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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2011-09

Santana Honored With School

The off-stage work that Carlos Santana has put into improving the health and educational opportunities for disadvantaged kids through his Milagro Foundation moved the Los Angeles School District to name an school in his honor.  The Carlos Santana Arts Academy will look to inspire elementary school children to excel in academics and creative arts.  The veteran guitarist and philanthropist sent a letter of appreciation to the district for re-naming the 650 student Valley Regional Elementary School 12 in his honor, saying, in part, 'By investing patience, compassion, kindness and gentle wisdom, each child will bear the fruit of divinity.'


Buffett Lands Role In Hawaii Five-0

Head Parrothead Jimmy Buffett will be at the controls of a flight to rescue a member of the Hawaii Five-O team in an episode of the cop show revival scheduled to run in November.  Buffett won't have to do much homework on how to look legit in the part.  He is an accomplished pilot that has spent logged a lot of hours at the controls of a variety of aircraft, some of them his own.  The role will make Jimmy a pal of the show's Commander Joe White, played by Terry O'Quinn.


Rock Hall Misses Mark Again


If organizers of the Rock Hall Of Fame had their heads screwed on straight they would have realized that inducting too many artists each year would cause them to run out of credible candidates too soon.  That timeline got even worse when so many of the groups that should have become the next generation of great Rock bands turned into roadside wreckage due to drugs, internal conflicts, a lack of sustainable talent or a combination of problems.  Instead of reducing each year's crop of inductees, the Hall elected to start expanding the scope of music.  If broadening the appeal boosted attendance we're not sure, but it sure has angered and alienated a lot of Rock fans to see Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap and Country, Jazz and Folk acts gain consideration and in many cases entry to the Hall ahead of acts most Rockers consider far more deserving.
Sadly, this year appears to be no different.  No gripe that HeartJoan Jett and the Small Faces  are in contention - even if several more significant bands are not.  We're okay with Blues Man Freddie King and Donovan.  A case could be made for Guns N' Roses, even though the group imploded after only a couple of good albums and is now universally viewed as a modern version of Spinal Tap. We're lukewarm on Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, the Cure and Laura Nyro, but are willing to concede they deserve spots.  But the idea that any one of them or this year's clearly unworthy nominees Donna Summer or the Rap duo Eric B & Rakim would get into the Hall before Bad Company, the Moody Blues, Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Yes, Jethro Tull, Todd Rundgren and dozens of other acts is pathetic enough to make it easy to understand why the Hall seems so far off the mark to so many real Rock fans.

Bridge School Benefit DVD Release

Highlights form the series annual fund-raising concert for a school Neil Young was instrumental in developing are coming to DVD October 24.  The two Bridge School concert discs will include performances from Young & Crazy Horse (Love & Only Love), Bruce Springsteen (Born In The USA), Pearl Jam (Better Man), Paul McCartney (Get Back), Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Deja-Vu), David Bowie (Heros), Bob Dylan (Girl From The North Country), Bonnie Raitt (The Road Is My Middle Name), Billy Idol (Rebel Yell), Pretenders (Sense Of Purpose), Tom Petty (Shadow Of A Doubt), Who (Won't get Fooled Again), James Taylor (Fire & Rain), Elton John & Leon Russell (A Dream Come True) and many other artists.


Jeff Beck Ready To Roll With Stones

The notion of the Rolling Stones touring without Keith Richards is one that recent developments suggest might not be beyond the realm of possibility.  If it comes to that, one of the few guitarists Jagger could recruit that would not be dismissed out of hand by fans is Jeff Beck.  Speaking with the BBC, Beck called the prospects of performing with the Stones something he could get off on. He quickly added that admitting to wanting to join the Stones should the opportunity arise probably puts him in line for a lot of grief, saying, 'I've just put my foot well into it, but I would, it would have to be something Blues or something that would show what I can do. I love them.'


