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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2014-11

Aerosmith drummer opening coffee shop

The coffee enterprise Aerosmith drummer launched a last year has been a big success. More than 2,000 stores carry the brand and sales have perked-up to the tune of $2 million. Kramer will open the Rockin' & Roastin' brand's first brick and mortar location just outside of Boston in the spring.  The Rockin' & Roastin' Café will be where Routes 1 and 1A intersect in North Attleborough.  It won't be easy to spot.  The coffee's dragon logo will have illuminating eyes and a Kramer drum kit will be prominently displayed and visible to passing cars.  The Aerosmith theme comes through in more ways.  Vehicles will be directed to a drive-through window with a 'Drive This Way' sign and patrons can munch on the Janie's Got A Bun.



Malcolm Young's condition evident during last tour

Angus Young has revealed that AC/DC members knew his brother was losing his grip on reality during the band's Black Ice tour.  He says sheer determination kept Malcolm going during the 2008-2010 period.  Brian Johnson said there were dates on the tour '...he'd be Malcolm again. And, at other times, his mind was going', making it difficult for band members to gage how aware he was of what was going on around him.  Johnson credits Malcolm for making it through, calling Malcolm 'brilliant' for managing to take the stage every night, including those times he seemed out of it.  The front man said, 'God knows what went through his mind in some nights when he wasn't that well.'



Black Crowe brews Brotherhood Steam

Black Crowes and Chris Robinson Brotherhood front man has joined forces with Anchor Steam brewer to concoct a new brew bearing the Brotherhood name.  Gold, black and red Brotherhood Steam cans will sport the brew's name in the trippy letters Robinson has favored for album and poster artwork for both of his bands. How's the taste of the contents? Good, if you like the idea of a beer described as having '...aromatic hints of citrus,and mint, a smooth, full bodied malt flavor with a lingering, fresh hop finish'.  The limited edition beer will be available on a select market and stores basis and at Chris Robinson Brotherhood concerts.

Bob Dylan fan gets a private concerrt

Bob Dylan played to an empty house by design Sunday (11/23) when he and his band took the stage at the Academy Of Music in Philadelphia to play a set for an audience of one.  The sole member of the audience was 41 year-old Swede Fredrik Wikingsson.  The concert was arranged and presumably paid for by the makers of a Swedish film series that makes movies of individual people attending events that would usually take place in front of larger audiences.  Wikingsson's reaction...'I was smiling so much it was like I was on ecstacy.  My jaw hurt for hours afterwards because I couldn't stop smiling.' Jam.Canoe.Ca



Phil Rudd makes bizarre court appearance

An arrest warrant was issued by a New Zealand magistrate Tuesday (11/25) when AC/DC's Phil Rudd failed to arrive in his court at the appointed time for a hearing on the pending drug and threats charges authorities have filed against him (story).  The warrant was canceled when the drummer arrived a few minutes late.  After drumming his fingers on the desk and winking at the media during the proceedings. Rudd hopped up and latched onto the back of his security guard to be whisked to his waiting sports car.  Rudd's release on bail was extended until December 2.



Robert Plant talks Zep reunion resistance (listen)

Led Zeppelin reunion hopes remain high with some fans, but it has become increasingly apparent how unlikely it is that one will ever come about.  Resistance to the idea always traces back to Robert Plant.  The vocalist has been up-front about the fact he's the hold-out.  Speaking with the hosts of Sound Opinions on NPR's WBEZ recently, Plant explained what's at the root of his reluctance to take the stage with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones to perform Zeppelin classics.  He says it relates to a vow he made to never compromise musically; 'I cut the cloth according to my needs', said Plant, who calls his current musical project, ' of the most surprising, exciting and stimulating and also mostly heartfelt periods of my time as a singer.'  Hear the rest of what Plant had to say here.



Joplin biopic coming from Dallas Boyer's Club director

If the powerful, unvarnished story he was capable of presenting when he directed Dallas Buyer's Club is any indication, fans could be in for a compelling account of the life of Janis Joplin when Jean-Marc Vallée brings Get It While You Can to theaters.  The film will reportedly have Amy Adams in the lead role.  Adams has another movie to finish before her work with Vallée will begin, so it is likely to be late in 2016 before the Joplin film is ready for screening.



Eddie Vedder releases solo live material from benefit

A solo set Eddie vedder performed in front of about 100 fans at the Microsoft HQ near Seattle is being offered to fans in exchange for a suggested donation to the EB Research Partnership, an organization that treats and hopes to cure Epidermlysis Bullosa, a painful and potentially deadly blistering disorder that attacks young children.  The 20 song set included a smattering of interesting originals, including Neil Young's The Needle & The Damage Done and Rockin' In The Free World, Dylan's Girl From The North Country, Imagine from John Lennon, Trouble, a Cat Stevens song and Take It With Me, a Tom Waits tune.



