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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2013-10

AC/DC almost ousted Bon Scott




Mark Evans, who parted company with AC/DC in 1977, says that his first year in the band was almost Bon Scott's last. In The Youngs; The Brothers Who Built AC/DC, a book about the band getting published Saturday (11/1), author Jesse Fink says Evans told him that a 1975 'dabble' with heroin came close to costing Scott his role in the group.  Evans claims the Young brothers even had a new lead vocalist in mind, but apparently does not ID who that was, adding, "There wasn't a lot said at the time It was: 'There may well be a change coming soon' ".  Speaking with The Australian in advance of the book's publication, Fink said the incident made it pretty clear '...Scott was seen as dispensable as anyone else in the band who wasn't a Young brother.'


Stones veterans honor Bluesman

Current and former guitarists for the Rolling Stones will share the stage of Royal Albert Hall Saturday (11/1) in a musical tribute to the late Blues master Jimmy Reed.  In preparation for the show with Mick Taylor, Ronnie Wood has reportedly been spending time practicing on a particular type of harmonica Reed favored.  Talking with the London Evening Standard, Wood said Reed deserves more credit and recognition that he gets; 'He's overlooked, he's not a household name. Doing this concert I'm hoping it will be a bit educational - for us and the audience. I'm going to try and get the songs as authentic as possible.



Lennon's childhood home sold



The Liverpool home John Lennon spent the first five years of his life in was auctioned at the Cavern Club Tuesday (10/29) and brought a high bid nearly twice the price expected.  The two story red brick row house just a few paces from Penny Lane at 9 Newcastle Rd was valued between $240,000 and $400,000.  An anonymous telephone bidder paid just over $772,000 for the modest, brick home.  Owners of the residence say little has been changed or updated over the years out of consideration for the home's historic importance.  The future Beatle lived in the house prior to moving in with an aunt and uncle close to the end of WW II.



Mellencamp releasing comprehensive collection




A 19 CD package that includes everything John Mellencamp has released over his 35 year career is slated for release on December 10. John Mellencamp 1978-2012 includes 223 songs culled from all of the Indiana Rocker's releases, among them the out-of-print soundtrack to the film Falling From Grace.  Bonus tracks from a dozen album sessions are also featured in the package, including American Fool, the unreleased title track to one of his biggest albums.



Lou Reed tributes pour in

Accolades for the role Lou Reed played as an innovator and ground breaker have come in from all corners since his passing on Sunday (10/27) from liver disease.  In Eugene, Oregon, Warren Haynes and Gov't Mule enlisted audience members in their tribute.



Fleetwood Mac cancels remaining dates




Fleetwood Mac posted a statement clarifying why the group recently cancelled its series of Australain and New Zealand concert dates. John McVie has been diagnosed as having cancer.  The news came as the group was on the verge of doing 14 dates in the two countries.  While the group declined to specify what type of the disesase its founding member has contracted, it did say that he will be undergoing treatment in the coming weeks.



Lou Reed dies at 71


Maverick and Rock Pioneer Lou Reed passed away Sunday (10/27) on Long Island due to liver disease.  Reed, who underwent a liver transplant at the Cleveland Clinic earlier this year, had gone back there for treatment recently but elected to return home after doctors concluded there was nothing they could do to prolong his life.  Reed, a founding member of the Velvet Underground and a fiercely independent artist throughout his career, pushed boundaries and defied expectations at every turn in a life that fused music, art, cinema and live performance.  Reed followed his his Velvet Underground years with a series of solo projects with material that drew on real and created characters that, like Reed, lived on the fringe and preferred the shadows to the spotlight. He deplored the double standard that some applied to his song subject matter, telling journalist Kristine McKenna, 'The things I've written about wouldn't be considered a big deal if they appeared in a book or movie.'









Pearl Jam rips into Van Halen (video)

Returning to Hartford, Connecticut's Civic Center Friday night (10/25), Pearl Jam couldn't resist breaking into a song they'd done there years ago and, at that time, vowed they would never play again.  This time, the Seattle Rockers prefaced Van Halen's Ain't Talkin' Bout Love with Mike McCready ripping through the solo instrumental Eruption.