Future Of The E Street Band

A lot could be determined in the next few weeks about whether and how Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band carries on in the aftermath of losing the man described as the heart and soul of the band.  Speaking with the Associated Press, Steven Van Zandt indicated that Springsteen and group members will be getting together soon to talk about what lies ahead for the band  Our guess is that the E Street Band will continue, but that some of the songs Clarence Clemons played a particularly prominent role in may be retired from the set list.  We also expect to see a saxophone sharing space with some of the retired jerseys hanging in the rafters of some of the arenas in Jersey the chops and charisma of the Big Man helped to fill to capacity so many times over the years he was a member of the E Street Band.


Cream Royal Albert Reunion Blu-Ray

One of the toughest tickets of the decade was landing a seat in London's Royal Albert Hall on one of the four nights that Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker took the stage together in 2005.  Highlights filmed during the Cream reunion nights at RAH will be out in 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio on Blu-ray October 11.  In addition to the 19 songs, the disc will also include interviews with EC, Bruce and Baker.

Cream, Royal Albert Hall 2005 Track List

I’m So Glad
Outside Woman Blues
Pressed Rat And Warthog
Sleepy Time Time
Sweet Wine
Rollin’ And Tumblin
Stormy Monday
Deserted Cities Of The Heart
Born Under A Bad Sign
We’re Going Wrong
Sitting On Top Of The World
White Room
Sunshine Of Your Love

Plus alternate versions of

Sleepy Time Time
We’re Going Wrong
Sunshine Of Your Love

Neil Young Tells His Story

Neil Young maintains one of the most active schedules of any of his contemporaries.  Between his music, his passion for safe, renewable energy, his commitments to Farm Aid, the Bridge School and other causes. the veteran musician scarcely has time for much else.  But he has been setting aside some time to put his life story on paper.  The son of a Canadian author and sports writer, Young says he is already well along in the process of penning his autobiography.   Tentatively titled Waging Heavy Peace, the book could be ready for publication near the close of 2012.  Young says the process draws on his father's approach to writing: 'Just keep writing. You never know what will turn up.'


R.I.P R.E.M.

A three decade run for the Athens, Georgia band came to an official end Wednesday (9/21) with the announcement on the group web site that, 'As lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band.'  The 15 album career for the R.E.M. was interrupted a couple of times by extended down time.  A retrospective release in the works is expected to include a few tunes finished between the release of the group's most recent, and apparently final studio album, Collapse Into Now, and the decision to end things.

Van Halen Jumping Labels

The collapse of the opening reunion tour in Australia, reports that Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth were having it out over the quality of some of Roth's vocals and, now, reports that the band is changing labels right in the middle of putting out a new album make it seem less and less likely that anything but trouble is ahead for Van Halen.  Long time fans already consider it bogus that the group has pitched the lineup as the original lineup since Michael Anthony's spot is still occupied by Eddie's son, Wolfgang.
Every VH album has come out on Warner Brothers, but the band may be close to signing a deal to jump to Columbia.  How hard WB fights to keep them might be a good indication of how strong it considers the album to be.  If WB just lets them go, don't count on an album that comes even close to meeting expectations.


Former Faces Eye To Eye?

With the possibilities for a Rolling Stones 2012 album or tour looking dim, there may be an opportunity for Ron Wood to work again with Rod Stewart.  Whether any collaboration involves other members of the Faces remains to be seen, but the Daily Express says a source it considers reliable enough to quote confirms that the pair have been having discussions about recording, playing live or both.  Wood has frequently and Rod occasionally expressed interest in a Faces reunion, but scheduling conflicts have always nixed any concrete plans.  A Stones 2012 album or tour looks increasingly unlikely and Stewart has an extended residency in Las Vegas, so there may be more time available for the former band mates to work together - something they both seemed to enjoy quite a bit when Stewart interrupted Maggie May during his Hard Rock Calling festival set this summer to welcome Wood on stage for the rest of that song and Stay With Me.