Bob Marley branded weed (video)

With a growing number of states decriminalizing marijuana, the estate of the musician universally associated with hemp is positioning itself to take advantage of the expanding recreational pot market.  Marley Natural, a 'consumer cannabis brand' of paraphanalia and lotions containing cannabis and other Jamaican 'botanicals' is poised to launch in 2015.  In a video promoting the upcoming line of Marley branded products Marley's widow, Rita, says, "You don't say 'herb' without 'Bob Marley', and his daughter chimes in by saying, 'Daddy was very mindful of the plant's connection to the Earth, and to the positive benefits that came from something so pure.'



Metallica Lights-out on The Late Show (video)

With U2 knocked out of NBC's Jimmy Fallon lineup due to Bono's bike accident injuries (story), Craig Ferguson's Late Show has network television's sole rock band residency this week with Metallica.  Here is the band tearing through Hit The Lights.



Bono's bike accident did serious damage

Injuries caused by the bicycle crash Bono had in Central Park Sunday were not limited to his arm.  Doctors at the Cornell Medical Center in Manhattan spent five hours operating on the U2 front man.  The bulk of the work invovled the arm, which required three metal plates and 18 screws to repair,  but the singer also suffered a fracture of the skull surrounding one eye.  Truama surgeon Dean Lorich of the hospital told Rolling Stone that recovery from the arm fracture and the nerve damaged when it became trapped as a result of that break will require, 'intensive and progressive therapy.'


The accident forced U2 to postpone its scheduled residency on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. As predicted (story), Fallon wasn't about to go about his Monday show without delivering a send-up to Bono.



Springsteen making concert recordings available

Authorized bootlegs of a number of Bruce Springsteen concerts are available through an online store.  The launch features 30+ recent concerts and includes a complete live rendition of the Born To Run album performed in New Zealand.  While some of the recordings have been previously available, the new site expands the format option to include CDs.  Fans eager to get high quality recordings of earlier tours will have to wait.  Brad Serling, the guy that manages the release of the recordings, says, '...what I've found with any actively touring artist, big or small, is that recent always trumps older in the artist's mind.  There's an afterglow of big moments in the near-rear-view mirror that are more meaningful to them than the glories of the distant past.'  He promises there will eventually be shows from as far back as 1973 added to the mix.  Could the hard-core fan favorite Union College Chapel (Schenectady, NY) concert make it? 'Nothing's off the table', according to Serling - and that includes fan recordings.



Who book Hyde Park concert

The Who will play Hyde Park in London on a Friday in early summer.  The June 26th appearance will make the group's 4th time performing in the London park.  The day-long session of music will also include performances by Paul Weller, the Kaiser Chiefs and Johnny Marr.



Bono suffers spill while cycling

Just a couple of days after a close call at 8,000 feet in Germany, Bono crashed to earth while cycling in New York City Sunday (11/16), forcing U2 to postpone a week long residency on the Tonight Show. The U2 front man will reportedly undergo surgery... and be subject to a good ribbing from Fallon.

Joe Walsh guests with Foo Fighters (video)

The Foo Fighters have been doing club concerts to showcase music on their new release, Sonic Highways.  The group's Friday (11/14) show at the Roxy in LA included Joe Walsh joining them on stage for the live premier of the song Outside.



Neil Young kicks his Starbucks habit

Neil Young doesn't strike us as the kind of guy that would go to Starbucks for his coffee anyway, but he won't cross the threshold of another for sure if the coffee giant supports a lawsuit seeking to block a Vermont law that will require foods with genetically modified organisms include that on the labeling. In a 'GOODBYE STARBUCKS!!!' letter on Young's web site, Neil said he'd lined up for his last latte because he thinks the firm is involved in the suit and it sends the signal that, 'Starbucks doesn't think you have the right to know what's in your coffee.'  Young says aligning with Monsanto in 'Hiding behind the shadowy Grocery Manufacturers Association' in its attempt to block the labeling requirement means the coffee company is backing the wrong side, a decision he calls especially disappointing and objectionable in light of its history of being pro-actively supportive of consumer and labor issues.

Starbucks has fired back that Young has it all wrong - claiming the firm is not a participant in the suit and has no objections to the producers of products containing genetically modified organisms being required to include that info on package labels.