Artists join together in Gregg Allman tribute


All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman has attracted a long litst of musicians eager to pay homage to the keyboard player from the Southern Rock insitituion named for him and his late brother, Duane.  In addition to the current lineup of the Allman Brothers Band and the side projects involving Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes, the January 10 lineup appearing in Gregg's honor at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta will feature performances from John Hiatt, Widespread Panic, Taj Mahal, Jackson Browne, Robert Randolph, Trace Adkins, Eric Church, Martina McBride, Susan Tedeschi and Natalie Cole. Producer-musician Don Was will anchor the house band being assembled for the special occasion.



Ringo Starr's fan photo mystery solved


While sorting through pictures he took during the Beatles first States-side tour for a book he's working on, Ringo Starr came across one that caught his eye and got him thinking it would be fun to try and find and meet the people in it. The drummer thought the photo was snapped while the group was in Miami Beach - unlikely given the warm clothes the fans are wearing, despite the fact south Florida can get a bit chilly in mid February.  Posting the photo solved the mystery.  It turns out the carload of fans was from New Jersey and had skipped school to be on-hand when the Beatles landed at JFK.  They missed the chance to see them on the runway, but the band limo happened to pull up alongside their car in traffic on the drive back toward Jersey. With the help of NBC's Today Show, the quintet of Fab Four fans recreated the scene Ringo snapped from the back of the limo on that afternoon.  McCartney says he looks forward to meeting them when he returns to the States after his South American tour wraps-up.




Young keeps mining archives

A 1970 recording done across a two night engagement at a Washington, DC club will be the next release in the archival series from Neil Young.  The December 10 release includes 13 songs bridging material he recorded as a member of Buffalo Springfield and on Young's first three solo albums during live sets at the Cellar Door.

Track List
Tell Me Why
Only Love Can Break Your Heart

After The Gold Rsuh

Expecting To Fly

Bad Fog Of Lonliness

Old Man

Don't Let It Bring Your Down

See The Sky About To Rain

Cinnamon Girl
I Am A Child
Down By The River
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong


The release will be available on CD and vinyl.





Simmons says induction won't get KISS back together


Getting enough votes this time around to gain entrance to the Rock Hall Of Fame will not be enough to get the original lineup of the band back together at the induction, according to Gene Simmons.  Likening having Ace Frehley and Peter Criss in the group to having a 'cancer' that needed to be 'cut out of your system', Simmons said the pair passed on too many opportunities to rejoin the group for him to see any point of giving them another chance.  He went on to tell that Frehley and Criss would have '...been the ruin of the band had they continued' as members' because the two were '...both on junk, or crack or alcohol', and added this kiss-off, 'They belong doing autograph shows in clubs - they're happier.'


New U2 song emerges

U2 members are aiming for a new album that will erase fan disappointment over the group's last effort, No Line On The Horizon.  Bassist Adam Clayton was recently interviewed on Ireland's 98FM and told the station that the new project, which the band hopes to wrap up work on before Christmas marks, '...a bit of a return to U2 of old, but with the maturity, if you like, of the U2 of the last ten years.  It's a combination of those two things and it's a really interesting hybrid.'  We're not sure whether this song, written for the Nelson Mandela biopic Long Walk To Freedom, is indicative of any of the 12 tracks the group plans to include on the spring 2014 release, but it is the first listen to a post Horizon U2.






Deep Purple plans Jon Lord tribute concert



Deep Purple has booked Royal Albert Hall for a concert tribute to the late Jon Lord on April 4 of 2014.  The memorial concert to the group's founding keyboard player, who passed away in the summer of 2012 from pancreatic cancer, will also include Yes veteran Rick Wakeman and Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson and backing by the Orion Orchstra.


Stolen ZZ Top items recovered


A tip has led investigators to a number of items stolen from a band dressing room during a ZZ Top concert at the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center in the spring of 2007.  Police indicated that several pieces of jewelry belonging to band members were recovered, among them a VH1 Rock Honors ring that disappeared during the Texas trio's concert stop over that May.  Official charges have yet to be filed in the case and police declined to specify where the items were stashed or identify the suspect(s) in the case.



