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The trove of Jimi Hendrix material controlled by his estate has grown by nearly 100 titles with the acquisition of 88 songs recorded by Curtis Knight & The Squires between 1965 and '67 while Jimi (then 'Jimmy') was a guitarist in the group. The New York City based band reportedly got Hendrix in a 3 year deal for just $1 plus 1% of the royalties - which doesn't amount to much if you don't sell a ton of records, and they didn't. In 1966, Hendrix formed his own group under the alias Jimmy James and called his band The Blue Flames. That was the outfit that Chas Chandler caught one night at a small Greenwich Village club.  The Animals bass player was so blown away by Hendrix that night that he convinced him to return to London with him so Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and others could see him play.  Chandler subsequently became Jimi's manager. 
The material Hendrix recorded while a member of the Knights will be remixed and remastered by Eddie Kramer for release in the coming years.