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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2018-08

1968 Rolling Stones doc gets restored re-release (preview)

Sympathy For The Devil, the 1968 Jean-Luc Goddard film documenting the writing and recording of the Rolling Stones classic on Beggar's Banquet that chronicled the political and social upheaval of the mid to late 1960s, is being re-released.  The 4k restored film will get a few showcase screenings in late September before dropping on Blu-ray and DVD on October 5th.





8-30&31-1969 Texas International Pop Festival

Two weeks after the original Woodstock festival, some of the same bands performed at the Texas International Pop Festival  near the newly opened Texas Motor Speedway outside of Dallas.  Around 100,000 turned out in the Texas heat August 30 & 31 for a lineup that included Led Zeppelin, Santana, Janis Joplin, Canned Heat, Johnny Winter, Sly and the Family Stone, Chicago Transit Authority, Grand Funk Railroad, Ten Years After, BB King, Freddie King, Delaney & Bonnie and Spirit.





Massive Led Zeppelin book landing in October

Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin features 400 pages of material documenting the band's history compiled by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. The Big book comes for a list price close to $70, but can be pre-ordered for less with a bit of looking.



Neil Young & Daryl Hannah tied the knot


Neil Young and actress Daryl Hannah evidently tied the knot on a yacht near the San Juan Islands off the California coast over the weekend. People Magazine has reported there may also have been a small wedding ceremony on board Neil's own boat last month in Washington state. 
According to the magazine, the gathering after the on-water ceremony off the California coast reportedly included around 100 guests, Stephen Stills and Joni Mitchell among them. Young hasn't officially confirmed the marriage, but the couple has been tight since Neil separated from his wife of 36 years in 2014.



8-27-1990 Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in Wisconson helicopter crash

Just minutes into August 27th of 1990, Stevie Ray Vaughan boarded a helicopter with crew and tour members from Eric Clapton's band after a triumphant performance at Alpine Valley in East Troy Wisconsin.  Vaughn hadn't expected to make the flight back to Chicago, but a seat was available and he took it. 
Less than a mile from the takeoff point, the chopper crashed into a ski hill at the resort, claiming the lives of all onboard.  The tragic crash happened not long after Vaughan had fought his way back from serious drugs and alcohol problems and was playing better than ever.  Anyone lucky enough to have caught him in concert during his brief career knows it was a jaw dropping experience.

Dave Davies announces new album (preview)


Whether or not the Kinks reunion  and/or Ray and Dave Davies ever record together remain uncertain.  The brothers confirmed plane to reunite in June, but previous attempts to stay on the same page about reforming a ban. But Ray did recently release another solo album. And Dave has one due on October 12.  Dave Davies Decade mines material he wrote in the 1970's.  Here's a preview.





Dickey Betts suffers 'mild stroke'


Allman Brothers veteran guitarist Dickey Betts has suffered what's being described as a "mild stroke".  A post on his web site relays assurances by doctors that he should make a full recovery in three to five weeks, but Betts and his solo band will have to cancel dates remaining on the current leg of his tour.  The shows knocked off are at the New York State Fair in Syracuse on Tuesday (8/28), the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, Connecticut 8/31, and the Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.  We join in wishing rapid recovery wishes to Dickey.

Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ed King passes away









RIP early Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ed King who passed away in Nashville wEDNESDAY (8/22).  King, who got a co-writing credit on Sweet Home Alabama, left the band in 1975 and was replaced by Steve Gaines, but rejoined the legendary group in 1987 and stuck with the it almost a decade until health issues forced him to retire.  King was 68.



Eric Clapton releasing Christmas album

Holiday shopping for a friend that loves Eric Clapton just got easier.  Slowhand will release a Christmas album on October 12.  Happy XMas includes 14 songs of the season, including a new original titled For Love on Christmas Day.  Eric also did the cover drawing.






Eddie Vedder plays Tom Petty guitar and covers Bowie at Wrigley

Eddie Vedder played a guitar Tom Petty gave him on Saturday night at Wrigley Field as a sea of cell phones were held up by Pearl Jam Fans while he did I Won't Back Down in tribute to Tom.




He also did a cover of David Bowie's Rebel Rebel with gthe whole band.