Rudd's status in AC/DC in question

The other members of AC/DC say they have neither made or gotten contact with their drummer since authorities implicated Phil Rudd in drug murder-for-hire charges.   Rudd, who recently released a solo album, was portrayed as difficult to get to the studio while AC/DC was working on their new album, ironically titled Rock Or Bust.  Speaking during a promotional appearance in New York for the pending album, Angus Young said, ' was hard to even get him to do the recording. And then he was supposed to show up to do promos with us, to do video shoots and a few other things, and he never showed up for that either.'  While the charge Rudd had sought to set up a contract killing has been dropped, he still could get up to a 7 year sentence if convicted on the pending charges and threatening to kill someone.  As for where he stands with the group, Young says, ' this stage, it's a pretty tough call for us.'



Will 2015 bring a new dawn of The Dead?

The announcement that Furthur, the band that reunited Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, was disbanding included a tidbit that fans of their original band are taking as an indication The Dead could rise again.  "We'll all be keeping very busy over the foreseeable future" were the words used.  Other considerations pieced together that could lend credence to the idea of a 50th anniversary for one of San Francisco's seminal bands: 2015 also marks the 20th anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death.  Bob Weir, who recently re-emerged following a long stretch staying off the radar, canceled his tour with Ratdog.  The guitarist also used words in a Rolling Stone interview early this year that some interpreted as an indication that the Dead could reconvene when he said, 'If there are hatchets to be buried, then let's get to work'.  An entry in the group's almanac on referencing the approaching milestone reads, "We do not yet know the exact form the commemoration of this auspicious anniversary will take, but this remarkable journey is something worth celebrating, and celebrate we will."  Whether that is just to exhort fans to mark the occasion themselves or means something more is in the works remains to be seen.



                                                                                           MORE GRATEFUL DEAD INSIGHTS

Stones win settlement in insurance claim

The Rolling Stones will receive an undisclosed amount of money from the firm that insured the group's Australian and New Zealand tour dates that got cancelled following the death of Mick Jagger's lover, L'Wren Scott.  The band had to provide a basis for the claim and is  steamed by the fact personal information provided by the insurance company was made public. In the filing, it was revealed that Mick Jagger had been diagnosed as suffering from acute traumatic stress in the aftermath of Scott's suicide (story).  A spokesperson for the lead singer said, "We are deeply upset that confidential medical and other private information about the group and their immediate family and loved ones has entered the public domain as a result of a US court filing initiated by the insurers four weeks ago.  This was done without the knowledge of the band or reference to their legal representatives."



Did Yoko secretly buy Lennon's childhood home?

A 2013 auction held at the Cavern Club saw an 'anonymous American Beatles fan' pay more than $750,000 for a Liverpool home valued at less than 1/3 that amount.  A report now says it is widely known that Yoko Ono was behind that bid.  The small home that occupies 9 Newcastle Rd. in the Wavertree section of Liverpool was the house John Lennon first lived in. Just around the corner from Penny Lane, the small house is undergoing restoration, supposedly by the same crew that Ono had refurbish another Lennon home that Ono donated to the National Trust.  At least one tourism source in Liverpool expects the Newcastle Rd. house will also be restored to how it would have looked inside when John was young so it, too, can be eventually be open for public viewing.



Fogerty stands-up for Springsteen & Grohl

John Fogerty, a veteran himself, took to Facebook to defend Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl for playing his song Fortunate Son during the Concert for Valor on the DC Mall on Veteran's Day.  Reaction to the decision to play the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic at an event honoring past and present members of the military has been sharp, with many condemning the choice.  Fogerty disagrees, saying the song was written to honor those who fought during the Vietnam War and were '...shamefully ignored and mistreated' by the administration that sent them there on their return from Southeast Asia. Fogerty added, 'As a man who was drafted and served his country during those times, I have  ultimate respect for the men and women that protect us today and demand that they receive the respect that they deserve.'  Fogerty also posted a photo of him with Springsteen when the pair played together at an earlier concert.




A close call for Bono

Bono nearly got added to the list of musicians that lost their lives in aviation crashes.  A private jet carrying the U2 front man and some friends from Dublin to Berlin Tuesday (11/11) blew a hatch while approaching landing.  The plane was reportedly at about 8,000 feet when the 32x40" hatch blew out.  The relatively low altitude of the jet limited the problem to some lost luggage.  It was not Bono's first encounter with high altitude drama.  The singer was once drew fire while flying with Jimmy Buffett when Jamaican authorities mistook Buffett's plane for a smuggler's.  U2 members are in Germany for the Bambi awards ceremony Thursday (11/14).