Gilmour Ordered To Scrap Beach Hut

A bright yellow structure Pink Floyd veteran David Gilmour and wife Polly Samson have on their property in East Sussex has been ordered demolished by the village council.  The small building, used mostly to store bicycles in, must be gone by October 1 or the council can hire someone to remove it and bill the couple for the cost.  An inspector for the council declared that the structure is '...incongruous as an isolated beach hut' following an appeal for reversal of an earlier similar ruling.  The couple's run-in with authorities over the building came about at about the same time their son,  Charlie Gilmour, was facing far more serious problems with authorities.  The 21 year-old student is serving jail time for his part in disruptive student protests several months ago (story)


Todd Rundgren Retraces Steps

Todd Rundgren's next release will feature the artist/producer doing his own version of songs he has produced for other artists in the past.  Saying it would be pointless just to work with the original arrangements, Rundgren intends to reinvent the songs in forms quite different from the original recordings he oversaw.  How different?  Todd told PopMatters that some will be difficult to even recognize at first.  Included on the release will be I Can't Take It by Cheap Trick, XTC's Dear God, Psychedelic Furs Love My Way and Two Out Of Three Ain't bad from the blockbuster album he produced by Meat Loaf.

Hotel California Heads To Broadway

A Broadway adaptation of Hotel California may be headed to New York.  Live Nation Chairman Irving Azoff, who has been personally and professionally tied to the band for a long time, mentioned it in passing during a session about upcoming tours and other projects that the head honchos of the entertainment juggernaut attended to woo investors during a Media Communications and Entertainment conference event staged by Bank Of America and Merrill Lynch.  The all-seeing entertainment mogul admitted to being in the dark about one hot topic of speculation, saying only, 'No one knows whether the Stones are touring or not.'

That's Mr. Led Zeppelin II to You

If Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jethro Tull could turn people's names into bands, then why not the other way around?  George Blackburn, a 64 year-old resident of Missouri, has changed  his name to Led Zeppelin II.  Saying he decided his third divorce was a good time to set out to become a better person and that assuming the name of both his favorite band and album would be a good way to start fresh. $200 and some paperwork later, it became official.  He claims his life '...has improved a thousand fold.'  One irony is that Led Zeppelin once had to briefly change its name in 1970 to The Nobs when a woman by the name of Eva Von Zeppelin filed suit against the group over the use of her last name.  STLToday

Elton's Charity In Collection Mode

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is reportedly looking to collect around $1.1 million dollars it maintains a Dubai businessman bid during a charity auction to spend a day with Elton.  The high bid was submitted during the foundation's White Tie and Tiara Ball in the spring of 2010.  The bidder is an employee of a firm that claims to be the largest independent financial advisor in the world.  The same individual apparently drew an $800 speeding ticket in a rented Lamborghini while in the states last year.


Fleetwood Mac Back In 2012

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, both touring in support of recent solo releases, have said a 2012 Fleetwood Mac reunion is likely.  Now, drummer Mick Fleetwood is confirming it.  Speaking with Billboard, Fleetwood quipped, '...we're all up for touring in the early summer of next year... We basically play until no one wants to book us anymore.' He added that the specifics will take some time to work out because the band is so disorganized that it will probably come down to '...a phone call that we're going to start rehearsing - usually in a blind panic because we leave everything way too late'.


Stephen Stills Box Set In The Works

After overseeing a Crosby, Stills, Nash box set and one spanning his own career with the Hollies, CSN and his own solo work, Graham Nash decided he was up for more.  He is now diving into the 40 years of music that has been made by his band mate Stephen StillsNash considers the fact that he is putting the box set of Stills material together instead of Stills himself a bit unusual but a good thing, telling Rolling Stone, 'In a way, Stephen is the wrong person to ask about Stephen.  I'm lucky that I'm outside of Stephen so I can look at his music and his trajectory as an artist more than he can.'  He hopes to have the set covering solo Stills, highlights from his Buffalo Springfield period and his decades with CSN and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young out as soon as possible but says he can't rush through a project like this so he won't later regret having missed songs he should have included in the collection.