Plant digs up unreleased Zeppelin material


Robert Plant is eager to share some recently discovered Zeppelin material with fans.  Speaking with the BBC, the former Zep front man called the material he found 'hidden gems' and says he wants them released as part of a series of deluxe reissues planned for 2014.  Whether or not some songs on the tapes he uncovered end up included could depend on John Paul Jones.  Jones does the lead vocals on the songs in question and Plant says the bass player is pretty dead set against them being released - quipping that Jones has offered to give him '...two cars and a greenhouse' to keep those songs off the list of the bonus material being added to the remastered albums.


Grammy off shoot taps Neil Young for honor


Neil Young's uncompromising approach to sound quality has been a source of some aggravation to some of the people he's recorded with, but it has impressed the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers so much that the organization will honor him during a ceremony during Grammy Week in LA.  The January 21 event at the Village Studios will honor Young for what Recording Academy President and CEO Neil Portnow calls being '...tireless in his own efforts to draw attention to the importance of hearing music as the artists who created it intended'.  Given Young's general indifference to awards and his irreverence when he does show-up to receive one, we have to give the Academy some credit for the decision to choose Neil.


Van Halen suing drummer's ex




Van Halen has reportedly initiated a lawsuit to prevent one of drummer Alex Van Halen's former wives from using her former husband's last name in a business she operates.  Kelly Van Halen, who the drummer was divorced from almost 20 years ago, has been including 'Van Halen' in the name of her design company and in applications for trademarks associated with various products, including furniture and clothing.  The group's legal filing contends that use of the name is, '...confusingly similar to Plaintiff's Van Halen Marks in sound, appearance and commercial impression' and maintains that some of the articles of clothing are, '...either identical or closely related' to merchandise the group licenses for sale.  Hollywood Reporter


Alice stays plugged in


Alice Cooper's new album pays homage to his departed drinking buddies. The covers album he is finishing work on in LA will feature some of the shock-Rocker's favorite songs from members of the the crew he used to go drinking with, known as the Hollywood Vampires - a group that included Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix, Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, Jim Morrison and Marc Bolan of T-Rex.  Commenting on the current state of Rock and his dismissal of groups like Mumford & Sons and the Lumineers as not being real Rock, Cooper told Highway 81 Revisited, '...the Foo Fighters are one of the only Rock bands out there', calling Dave Grohl's group '...a pure 70's Rock 'N Roll band that don't take prisoners', a compliment he also extended to Slash and his group the Conspirators and GNR, saying, 'Those are the three bands that go out and Rock 'n Roll, like Aerosmith, Ozzy's band, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper. We are bands dedicated to guitar Rock. I don't think you're ever going to hear us unplugged.  At least I can guarantee you are never going to hear Alice Cooper unplugged.'


Appetite for vinyl increases

It seems more people are coming to prefer the full-bodied sound of analog to digital.  While the vast majority of music continues to be consumed from mp3 and wav files, more music fans opted to feast their ears on vinyl lps this year than any time in the last decade in the UK.  The head of the British Phonographic Industry says the fact that more than a half a million newly pressed albums have been sold this year means lps are ' longer retromania and are becoming the format of choice for more and more music fans.'  Geoff Taylor credits Record Store Day for focusing the attention of music fans on albums.  Many artists have released limited edition vinyl recordings of special songs for independent record stores to offer exclusively during the annual Spring event.

Ginger Baker rags on Stones


Candor has landed drummer Ginger Baker on the s*&t list of many a musician.  Members of the Rolling Stones may line-up to join that list after the former Cream member told Rolling Stone magazine he would not '...go within 10 miles of a Rolling Stones gig - they're not good musicians'.  Baker went on to qualify the remark by adding, 'I'm not a big anybody fan'. Baker's criticism arrived at about the same time the Stones were being thrown under the bus by Paul McCartney, who told the magazine that Mick, Keith and the boys took a lot of their cues from what his band did, citing, 'We go psychedelic, they go psychedelic. We dress as wizards, they dress as wizards'

Sabbath drummer has surgery

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward recently underwent surgery to address diverticulitis in Southern California.  The drummer, who opted out of the Black Sabbath reunion in a dispute over the terms, is recuperating and anticipates being up and about with no lasting ill effects.  Ward's place behind the drums was filled by Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine during recording sessions for the album 13 and Ozzy Osbourne's solo band drummer has been filling the role during Sabbath tour dates.  Ward has occupied himself with a drum related art project now on exhibit at the Annapolis Collection Gallery in Maryland.  More info on that is available at



