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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2015-12

Coachella expected to get GNR headline

A Guns N' Roses lineup that reunites Axl Rose with Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum is looking like a lock for a 2016 stadium tour that will also include a headline slot at the Coachilla festival.  Billboard and Consequence Of Sound have been digging behind the scenes and both seem confident that plans are firming up, although absolute confirmation isn't being offered, yet.  It may come during a visit Axl Rose will pay Jimmy Kimmel during the first week of January.  Rolling Stone says the New York Times has reported that the group is set for Coachilla appearances during both weekends of the California festival - April 15-17 and 22-24.  Billboard sites reports that the group is looking to command $3 million per date to do a stadium runion tour with premium tickets priced close to $300. Whether Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler are in the lineup is still unknown.



Brian May pays tribute to Lemmy

Among the many tributes offered by fellow musicians to Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead was one from Queen guitar legend Brian May.  May recalled the intensity of being on stage with him during a Queen concert about a decade ago and then passed along this remark; 'Words don't come easy, especially when you know Lemmy would have laughed at all of us to say dignified things about him being a hero.  Any time I attempted to say anything complimentary to Lemmy to his face, he would fix me with a kind of amused, contemptuous stare.  But a kind of a hero he certainly was.  Unique in just about every way imaginable.'  Lemmy died 12/28, just a couple of days after being diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer.

Motörhead's Lemmy dead

Just two days after being diagnosed with cancer, Motörhead froint man Lemmy Kilmister died on Monday (12/28).  A post form the band read, "There is no easy way to say this...our mighty, noble friend Lemmy passed away today after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer. He had learnt of the disease on December 26th, and was at home, sitting in front of his favorite video game from The Rainbow which had recently made it’s way down the street, with his family. We cannot begin to express our shock and sadness, there aren't the words.  We will say more in the coming days, but for now, please... play Motörhead loud, paly Hawkwind loud, play Lemmy's music LOUD.  Have a drink or a few. Share stories. Celebrate the LIFE this lovely, wonderful man celebrated so vibrantly himself.  HE WOULD WANT EXCACTLY THAT.  Born to lose, lived to win."

Confirmation of GNR reunion imminent?

An update to the Guns N' Roses web site has it sporting a prominent Appetite For Destruction garphic, fueling expectations that a reunion involving Axl Rose, Slash and other veteran members of the group will be confirmed in the near future.  With promoters eager to put summer festival tickets on sale earlier every year, springing the news in the winter becomes important even if the reunion itself isn't going to happen until the spring or summer.



Heartbreaker's only performance of 2015? (watch)

With the end of 2015 just days away, a lucky group of fans with tickets to a show billed as The Merry Music Minstrel Circus in LA probably got to witness the only public 2015 performance by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on Saturday night (12/19).  The setting was the Troubadour and the occasion a night that included sets featuring Jackson Browne, Dawes and Hearbreaker Mike Campbell's band the Dirty Knobs.  Fellow Traveling Wilburys band mate and ELO veteran Jeff Lynne sat in with Petty & company, as did Knobs drummer Mutt Laug.




Ian Gillan basts Hall for excluding Steve Morse, Ron Airey

The Rock Hall of Fame got this year's list of inductees mostly right by side stepping almost every out of genre act (N.W.A. was the exception), but two of the ones going in are problematic.  Steve Miller gets in, but the Steve Miller Band has included more than two dozen members over the years, so he's in essentially as a solo artist.  Deep Purple has been somewhat less of a revolving door, but has still seen plenty of turnover.  Lead singer Ian Gillan is voicing strong resentment about the Hall's decision to exclude a couple of members in particular, Steve Morse and Don Airey. Guitarist Morse has been a member of DP since 1994.  Airey became the keyboard player 14 years ago after Jon Lord retired.  While they have longevity, the Hall's decision to focus on the members when the band was writing, recording and performing the music that most earned them the consideration as inductees is understandable.  Getting honored on April 8 at the Barclays Center will be Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes and Rod Evans.



Reunion of Kinks brothers in London (watch)

It was just shy of 20 years ago that Ray and Dave Davies last shared a stage for a live performance.  The long delayed reunion of the Kinks pair came during a Dave Davies concert in London Friday (12/18).  Ray emerged from the wings near the end of the show and said to his brother, 'Your gift is wrapped under the Christmas Tree, but unfortunately you're banned from the house'.  With that, the pair ripped into a version of You Really Got Me.  Both seemed to enjoy the experience, and Dave made a point of letting followers know he had a good time performing with his brother again.