8-16-2018 RIP Aretha Franklin

RIP the Queen Of Soul. One of the great voices of our lifetimes fell silent today. Aretha Franklin has died at 76.  The duaghter of a minister, Aretha was born ao March 25th of 1942 in Memphis, Tennessee.  The family moved briefly to Buffalo when she was just four, before relocating in Detroit, where her father took the pulpit at the New Bethel Baptist Church. Her parents separated when Aretha was just 7 and her mother died before she turned 10.  Her father's booming voice and inspirational sermons drew musicians and other celebrities to his services, where they heard his daughter belt out hymns with a voice that was startlingly strong for so young a child.  Before long, Sam Cooke and Berry Gordy were trying to convince her father to have Aretha record for a label.  At 18 she was under contract with Columbia Records, releasing R&B, Pop and Easy Listening singles and albums.  Her leap to international acclaim came with her move to Atlantic at the end of 1966.  Early the following year, Franklin went to FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and started recording the Rockin' Soul and R&B songs that rocketed her to the top of the charts.


8-13-1973 Pronounced "leh-nerd skin-erd" released

Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington and Allen Collins we're together in bands a decade before the release of Pronounced "leh-nerd skinerd", the album that introduced them to the world on August 13th in 1973. Only Rossington remains, and Lynyrd Skynyrd will be no more after this tour ends. But the band that sold 30 million albums, and who knows how many Bic Lighters that fans held aloft during performances of the closing track on this album, became legendary.




8-12-1949 Mark Knopfler born

Happy birthday to one of the most distinctive guitarists in Rock. The former Dire Straits co-founding brother was  born on this day in 1949 in Glasgow, Scotland.


Aerosmith planning Vegas residency

Aerosmith said to be joining the ranks of Rocker's doing extended stints in Las Vegas.  During a SiriusXM Beatles station interview, guitarist Joe Perry said his band is in the process of deciding how to best go about 'downsizing' the traditionally large scale production that Aerosmith tours have been since the group graduated from theaters to arenas and from arenas to stadiums.
We love the idea of bands returning to less colossal venues than people have had to see them in for decades. Now, if they could only roll back the ticket prices, too!

8-9-1986 Freddie Mercury's last concert fronting Queen

Today is the anniversary of Freddie Mercury's last concert fronting Queen.  It took place in 1986 in front of 120,000 at Knebworth. His last show ever would be on April 14, 1988 at an AIDS awareness and fund raising concert with Cliff Richard.  By then, the ravages of the disease were quite evident, but Mercury rose to the occasion and did what he did to deserve recognition as one of the most compelling lead vocalists in history.



8-8-1968 Abbey Road album cover photo taken

August 8th is always a lively day for a live look at the Abbey Road crosswalk in London. Today is the anniversary of the day in 1969 the album cover photo was taken.

Given the daily close calls with cars and trucks fans retracing the steps the Beatles took on this day in 49 years ago, it's amazing none have been mowed down. Get a live look here.





8-7-1958 Bruce Dickinson born

Having a band member that can drive a tour bus is great, but Iron Maiden's got one with an off-stage skill that beats that by 37,000 feet; a member that can fly the tour jet.  
In addition to his role as singer, musician and songwriter in one of Rock's  preeminent Metal bands, Bruce Dickinson is a licensed commercial pilot with qualifications to fly the band's 747 jumbo jet.  He also developed a pilot and aircraft servicing training company, a craft beer branding partnership with a brewery and hosted his own BBC Radio program.
Bruce was born on this day in 1958 in Nottinghamshire, UK.

8-6-1965 Help released in the UK

The Beatles 5th album was released in the UK on this day in 1965.  The US release followed a week later.  The American album included instrumental music from the Help! movie, bumping two of the songs on the UK. Those appeared on Rubber Soul and Yesterday and Today.  
The plan to have the band members spell out the title in semaphore on the UK cover was scrapped when the photographer realized that the semaphore arm positions for the corresponding letters looked a lot less like the letters than he expected they would.  He then had the band improvise. The arm positions they choose come closest to the letters
N U J V.

8-5-1980 Crimes Of Passion released

Pat Benatar's second studio album dropped on this day in 1980. Crimes Of Passion went on to be her best selling album thanks to Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Treat Me Right, Hell Is For Children and her cover of the Rascal's You Better Run.  The album also landed Pat a Grammy for Best Female Rock Performance in 1981.