Yes, Gabriel, Nirvana, KISS contend for Rock Hall

Nirvana made the ballot in the grunge pioneer's first year of eligibility and Yes, the Zombies, Linda Ronstadt and Hall & Oates ended long stints in a holding pattern when the Rock Hall of Fame announced the induction contenders Wednesday (10/15). Other nominees include the Replacements, and Peter Gabriel as a solo artist. KISS joins Deep Purple, Cat Stevens and the Paul Butterfield Blues band in a field of repeat nominees that also includes LL Cool J, N.W.A and Chic.  Results of voting will be announced in December for the class the Hall will induct in April.



Jam With Jimi in 4D



If plans for a music museum in North London stay on track, Rock fans will be able to share the stage with Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury and other departed Rock legends.  the 40,000 square foot museum will deploy holograms of the late artists using technology that generates surprisingly life-like multi-dimensional images.  Lee Bennett experienced the effect at the 2012 Coachella Festival, where the late rapper Tupac Shakur virtually joined Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre on stage.  He says the realism of the high tech trick '...blew people's minds.'  The experience inspired him to include the equipment in plans for his museum so that visitors '...could be transported back to a specific moment of music or play with artists who are no longer alive'.

Possible Metallica, U2, Green Day tour






A blockbuster triple bill could be in the making.  Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently tipped MTV News to the possibility of his group doing a tour with U2 and Green Day.  The idea was hatched a couple of summers ago over more than a few cocktails while members of all three groups got together after a U2 concert in San Francisco.  Ulrich says, 'I was told in the wee morning hours following this outing that members of U2, Green day and Metallica agreed to tour together.  We haven't talked about it since, but speaking for myself I'd be very up for that.' Talking about a more llikely prospect, the drummer also mad a point of making sure Michael Eavis, the main man when it comes to Glastonbury, knows Metallica is ' the Yellow Pages and ready to go!' if he wants them in the UK festival's 2014 lineup.


McCartney Rocks Times Square



A brief concert set announced via Twitter brought a sea of fans descending on Times Square in New York City on Friday (10/11).  The former Beatle and his backing band squeezed onto a flatbed trailer as a jam packed crowd filled the fabled crossroads in the heart of the Big Apple for a mini-concert that featured four songs from his new album, Next.


Fallon goes all Pearl Jam


Songs from Pearl Jam's new and previous albums take over the musical slot in the Jimmy Fallon Shw October 21-25. Consecutive night appearances by the Seattle band will end the week and other artists will perform Pearl Jam songs Monday - Wednesday. Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell leads things off Monday performing Footsteps with the Avett Brothers.  Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes does Courduroy with some special unannounced guests and Dierks Bentley and PJ's Mike McCready will be joined by the Roots Wednesday night. The rest of Pearl Jam treats Fallon viewers to the TV premier of material from Lightning Bolt on Friday and Saturday nights.



Amnesty International concert releases due

Three of the four major Amnesty International benefit concerts staged in the 80's and 90's will finally become available in DVD form on October 28. A 6 disc DVD and 4 CD set includes performances by Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, U2, the Police, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant and many others.  In addition to footage seen during simulcasts of the concerts, the DVD set will give fans a glimpse of home movie footage Peter Gabriel shot backstage during the '86 tour and interview clips with a number of performers. All told, the collection boasts more than 12 hours of music and adds dozens of behind the scenes segments, adding up to a whopping 16+ hours of content.  

Rock Hall Stones salute features Nils Lofgren


The Rock Hall of Fame's Rolling Stones Tribute concert in Cleveland on October 26 has attracted a number of fine players, including some that have played with the Stones, but the lineup still lacks the kind of heavy hitters we have to imagine they would like to land.  The latest addition to the list of performers is E Street Band guitarist Nils Lofgren. He joins a lineup that includes Earl Slick, Ian McLagan, Waddy Wachtel, Bobby Keys, Merry Clayton and Sarah Dash. The show's house band will be anchored by drummer Steve Jordan.  The concert is the finale of a week long series of events that features movies, interviews, panel discussions and other activities oriented around examining and celebrating the group's legacy.


