping to 31.6. There's been a slight increase since 2000.  The average has climbed to 33.