I had a great time tonight in Islington - it was fun to play with Ray again

Posted by Dave Davies on Friday, December 18, 2015


McCartney joins Springsteen on SNL (watch)

Bruce  Springsteen  &  The  E  Street  Band appeared on one of the funniest Saturday Night Live shows we've seen in a long time (also one of the only ones we've watched in ages). The E Street Band offered up Ties That Bind and one of the bonus tracks from The River expanded edition during their regular musical guest slot performances and were joined by Paul McCartney and the cast and crew for Santa Claus Is Coming To Town as the show's closer.









Margaritaville, the musical

For a laid back dude, Jimmy Buffet stays amazingly busy.  His latest ambition is to see his biggest song morph into a Broadway hit.  Given his legions of fans, A Margaritaville based musical production is destined to open big.  A team that includes Frank Marshall has been brought together to produce the stage show. Marshall and Buffett have been tight for some time. He slotted Jimmy into the last Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World, playing a barteneder at one of his Margaritaville Cafes. Jimmy also played live at a preview party for that movie. The storyline for the musical will be developed by Greg Garcia and Mike O'Malley.  Garcia wrote Raising Hope and My Name Is Earl. O'Malley got writing credit on Glee, and the pair collaborated on Yes, Dear.  Memphis and Xanadu Director Christopher Ashley will handle that role for the yet-to-be officially titled production. Buffett says the concept of a musical tied to the song has been 'percolating' quite a while and says now that a crew has been assembled, '...I am happy to sail with them to Margaritaville. I's going to be a fun voyage.'




Kinks brothers share stage

December 18 marked an at least temporary truce for Ray &  Dave Davies of the  Kinks.  The brothers reunited for a rendition of You Really Got  Me on t h e closing  night of a UK concert tour by Ray. While no ongoing collaboration was addresed by the pair, the thaw could indicate the often at odds brothers would consider it.

Toxic combo of drugs killed Weiland

Given the circumstances of his death and the fact that multiple drugs were reportedly found at the scenc make the autopsy results not at all a surprise, but it's still sad when someone with so much talent and potential is taken down by something he could not reign in.  Scott Weiland's December 3 death on his band's tour bus while he was apprarently asleep came after the singer had injested cocaine, alcohol and ecstacy, according to the County Medical Examiner of the County Bloomington, MN is in.  The 48 year-old former Stone Temple Pilots and Velevet Revolver front man had been on tour with his band the Wildabouts at the time of his death, which has been ruled accidental.

Rock Hall inducting most credible class in ages

Could it be that the Rock Hall Of Fame is finally realizing that inducting acts that have little or nothing to do with Rock has undermined its credibility without adding enough visitors to justify the strategy? We hope so. For the first time in years, the list of inductees isn't peppered with acts that make true fans go WTF?!  The solid ranks of deserving artists includes Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, The Steve Miller Band and Chicago. N.W.A. will also get in during the ceremony on April 8 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but them being included only warrants a w.t.f?

Rock Hall inducting most credible class in ages

Could it be that the Rock Hall Of Fame is finally realizing that inducting acts that have little or nothing to do with Rock has undermined its credibility without adding enough visitors to justify the strategy? We hope so. For the first time in years, the list of inductees isn't peppered with acts that make true fans go WTF?!  The solid ranks of deserving artists includes Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, The Steve Miller Band and Chicago. N.W.A. will also get in during the ceremony on April 8 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but them being included only warrants a w.t.f?

A Rock Brawl of Fame if Deep Purple gets in?

We will find out Thursday (12/17) whether Deep Purple finally gets to assume its rightful place in the Rock Hall Of Fame. But drummer Ian Paice says the institution might have a brawl on its hands at the induction if his band gets in.  Talking with Classic Rock, Paice pointed out that the group had lots of members move through its rank sand that there remain rivalries between some that could result in a 'punch-up' during the ceremony.  Speaking about his frequently contentious former band mates, Paice said, 'Well. who would they induct?  There have been so many members of this band, even if they say it will be core members, who would it be?',  He also echoes a sentiment we absolutely share... that the Hall has done itself and Rock a great disservice for inducting so many artists that have little or nothing to do with Rock, and that it should be embarrassed to have admitted so many that have never done anything for Rock before groups like his because doing so, '...undermines what it is supposed to represent'.