Live apart irritates Adam Clayton's bride




Just a month after getting married, Adam Clayton is in the dog house.  The U2 bass player says the fact the couple has been on different continents for half of their brief time as husband and wife, '...doesn't go down too well at home, I've discovered quite quickly.'  His solution is to have his Brazilian bride join him in Dublin, where he is working with his band mates in an effort to wrap up the next U2 album before Christmas.



Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD


Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival enthralled concert crowds at Madison Square Garden in New York last April over a two night engagement that featured a Who's Who list of guitar greats.  A DVD set featuring about 5 hours recorded during the concerts gets released November 19.  The collection pairs Clapton with a slew of his favorite players at an event he described as '...the realization of a dream for me.'

A few of the dozens of songs from the event captured on camera include:

Lay Down Sally (EC with Vince Gill)

Everyday I Have The Blues (EC with Robert Cray, BB King 7 Jimmy Vaughan)

Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (EC with the Allman Brothers Band)
The Needle & The Damage Done (Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks)
Going Down (Jeff Beck & Beth Hart)
Key To The Highway (EC & Keith Richards)
I Shall Be Released (EC & Robbie Robertson)



KISS gum wad sells for almost $250k






A piece of gum Gene Simmons chewed before it was posted on EBay in a charity auction has landed a top bid of $247,710.   43 engaged in the bidding battle, submitting a total of 99 bids for the wad, which was being auctioned to benefit the Street League charity, an outfit that provides programs to combat youth unemployment in England.  The top bidder has an EBay buyer's rating of 74.  Even if the The anonymous high bidder bails, the group stands to collect a wildly higher amount than it probably expected to get from such a bizarre item - and Simmons might do well to prepare to meet his clone sometime soon.

Lennon's star on Hollywood Walk defaced




It took some extra work to polish John Lennon's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in time for his birthday Wednesday (10/9).  Over the weekend, someone drew a smiley face, a mushroom, added and a quote from the Grateful Dead song Deal on the embedded star near the Capitol Records tower.  Whoever was responsible hardly did lyrisist Robert Hunter a favor by scrawling, ' cost a lot 2 win and even more 2 lose. U @ me got to spend sum time' on the tribute. One alteration might have made John smile.  The culprit also converted the 'O' in the former Beatle's first and last name into peace signs.


Dead & Dogfish Head brew





A bold Pale Ale branded as American Beauty being brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware will make its way to taverns and stores in the coming weeks.  An invitation to Grateful Dead fans to submit ingredient suggestions for the brew master's recipe triggered a slew of suggestions.  In addition to ones the FDA and DEA would have taken issue with were some that will be in every batch, including Granola The tailgate party staple outside Dead concerts contributes an additional toasty flavor to the hops and barley.  That suggestion, made by home brewer and chemist Thomas Butler, sent Dogfish Head on a quest for just the right crunch.  They found it at Grizzlies in Eugene, Oregon and invited Butler to brew a test batch with the production team in Delaware.  It got a thumb's up, Thomas reports. 'The components of granolas - honey, toasted grains, oats - offer a lot from a beer perspective.'  He added, 'It was fun brewing with these guys. The Dead built their own institution, their own identity. It's a family. And Dogfish culture is big, too. They're the pioneers playing with beer.'

Boston back with new release


Last we knew, a Boston album was in the works that would include vocals by the late Brad Delp.  Tom Sholz seems to have scrapped that idea in favor of doing an album with Tommy DeCarlo handling most of the vocals.  In addition to Scholz,  the current lineup includes David Victor and Gary Phil on guitars, drummer Curly Smith and bassist Tracy Ferrie.  Love, Life & Hope is the title of the new album scheduled for a December 3 release.  Boston last released an album in 2002.