Will The Stones Tour In 2012?

A sighting of Rolling Stones members emerging from the same London building a few days ago triggered another round of speculation that a 2012 reunion tour is  a done deal.  Mick Jagger says that's not the case.  While not completely dismissing the possibility that the band will mount a tour next year, the front man did seem to slam the door on any possibility the group would accept an offer to play at an opening or closing ceremony for the London Olympics - an invitation Jagger contends has not been extended yet.  Speaking with the BBC, Jagger said he is inclined to heed the advice of Bryan Adams, who apparently regrets the performance he did during the opening of the last Winter Olympics in Canada.  Mick also ragged on the appearance Jimmy Page made during the closing of the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008, saying the spectacle of the Led Zeppelin guitarist doing Whole Lotta Love from atop a London style bus to promote the UK 2012 games '...wasn't a brilliant piece of theater', and adding 'I don't want to be on that bus when it arrives in London.'


Billy Gibbons Gifts Axe To Slash

Getting something nice from your spouse for your anniversary is probably a given if you're still a couple, but getting something totally unexpected from someone else on you wedding anniversary from someone else is surprising - especially something as outrageous as a rare Gibson Les Paul guitar.  That's what Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top had delivered to Slash on the former Guns N' Roses guitarist's anniversary.  Slash took to his Twitter account to post and boast that the gift was 'possiblythebestgiftever' and thank his friend as an all time favorite of his.
Slash recently celebrated his 10th anniversary with wife Perla by renewing their vows.

JT & Paul Simon At WTC Tribute (videos)

James Taylor and Paul Simon participated in Sunday's tribute at the site of the World Trade Center site for those gathered to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks that claimed the lives of thousands.  The solemn ceremony included music from cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, bag pipe players representing the NYPD, city fire fighters and Port Authority workers and rescue volunteers lost on September 11, 2001 and in the years since due to health issues related to prolonged exposure to toxic dust and fumes during the rescue and recovery effort.  JT performed You Can Close Your Eyes, while Simon gave a heartfelt rendition of Sound Of Silence (videos)

Fender & Clapton Team For 9/11 Trib

Fender has created three limited edition custom guitars Eric Clapton will play during his fall tour before they are donated to first responder organizations that suffered losses during and following the terror attacks in New York on 9/11/2001.  The idea for the guitars came from Minnesota fire fighter who made his way to New York in less than a day to do what he could to help after the planes struck the World Trade Center towers.  The three Fender Strats feature custom graphics depicting the heroic efforts of the NYPD, the New York Fire Department and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  Each includes a badge and commendation pins awarded to members that valiantly attempted to rescue people that awful morning.  Although not a guitarist himself, the fireman, Tommy Clarke, is a long-time friend of EC.  Someone in Clapton's office hooked him up with the Custom Shop of the legendary guitar company and the idea took off from there.


Tull Plans Thick As A Brick Tour

The recent tour presenting complete performances of the Aqualung album went well enough that Ian Anderson has reversed his stand against reviving the album that followed it, the 1972 Jethro Tull classic Thick As Brick.  The tour is expected to open in England and tour other countries in Europe before heading to the U.S for fall dates in 2012.  An announcement of the plan included news that the tour will include more musicians than the standard Tull lineup, along with theatrical elements, video and dancing elephants, adding, '(just kidding about the elephants: they don't dance...), leading us to wonder if the witty and sarcastic front man may have written it himself.


Stones '78 Concert To DVD

In July of 1978 the Rolling Stones blew into Fort Worth, Texas and blew away a full house at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.  Showcasing a number of the songs on the raw, hard-charging album, Mick, Keith and the band delivered a blistering 17 song set that has been remastered and remixed from the original multi-track tapes by the legendary audio master Bob Clearmountain.  The 16mm footage has also been painstakingly restored.
The Some Girls Live InTexas 78 concert gets released November 21 by Eagle Rock Entertainment on DVD/CD and Blu-ray/CD.