Springsteen, Grohl trigger controversy at Veteran's Day DC concert

Is a salute to veterans the right place to perform a song recognized as an anti-war song?  That's a question a lot of people were asking after Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl and Zac Brown played John Fogerty's Fortunate Son during the Concert for Valor on the Mall in the nation's capitol on Veteran's Day.  A portion of the 12,000 members of the military attending the event as well as non-military attendees and viewers took exception to it while others thought it struck the right chord. The comments posted below a YouTube video of the portion of the song that riled-up a lot of people is telling of how controversial the decision to do the Creedence classic proved to be.



Tull's Ian Anderson wants fans to back-off

Ian Anderson is asking fans to respect his privacy when he's not on stage. Taking to his Facebook page, the Jethro Tull singer and flute player says fans that pursue him after shows '...frighten my wife and put me under pressure to react to potential violence.'  Anderson concedes that those who follow him after concerts or show up at hotels he stays in while touring are likely just seeking autographs but emplores them to consider what it would be like if they had people following them while on their way home after work, writing, ' would get worried and understandably probably lock your car doors and call the cops.' He closed with 'PLEASE DON'T DO THIS.'



Stones battle for insurance $

Mick Jagger has always seen to it that the Rolling Stones make sound business decisions so it's no surprise to learn that the group takes out a bing insurance policy when it goes on tour.  That policy is being put to the test over a claim the band is seeking due to revenue the group lost when Australian and New Zealand concerts were cancelled after their lead singer learned his lover had hung herself.  The band has submitted a diagnosis Jagger received as a legitimate medical reason the tour dates had to be scrubbed in the wake of L'Wren Scott's suicide.  A doctor pronounced that Jagger was suffering from acute traumatic stress as a result of the death of Scott.  The condition can be a  precurser to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Symptoms can trigger nightmares and emotional numbness or turmoil associated with feelings of guilt.  The group is reportedly seeking about $12.5 million from the nearly $27 million dollar policy.



Floyd goes distance for new video (watch)

Pink Floyd was notorious for  going to great lengths to get album covers and stage productions just right and while the group is no longer together and will probably never be again, they cut no corners to make sure the first video for the last album measured up to those same tough standards. Most of the footage was captured in the extremely remote and rugged areas between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan by Po Powell, who said the trip to the location took nearly 20 hours.  The weather was demanding as well, subjecting Powell to high winds, frigid temps and bouts of snow.  Talking with Rolling Stone  about the challenge, Powell said, '...the sun  shoone for a few hours each day, and we filmed as though our lives depended on it.'



Hagar talking VH reunion

Sammy Hagar sees the Van Halen original lineup together down the road. Speaking with VH1's Dave Basner, the Red Rocker said he'd happily stay on the sidelines if  Michael Anthony gott invited back into Van Halen.  Hagar was supposedly ousted from the group for having remained tight with Hagar after Sammy got the boot from VH.  Any move to bring Anthony back to the group cold stir-up an awkward family dynamic for Eddie Van Halen.  Anthony was replaced on bass by the guitarist's son, Wolfgang.

Book deal for Dead drummer

Bill Kreutzmann has a book deal and a book titled Deal.  The former Grateful Dead drummer will tell his story about playing behind Jerry Garcie, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and the many musicians that played keyboards duriing his decades with the Dead in a book to be published in May.

$793 million offer for Zep reunion rejected?

UK tabloid The Mirror reported that Virgin Air mogul Richard Branson offered $793 million for Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones to commit to a 3 city, 35 concert Led Zeppelin reunion tour.  The paper contended that Page and Jones were both for it but Robert Plant tore-up the copy he was given.  Plant's one word response to the story? 'Rubbish'.  A categorical denial was given to Forbes Wednesday (11/12 by a Virgin spokesman who said, 'There is no truth to the story that Richard Branson offered members of Led Zeppelin £500m to reforma and carry out a tour, nor had Richard been in discussion with the band about any such tour.'



Boss time at a premium

Bruce Springsteen's commitment to veteran causes has been steadfast. The veterans benefit event that gets the biggest boost from The Boss is Stand Up For Heroes, presented annually in the fall in New York City. The 2014 edition bagged the biggest trove of donated items ever from Bruce. The most valuable item? Hang time.  A bidder putting up $300,000 earned a day with Springsteen including a lasagna dinner at Springsteen's home, a private guitar lesson and a ride in the sidecar of Bruce's motorcycle.  Springsteen also donated a couple of guitars to the cause, pushing the total total the programs serving vets will gain past the half million mark.