ELO plugs back in (watch)

Jeff Lynne brought his revamped Electric Light Orchestra to the Jimmy Kimmel show on ABC Monday night (11/23),  but the show's post of the performances did not become available until just this week... hey, this time of year we're all running a little late. The group did versions of Evil Woman, one of ELO's biggest mid 70's songs, and the track When I Was A Boy fom the recently released album Alone In The Universe.



Springsteen on Tonight Show

A couple of nights before returning as the Saturday Night Live musical guest for the first time in many years, Bruce Springsteen will be on NBC's Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  The Thursday (12/17) appearance comes as Bruce and his E Street Band ramp-up plans for two dozen dates performing The River album in its entirety.  The December 4 re-release of the expanded edition version of his 1980 double album includes unreleased tracks from an album that was being prepared for release between 1978's Darkeness On The Edge Of Town and the 1980 release that became Bruce and the band's first #1 album, as well as a legendary Darkness concert set filmed in Tempe, Arizona.



Steve Vai loses guitar at benefit performance

Having an instrument stolen is lousy under any circumstances, but it especially sucks if it happens while its owner is doing a benefit concert.  Steve Vai knows that first hand thanks to the scumbag that made off with his mirror model Ibenez while he was doing a benefit appearance at a benefit for Tony McAlpine at the Wiltern Theater in LA.  His custom axe nicknamed Bo disappeared from where it was stashed outside of the venue Saturday (12/12) during the concert featuring Vai and a number of other Rockers to raise money to help McAlpine offset treatment costs in the guitarist's fight against colon cancer.  The good news is that the guitar is unique enough that it will be almost impossible to fence without raising suspicion.  In addition to the mirror finish, it features blue LED fret board lighting and has a red laser embedded in the neck. Serial number of the missing guitar is F0006311.  C'mon Rock & Roll detectives, let's get this back in the hands of its rightful owner. Here's the pint of contact if you see or hear anything that could lead to its recovery:



Ritchie Blackmore revisits Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore has 3 firm dates with Rainbow scheduled for 2016, but more coule be in the offing.  Blackmore says that if the Monsters Of Rock date in Germany on June 17 and the two other shows go well, more dates will probably follow.  The revival of the Deep Purple spinoff will not mean the end of Blackmore's Night, the goth-folk project the guitarist started in 1997 with his future wife Candice Night.



Fenway Park hosting Grateful Dead Sox night

An InterLeague game between the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox will be Grateful Dead night at Fenway Park. Fans attending the The April 28th game at the historic ballpark will get a Sox/Grateful Dead t-shirt and will be in on a pre-game concert. Proceeds from the event will go to fund initiatives supported by the Rex Foundation, the Greateful Dead's charity.



Ride shotgun with the Red Rocker (preview)

One of Rock's most notorious car enthusiasts is at the wheel for a 6 episode series that features him dropping in on other musicians on a x-country road trip.  Sammy Hagar visits with former Van Halen band mate Michael Anthony, the Crue's Tommy Lee, Alice Cooper, Ann Wilson of Heart, Jeff Beck, Marin County neighbor Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and others on his Rock & Roll Road Trip, airing on AXIS TV starting January 24.  The Red Rockers says, 'There's so much cool, history making stuff that happens off stage that fans have never really had access to, but I do.  And that's where this show takes viewers.  I'm hookin' them up with a real backstage pass.'  The series premiers on January 24.




Pearl Jam putting 2016 tour together

Pearl Jam's manager has confirmed via Twitter that the group will be on the road in 2016.  Kelly Curtis and PJ's bass player Jeff Ament were on Twitter doing a Q&A with fans when Curtis tapped in with, "We will be announcing tour dates the first part of the year".  Asked whether the group has something special lined up to mark it's 25th anniversary he added, "Yes, can't say anything yet."



Storm disrupts AC/DC NZ concert

AC/DC abandonned the Stage Saturday night (12/12) mid performance during their concert at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, NZ when sound problems reached a point the group could not tolerate.  That left close to 30,000 fans standing and sitting around in the rain and wind form more than a half hour while the tech issue got sorted out.  With the sporadic booing gaining in participation and volume, the group returned to the stage and delivered what by most accounts was a solid enough performance to earn forgiveness.  The night was even rougher for a few fans traveling home from the concert by boat.  Stormy conditions resulted in the captain of the yacht getting hit in the head with the ship's boom, knocking him overboard.  His passengers managed to rescue him before putting in a call to the marine police in the area who dispatched an experienced sailor to take the helm while the other tended to the captain's injuries.