Bob Weir announces new trio tour















Bob Weir embarking on a trio tour doing Grateful Dead songs.  Bob Weir and Wolf Bros includes Bob's long-time Ratdog drummer and original Primus member Jay Lane and producer/bass player Don Was, who has produced albums for the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt and many others.




Bob Weir & Wolf Bros Tour Dates


10/16 - Reno - Grand SIerra Theatre

10/18 - Los Angeles - Theatre at Ace Hotel
10/20 - Santa Barbara - Arlington Theatre

10/22 - Portland, OR - Keller Auditorium

10/23 - Seattle - Moore Theatre

10/24 - Missoula - Wilma Theatre

10/26 - Salt Lake City - Eccles Theater

10/27 - Albuquerque - Kiva Auditorium

10/29 - Denver - Paramount Theatre

10/31 - Chicago - Chicago Theatre

11/05 - Nashville - Ryman Auditorium

11/06 - Louisville - Palace Theater

11/08 - Syracuse - Landmark Theatre

11/09 - Portchester - Capitol Theatre

11/10 - Portchester - Capitol Theatre

11/12 - Washington - Warner Theatre

11/13 - Philadelphia - The Fillmore

11/16 - Boston - Wang Theatre

11/18 - New York - Beacon Theatre


8-3&4-1968 100,000 attend Newport Pop Festival in California

On August 3 & 4 of 1968, Costa Mesa California hosted the best attended concert in U.S. history to that date.  The Newport Pop Festival at the Orange County Fairgrounds was billed as a 'first annual', but the next year's event got re-branded as Newport 69 but also changed locations, moving to Northridge.
The '68 concert's big draws were the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, The Byrds and The Animals.  Tickets were just $4.50 in advance and $5.50 at the gate.

Ann Wilson previews track from Immortal

Immortal, Ann Wilson's tribute album of songs from recently departed musicians she admired, gets released September 14. On it the Heart veteran covers songs from Tom Petty (Luna), The Eagles in honor of Glenn Frey (Life In The Fast Lane), Cream in honor of Jack Bruce (Politician), Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street) Chris Cornell (I Am The Highway), David Bowie (I'm Afraid of Americans), Amy WInehouse (Back to Black), Leonard Cohen (A Thousand Kisses Deep) and Lesley Gore (You Don't Own Me). Here is her take on Gore's song featuring Warren Haynes on guitar.



8-3-1987 Hysteria released

A 1979 EP, On Through The Night (1980) and High 'n' Dry (1981) established Def Leppard as one of the UK's premier Hard Rock bands, but 1983's Pyromania blew things wide open for the group and Hysteria, released on this day in 1987, became one of the best selling albums of any decade.  
The release had a working title of Animal Instinct as work began on it.  It would be the band's first album since drummer 
 Rick Allen lost an arm in the crash of his Corvette and the last album Steve Clark would play on.
Mutt Lange bailed on the project due to the exhausting schedule the highly sought after producer had  been keeping. The band recruited Jim Steinman to fill the role but reportedly dropped him over dissatisfaction with his production approach on the one song they recorded with him.  Ultimately, the album was produced by the band itself, resulting in the use of so much studio time that it became one of the most expensive albums ever recorded, but its sales erased that debt very rapidly.
Hysteria tracks got heavy airplay on Rock radio for the next 3 years and the album sold more than 25 million copies, almost 1/2 of the total number bought in the U.S.

8-2-1978 Don't Look Back released

Some bands that grow into success after several albums; Journey, Yes, ZZ Top, Def Leppard to name a few, but many break big right out of the gate, like The Doors, Bad Company, and Guns N' Roses. Instant success breeds great expectations and plenty of groups fall short on meeting them on subsequent releases.  
Boston's self titled 1976 release was one of the most successful debut albums in history.  Their second, released on this day in 1978 proved Tom Scholz's band would avoid a sophomore slump.  By the end of August, Don't Look Back was closing in on having sold 5 million copies.  
But after Don't Look Back, Boston fans were left with little to look forward to. 8 years would pass before the group's third album got released. Only Scholz and Brad Delp remained from the original lineup.  The hit Amanda propelled sales of it to 4 million, but the album came nowhere close to replicating the depth of quality songs the first and second albums contained.


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