Santana supports Coltrane legacy




Guitar great Carlos Santana made an impassioned plea in support of a campaign to restore the New Jersey home of jazz saxophone legend John Coltrane during a fundraiser held in Manhattan Sunday (10/6).  Speaking during the Save the Coltrane Home benefit, Santana said the inspirational value of Coltrane can help turn lives around for some young people.  Ravi Coltrane, the musician-son of John, told those assembled that the house was a symbol of what his father believed in.  The modest home was spared the wrecking ball a few years ago and is on the list of America's Most Endangered Historic Places.  Around $1 million needs to be raised to open a museum to Coltrane and about $375,000 to include public access to the home as a part of the project.


GNR's McKagan realigns

Duff McKagan has combined forces with Skid Row veteran Sebastian Bach, Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens and John 5 of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie's outfits in a new band that is currently logging studio time on a new album expected to see a spring release.  The former Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver member says production on the project is being handled by Rob Marlette, who has guided past recordings by Rob Zombie and Black Sabbath.

Glastonbury 2014 sales strong

The initial advance tickets for the 2014 Glastonbury festival sold out Saturday (10/5) in spite of technical issues that frustrated many prospective buyers.  The initial allotment of15,000 tickets for the festival, which will not even announce a lineup for months, was gone within 30 minutes.  An additional 120,000 will be made available Sunday. Fleetwood Mac is among the leading candidates in the rumor mill of projected headliners for the annual event.

Hendrix Rockumentary PBS bound



Jimi Hendrix, Hear My Train A Comin' will be broadcast during a two hour American Masters special on PBS November 5th.  Authorized by the estate of the late guitar great, the film merges interviews, live footage and still photos into a presentation that also includes some interesting commentary about Hendrix from other musicians, including Paul McCartney, Billy Gibbons, Dave Mason and Steve Winwood. McCartney might deserve some of the credit for Jimi getting added to the lineup of the Monterey Pop Festival - where his mesmerizing performance instantly established that Hendrix would rank among the most gifted and innovative players in guitar history.  Paul relates that when Mama's & Papas members Michelle and John Phillips were putting together a list of artists for the 1967 event neither of them knew anything about the guitarist from the Pacific Northwest who had caused a sensation when Chas Chandler of the Animals invited him to London to perform for Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and others. McCartney quips that he told the pair and Lou Adler they should '...look into it'.


Inside history of the Allman Brothers Band



ABB Group members cooperated with Alan Paul in putting together what could prove to be one of the more comprehensive behid-the-scenes books ever written about a band.  One Way Out - The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band will be published on February 18 and promises to get into the sordid history of America's legendary Southern Rock band through very candid interviews with more than 60 people, including every surviving member of the group.  The book will also include previously unpublished photos, personal correspondence, memorabilia and introductory and closing portions written by Butch Trucks and Jaimoe from the band.


Tesla equipment heist

A Grand Island, Nebraska tour stop for Tesla went bad last week when the band's equipment truck got broken into. Talk about rudde... Dave Rude lost two Epiphone Masterbuilt acoustic guitars in the break-in.  The band has issued an APB to fans asking they keep eyes open for any online listing for similar instruments for resale and message them at if they spot ones they think could be tied to the crime.  The guitars Rude lost are Model EF-500 RCCE Serial Number 1103171003  and Model AJ-500 RENS Serial Number 808160599.

Boyhood home of John Lennon to auction


The Liverpool house that John Lennon spent his first five years in is scheduled to be auctioned at the Cavern Club at the end of the month.  The two story red brick row house at 9 Newcastle Rd is valued between $240,000 and $400,000.  Owners of the home say little has been changed or updated over the years out of consideration for the home's historic importance.  The future Beatle lived in the house prior to moving in with an aunt and uncle close to the end of WW II.


Additional Bowie tracks in the pipeline

After keeping fans waiting a long time for a new album, David Bowie is wasting no time serving up more new music. Five previously unreleased songs will appear on The Next Day Extra, an expanded edition version of his recent studio album, slated for release on November 4.  The extra titles appearing on the disc are Atomica, Like A Rocket Man, Born In A UFO, The Informer and God Bless The Girl.  They join newly mixed versions of a couple of songs on the original album and a DVD that features images set to the title track and three other songs.



U2 plan Spring release

The next release for U2 is nearly complete but will probably not get released until the spring of next year.  The yet-to-be titled album has a lot riding on it after the Irish group's last effort, 2009's No Line On The Horizon, failed to gain much traction with fans. 


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