Some Girls Live InTexas 78

Let It Rock
All Down The Line
Honky Tonk Women
Star Star
When The Whip Comes Down
Beast Of Burden
Miss You
Just My Imagination
Far Away Eyes
Love In Vain
Tumbling Dice
Sweet Little Sixteen
Brown Sugar
Jumpin' Jack Flash



Yellow Submarine Hijacked

A replica of the submarine that appeared on the cover of the Beatles Yellow Submarine album has disappeared from in front of the church where Paul McCartney was a choirboy in his youth.  The 6x5 piece was on display as St. Barnabas Church in Penny Lane prepared for its annual weekend celebrating its Fab Four connection.


Wyman Prefers Being A Stone Alone

Leaving an enterprise as rewarding as the Rolling Stones is a decision a lot of people would second guess.  Don't count Bill Wyman among them.  The former Rolling Stones bass player walked away from arguably the world's greatest Rock & Roll band at the end of 1992.  Since then, Wyman has released a number of solo projects.  Most notable are the ones he has put together under the Rhythm Kings, a group that has featured a shifting lineup that has allowed Wyman to keep the sound of the group solid, yet versatile.  The projects have attracted contributions from Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Peter Frampton, George Harrison, former band mate Mick Taylor and Nickey Hopkins
On his live outside the limitations of super stardom the bass player says he prefers to '...just do it, get on with it and go home or back to the hotel' over being caught-up in all of the commotion of being in a band as big as the Stones, saying, 'I don't have an ego. I never did. Charlie (Watts) is the same.  Charlie didn't give a shit about any of that.'
A 5 disc Collector's Edition Box Set featuring the releases Wyman has done with the Rhythm Kings is due out October 25.


Jackson Browne and Holly Honored In LA

Jackson Browne and Buddy Holly get addded to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Wednesday (9/7), on what would have been the Rock pioneer from Lubbock, Texas 75th birthday.  Actor Gary Busey, who starred as Holly in the biopic The Buddy Holly Story, Phil Everly and Peter Asher are expected to attend.  Browne is one of the artists contributing a song to Listen To Me: Buddy Holly, a new album Asher produced that comes out next week.  Stevie Nicks, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson and Chris Isaak are also on the tribute disc.

Rush Opens New Chapter

One of the best Rock trios of all time is preparing both live releases of recordings made during its recently concluded tour and a new studio album.  Multiple configurations are expected for live material recorded during stops along the Rush Time Machine tour. Not much has been revealed about the studio project, which has a working title of Clockwork Angels, other than it will come out sometime in 2012.  The Rush studio album will be one of the first under a new partnership announce between the group's current label, Anthem/Universal and Roadrunner Records, a label that had been courting the group for a number of years.  Landing the Canadian trio for US distribution is something the Chairman of Roadrunner calls '...a dream come true.'


Last Gary Moore Concert to DVD

Three previously unreleased songs makes the release of Live At Montreaux 2010 of even greater interest to Gary Moore fans.  At the time of his death in February, the one-time Thin Lizzy guitarist had been woking on a new album that marked a return to Rock from a solo career that had been almost entirely oriented around the Blues.  His final concert set, recorded at Montreaux in 2010, included three tracks that were destined to be included on the studio album: Oh Wild One, Days Of Heros and Where Are You Now.  The 11 track live CD and 13 track DVD gets released September 20 by Eagle Rock.
Eagle Rock Entertainment

SF Declares Hendrix Day

The city of San Francisco has proclaimed September 13 to be Jimi Hendrix Winterland Day.  The date marks the release of a 4 CD compilation drawn from a series of six concerts the guitar icon performed at the Winterland Ballroom in the fall of 1968.  The concerts took place the same month that Hendrix released the ground-breaking double album Electric Ladyland.  The official document leads off by crediting the Seattle guitarist for '...musical innovation, which revolutionized traditional thinking about rock and roll'.  No argument here!