Battered remnants of Pete Townshend guitar sell for $84,000

The remaining pieces of last in a series of Rickenbacker guitars that met their end at the hands and sometimes feet of Pete Townshend during Who concerts was sold Thursday (12/10) at a London auction for $84,000.  There are no authenticated pieces of the 6 guitars Townshend destroyed in the 1960's.  He swore off destroying any for decades but trashed one during a 1989 concert. The pieces of that axe were gathered by his guitar tech who later assembled them into a piece of art.  That and an autographed model of an intact guitar like it were sold together.



Steve Perry working on new album

Steve Perry hasn't done a solo album since 1994 and, until last year, hadn't performed live in 18 years. One of those things is certain to change  in 2016 and the other might, too.  The former voice of Journey has been working on a new album for much of the past year.  Speaking with KSWD in Los Angeles, Perry he is looking forward to wrapping the project up and getting it out. Perry performed with The Eels at a trio of concerts in 2014, his return to the stage triggering speculation that he might be open to an invitation to rejoin the group he split with in 1998.  While Journey hasn't ruled that possibility in or out, nothing concrete has developed.





Janis Joplin's psychedelic ride sells for $1.76 million

The psychedelically painted 1964 Porsche owned and regularly driven by Janis Joplin blew the doors off all estimates before the Sotheby's gavel fell on it's Thursdday (12/10) auction of the iconic auto.  The car had been predicted to bring between $400 and $600 thousand dollars.  The amount paid is especially remarkable because the paint job now wrapping the car is not the original one.  That had begun flaking away during the years her brother and sister shared ownership of the car.  They had it repainted a light shade of gray but later arranged with artists using photos of the original custom paint job to recreate it.  The sole remaining strokes by the original artist can be found on the underside of the car's gas hatch.  The Porsche had been housed in the Rock Hall Of Fame for much of the last 20 years.  Her siblings plan to use money they receive from the sale to fund social programs in their sister's name.  We don't know who the high bidder was, but they will be easy to spot if they plan to drive it.



John Mellencamp prefers fading away

In a Q&A in Vanity Fair's Proust Questionaire, John Mellencamp reveals a preference to have his life end with a '...long and lingering death' so he has time for parting conversation.  Of course the notoriously sullen and sarcastic Rocker also answered the question about his most marked characteristic with, 'My pleasing, positive, upbeat personality' and the one about what he most disliked about his appearance by sniping 'My appearance'. Responding to one inquiring about a talent he wished he had by confessing he wished he was a better people person and quickly qualified the remark by adding, '...but I know I have not been put on this earth to have small talk at tea parties.'



Robert Plant lends voice to refugee plight

Robert Plant has recorded a song with a musician whose father was executed during political strife in Mali in the early 1960's. The former Led Zeppelin front man joins Ag Alhabib, who became a refugee as a young boy following his father's murder, on a song by the group Elbow titled The Blanket Of The Night.  Proceeds from sale of the album it appears on will go to the British Red Cross.  Speaking about the project and the reason he undertook it, Plant said, 'We have a worldwide international catastrophe. Talking about it is one thing, doing something about it is another.  The position we are in, it's paramount we all do our best one way or another to help.'  The song appears on a benefit album titled The Long Road that will get released March 4.



2016 Springsteen solo album and tour in the works

2016 is shaping up to be a very busy year for Bruce Springsteen.  In addition to the 24 date tour he and the E Street Band will mount marking the anniversary of The River album (story), Bruce will be working on a solo album and developing solo tour plans to follow its release.  Speaking with E Street Radio, The Boss said the first tour will feature a stripped down E Street Band with just its core members instead of the one supplemented with so many extra musicians and background vocalists he ran with during the last tour.  He also let slip that the decision to mount a tour featuring tracks from the 1980 double album morphed from an initial plan to just do one or two concerts around the date of the expanded edition reissue of The River.