Tyler won't read Joe Perry book

Steven Tyler says he will not read band mate Joe Perry's candid book bout life in the band  because he '...has to go on stage with him  next year'.  The clear implication is that Tyler thinks he will take exception to his guitarist's accounts of the lead singer's conduct - or at least his candor about Tyler's behavior over the years.  Asked whether he would read the Perry book once the tour is over, Tyler quipped, 'I might', and then added, 'He hasn't read mine either.'  Perry disagrees.  The guitarist told  Rolling Stone that he read Does The Noise In My Head Bother You, Tyler's 2011 autobiography.  He called the accounts in Tyler's book 'Definitely Steven's truth'.  As for Perry's book, Rocks: My life In And Out Of Aerosmith, Joe says, 'I just hope Steven accepts the things I say about how I felt and how I saw things happen.  I don't put words in other people's mouths or talk about conversations that I wasn't there for.'

Phil Rudd clear on murder for hire charge

AC/DC's Phil Rudd still has legal difficulties to resolve, but the most serious charge against the drummer has appaently been dropped.  The decision to withdraw the murder-for-hire allegation against Rudd was made by the Crown solicitor after meeting with Rudd's lawyer.  The attorney later said the police had lodged the charge before consulting with the solicitor, who felt there was insufficient evidence to suppport  the charge.  Rudd still faces charges for possession of marijuana, methamphetamine and issuing a death threat.

Man armed with golf club arrested on U2 drummer's property

An initial charge of trespassing has been filed against a man apprehended on U2 drummer Larry Mullen's property on October 19. Police believe Gerard O'Neil was at Mullen's Dublin home with the intention to menace him, noting in their report that the suspect went onto the property in a manner that, '...was likely to cause fear in another person.'

Fillmore East finally gets historic marker

It took decades, but the site of the landmark theater that hosted concerts by virtually every iconic Rocker of the mid 60's and early 70's received an historical marker this week. The Greenwich Village Historic Presercation Society unveiled the marker as a member of Patti Smith's band played the Grateful Dead's Uncle John's Band. In attendance was Joshua White, designer of the Joshua Light Show that added swirling, pulsating lights and images to hundred of performances at the theater during its run of concerts.

AC/DC drummer involved in murder for hire investigation

New Zealand authorities are expected to press charges against AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd in a case that involves a murder for hire plot as well as several kinds of illegal drugs. The investigation could account for why Rudd was missing from a publicity photo issued when the group announced plans to mount a 2015 tour. Expect more on this breaking story soon.

Jaclk Bruce service filled with song

Eriic Clapton, Ginger Baker and other musicians offered a musical send-off to Jack Bruce Wednesday (11/5) during a ceremony at the Golders Green Crematorium in North London. Bruce's former Cream band mates were joined by  Roxy Music veteran Phil Manzanara and Procol Harum veteran Gary Brooker in a ceremony that included renditions of Strawberry Fields Forever, Morning Has Broken, Theme From An Imaginary Western as songs more closely associated with the former Cream bass player, who was also eulogized by several of his childrren during the gathering.  Bruce passed away sevreal days ago after a battle against liver disease.

U2, Further Quick Takes

U2 will be Jimmy Fallon's musical guests the week of Nov. 17 on The Tonight Show. Furthur reaches Dead end. The demise of the Further web site indicates the ongoing collaboration of Phil Lesh and Bob Weir has reached an end, at least for now.

Letterman lands Jimmy Page



Jimmy Page has a busy day in the Big Apple this week. On Thursday (11/6), the Led Zeppelin veteran will make a book signing appearance, conduct a Q&A session for a sold-out gathering of Zep fans and appear as a feature guest on the David Letterman Show. Knowing Dave, it's unlikely the host will fail to ask the guitarist whether the remaining three members of the legendary band will reunite for a concert unless Page or his handlers agreed to the appearance only if that question was not asked.

Dylan releasing Sinatra covers album



Even if nothing Bob Dylan does should seem surprising at this stage in his career, this one caught us off guard.  An insert in Dylan's newest Basement Tapes reslease issued this week publicizes an upcoming release from Bob that will feature cover versions of songs also done by Frank Sinatra.  Versions of Stay With Me, a Carolyn Leigh- Jerome Moross composition Sinatra recorded for the mid 60's film The Cardinal, recently surfaced as Dylan's go-to song for closing concerts.



Ward's status with Sabbath tba




Ozzy Osbourne says whether drummer Bill Ward participates in a final Black Sabbath album and tour is up to his wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne.  Ward opted out of the group's 2012 reunion tour in a dispute over the money he would earn relative to the amount Ozzy would take in. Asked by Billboard about the prospect of Ward drumming with Sabbath on the group's final tour and recording, Ozzy said, 'I would absolutely love that;we all would', but quickly added, 'But I don't deal with the dough and the business side. That's my wife's job.'


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