Aerosmith Targets May For Release

Producer Jack Douglas is indicating that the new Aerosmith studio album probably won't get released until May of next year. Although some preliminary sessions have been done by the group, the majority of actual recording will not get done until the South American and Asian tour dates conclude at year's end.  In news that will whet the appetite of long time fans of the Boston band, Douglas characterizes the material the band is cooking-up for the new release as '...raw, nasty, tough Rock'.  The veteran producer guided the band in the studio during the years that Get Your Wings and Toys In The Attic came out.


Kink Chronicles UK Culture

Ray Davies of the Kinks has channeled his interpretation of UK culture and politics into a musical being performed by students Sunday (9/4).  Child Play includes the Kinks songs Waterloo Sunset, All Day And All Of The Night, Dead End Street and Do It Again.  The musical, being staged by students attending the John Ruskin School, features three couples, each representing a different strata of English society, and portrays the differences in how they come to terms with events that include the recent financial crisis and the death of Princess Diana.



Keith Richards Assists Radio Station

Angel Radio, an Isle of Wight  station in a bind over the costs of a new transmitter, found an angel in Keith Richards.  The Rolling Stones guitarist, flush with royalties from his memoir that recently passed the million copies sales mark, decided to send nearly $5,000 to help the station replace a transmitter that was hard hit by a July storm - that's around $1,500 more than the cost of the equipment.  Station manager Bev Webster said she nearly had a heart attack when she read the letter from the musician's accountant while opening envelopes containing donations from listeners.



Boss Surprises Boston

Bruce Springsteen was in Boston Thursday (9/1) to deliver his son Evan to Boston College.  During a stroll around the Public Garden  he came across David Gonzalez, a busker that makes ends meet with coins and bills dropped into his guitar case while he plays in public spaces.  He paused briefly to listen to Gonzalez, but moved on as others in the vicinity began to recognize him and draw closer.  Not wanting to be a distraction, Bruce told the guitarist, 'I'll see you later' - which probably had Gonzalez thinking yeah, right.  But shortly after the onlookers dispersed The Boss did return and the two had what Gonzalez called a long conversation.  Gonzalez had wanted to see Springsteen in Buenos Aires when the Amnesty International tour was in Argentina in 1989 but could not afford to get there for it from Patagonia.  Before leaving, Bruce took him up on an offer to play his Spanish guitar - and played some notes from one of the songs the busker had been performing instead of one of his own.  He then departed, but not before reaching into his pocket to fish out some bills to drop into the guitar case. How much he left him Gonzalez declined to say, but he called it generous and said that Springsteen's parting words to him were '...this is for that trip you never made.'
Springsteen was later spotted having dinner with Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band.  The pair then attended a club show in Cambridge by the Roy Sludge Trio, a band that features Duke Levine, a guitarist who also backs Wolf.



Mellencamp Collaborator Dies

George Green is not a name many fans of John Mellencamp would recognize.  But the lyrics he came up with are well known to all of them.  Green wrote the words for Hurts So Good, Rain On The Scarecrow and Crumblin' Down.  The life-long friend of Mellencamp grew-up with John in Seymour, Indiana and also penned lyrics to songs recorded by Hall & Oates and country star Ricky ScaggsGreen's wife reported that her 59 year-old husband passed away from an aggressive form of lung cancer.
Bloomington Herald-Tribune

Bowie Classic Morphs Into Book

Space Oddity, the song David Bowie composed after the first manned lunar landing, is being turned into a children's book.  Andrew Kolb is drawing on the lyrics to the 1969 Bowie classic to create the garphic images and the story line.  The graphic artist told Wired, '...the approach I took was one that translated best to an image-based story', and noted, ' could you not have fun designing spacesuits and jet packs?'  We wonder whether Major Tom's predicament has a more kid-friendly outcome than the one it seemed headed for in the tune.



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