Neil Peart calls it quits, Geddy hedges

Saying, 'There comes a time to... take yourself out of the game', Rush drummer Neil Peart has apparently called his own number and done just that. While he hasn't ruled out an occasional performance, this decision adds a degree of certainty that Rush is done as a band.  Providing the driving beat for one of the great power trios of all time led to chronic tendonitis for Peart. Speaking with Drumhaed Magazine, Peart invoked a lyric line from the Rush song Losing It in explaining his decision to retire; 'Sadder still to watch it die, than to never have known it.'  Geddy Lee quickly weighed in, saying he believes his drummer only meant that he no longer wanted to commit to full-scale tours.  Classic Rock Magazine



NFL owner goes deep on Beatles auction

In a dollars a cents sense, we now have a pretty good idea of who the biggest Beatles fan in America is.  Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is reportedly said by Rollling Stone to be the high bidder for the drum kit Ringo Starr played in more than 200 performances and a Rickenbacker guitar that John Lennon gave Ringo.  Irsay, who already dropped over $2 million to buy the logoed head from the bass drum Starr played when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, paid about the same amount for the full kit.  Yeah, Yeah Yeah... it IS a little like paying as much for a hub cap as the whole car cost, but Irsay probably feels no buyer's remorse.  The NFL owner has now acquired an historically significant personal piece from all four members of the band - and he probably has enough left to commission automatrons of all four and stage a Beatles half time set during a Colts game.  

Another high flying bid the weekend Julien's Auction brought out was a $790,000 one for Rongo's personal copy of the band's double album of 1968.  It was the very first pressing of The White Album, as it came to be known.  It's former owner had a pretty good idea of its value. Starr kept it stashed away in a bank vault for decades and says the pristine album still has his fingerprints on it. All told, the auction raked in more than $9 million dollars, some of which will go to the charitable fund Starr and his wife Barbara Bach established.


U2 defiant and reverent in Paris return

U2 had been scheduled for two performances in Paris last month.  Those concerts were both cancelled (story) in the immediate aftermath of the terror attacks that took the lives of 130 people on November 13.  Not long after, the band vowed that it would return to the City Of Lights and make those two dates up.  Few imagined it woul happen so quickly, but it did.  At the first of those concerts on Sunday (12/6), a defiant Bono proclaimed from the stage, 'Vive La France! Tonight we are all Parisians' and then repeated the second part of his message in French. Following the performance, names of those killed in the attacks were projected in the nation's colors on the large screen. Reports that the Irish group would be joined on stage by members of the Eagles Of Death Metal, the group that was playing at the venue where the greatest number of victims of the attack were killed and injured, proved false the first night, but the band did take the stage with them during the second concert.  Reuters



Geddy Lee weighing solo project

With Rush in a state of suspension, Geddy just might record a solo project.  Lee let that nugget drop while reflecting on his previous solo release, 2000's My Favorite Headache.  Lee says he took on that project as a means of coping with the death of drummer Neil Peart's daughter in a car accident in 1997.  That, and the subsequent death of the drummer's wife less than a year later, led to the last time Rush was put on hold for an extended period.  Lee called the period 'horrible'.  He'd been planning on doing some studio sessions with Ben Mink just prior to the double tragedies and decided that getting together with him could prove to be just what he needed because the '...was going crazy and needed something to focus on.'  Given the current hiatus of Rush, Lee was asked whether a second solo project is something he might consider.  His reply... 'Yes, I would - definitely.'



Scott Weiland's last interview (watch)

Just two days before being found dead in a band tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota Scott Weiland sat for an interview before taking the stage with his group at Adelaide Hall in Toronto. Live In Limbo posted interview footage.  When these are conducted, the stock questions that are posed to an artist often are rephrased into a more conversational context.



Weiland's death followed by arrest of band member

Scott Weiland's death on his band's tour bus Thursday (story) has been followed by the arrest of the Wildabouts bass player on a drug charge.   Police found a small quantity of cocaine in the bedroom of Weiland.  Authorities acting with a search warrant also allegedly discovered cocaine in the quarters occupied by bass player Tommy Black and arrested him on a charge of possession of a controlled subsatance. The band's guitarist, Jeremy Brown, died in March as a result of what the LA Medical Examiner & Coronor's office concluded was 'multiple drug intoxication'.

Vintage Floyd recordings emerge

Material the earliest lineup of Pink Floyd recorded in 1965 and '65 has been released on an Ep titled 1965 - Their First Recordings.  Four of the tracks were written by Syd Barrett, one by Roger Waters that features Richard Wright's first wife on background vocals and the young group's cover of I'm A King by Blues man Slim Harpo.  The guitarist on the earliest recordings is Bob Klose.  The group issued this statement about the release: 'To mark 50 years since the tracks were recorded, Phik Floyd have released a limited edition set of two seven-inch singles containing the band's first recordings.'



E Street Band hits the road in 2016

Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band have firmed-up 24 dates for early next year.  The Boss and band will launch the tour January 16 at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh and wrap things up with a pair of nights at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena March 15 & 17. All shows start at 7:30 to allow for the usual epic performances the band turns in.  And fans will be able to obtain copies of each concert throughout the tour.


01/16 Pittsburgh

01/19 Chicago

01/24 New York City

01/27 New York City

01/29 Washington, DC

01/31 Newark

02/02 Toronto

​02/04 Boston

​02/08 Albany

​02/10 Hartford

​02/12 Philadelphia

​02/16 Sunrise, FL

​02/18 Atlanta

​02/21 Louisville

​02/23 Cleveland

​02/25 Buffalo

​02/27 Rochester

​02/29 St. Paul

​03/03 Milwaukee

​03/06 St. Louis

​03/10 Phoenix

​03/13 Oakland

​03/15 Los Angeles

​03/17 Los Angeles



STP-Velvet Revolver's Scott Weiland dead at 48

The inevitibly early demise of Scott Weiland came quietly.  The troubled former front man for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver died, apparently in his sleep, on his tour bus in Bloomington, Minnesota Thursday (12/3).  Weiland and his latest band the Wildabouts were in the city for a date that night.  The bus Weiland was sleeping aboard was parked outside of a motel near the venue when the singer was found dead.  The 48 year old Weiland's career was repeatedly derailed due to his history of substance abuse.  While no cause of death was announced, it would be surprising to learn it did not involve drugs or be the result of something caused by his long use of them.

Jimmy Page takes the high road reacting to Keith Richards remarks


Keith Richards calling Led Zeppelin 'hollow' in an October interview (story) has not provoked any retaliatory remarks about him or the Rolling Stones from Zeppelin's guitarist.  Asked about that comment and other negative remarks about Zeppelin that the Stones guitarist made during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Page replied, 'I think he's done some amazing work. I respect his playing', and then added, 'I'm not sure what he means by calling Led Zeppelin hollow.  I think he's got his tongue in his cheek.  What we did was really cool'.  Not according to Keith, if he's being honest.  Richards also contends that Robert Plant did not find his vocal chops until he started working with Alison Krauss.



Doobie Brothers add Little Feat veteran for tour

The Doobie Brothers have enlisted one of the most talented keyboard players in Rock to be a touring member of the band when they embark on a tour with Journey. Little Feat veteran Bill Payne rejoins a group he's done both studio and road work with in the past and a band that clearly values what he brings to the Doobie Brothers.  Tom Johnston of the band counts himself as one of Payne's biggest fans, calling him '...a phenomenal, on-of-a-kind keyboard player', who ' a huge plus both for the live show and for writing future studio projects.'  The tour launches at the Irvine, CA Amphitheatre May 12 and treks east before a western swing that will warp up in southern California at the end of August.



Vinny Appiece lobbies for 3 Sabbath drummers

Vinny Appice wants Bill Ward drummer back with Black Sabbath for its final go round, but he wants in, too, AND to have Tommy Clufetos, the stick man that has most reccently toured with Sabbath, to be in the lineup.   The triple drum proposal will probably fall on deaf ears because a dispute pver pay even when there was only one drummer seems to have led to Bill Ward's exile from the group, but Appice might lobby Tony Iommi on the idea.  Appice played drums during the Ronnie James Dio era.  talking with Mitch Lafon's One On One, Appice speculated that the group plans just to use Clufetos, but says he's ready anytime they call, saying, 'I would love to play with them', and adding, I think what they should do is have everybody play.  Bill comes out and plays, then I play a couple of songs, then Tommy as a special guest. It would be cool.'

We agree, but lotsa luck selling Ozzy on that idea.



REO-STYX charity sends dollars to help Paris victims

REO Speedwagon and Styx regularly step-up to support organizations doing good things with benefit performances or donations. The two Mid West Classic Rock Bands formed a foundation that identifies and funds causes the groups want to support.  The Rock To The Rescue Foundation has passed along a $25,000 donation along to a new branch of Sweet Stuff, the charitable foundation Josh Homme runs, that will be devoted to help victims and family members of those targeted in the November 13 attack on Paris.  Homme's band was performing at the club where most of the senseless carnage perpetrated by terrorists took place. WENN



Slash joins USC Band on Anthem (watch)

The USC Marching Band was joined by another dude in a big hat before Saturday's game (11/28) against UCLA.  Slash, in his signature top hat, joined the band on field to play the National Anthem.




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