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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2016-12

Wakeman has no interest in attending Yes induction

Rick Wakeman is on record as saying he has no interest or intention in attending or performing when Yes gets inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame April 7th at the Barclays Center in New York. Asked through his web site whether the recognition his band finally received on its third time on the ballot was pleasing to him, the keyboard player replied that he would have been "...if it had happened years ago when it was really well deserved."  He added, "I find it hard to come to terms with the fact that so many bands are inducted into the Hall Of Fame too late in their careers after key members have passed away."  In light of Chirs Squire's passing and the decision by the remaining members of the group to drop Jon Anderson as lead vocalist, Wakeman says he has no interest in "...any sort of a reunion", and, whatever happens in New York, "...under no circumstances will I be any part of it".



LA honoring the Doors

Los Angeles will mark the anniversary of the the release of the Doors debut album with Day Of The Doors day in the city on January 4.   Surviving members John Densmore and Robbie Krieger plan to attend the official ceremony near the Venice sign where Pacific and Windward Avenues intersect. LA City Councilman Mike Bonin calls the neighborhood '...a place where many have chased their pleasures or dug their treasures.  It is a place that birthed the Doors and taught us all to cherish the funky, weird, and world-renowned vibe that Jim, Ray, Robbie and John helped make famous.'  Family members of the late Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison are also expected totake part in the festivities.



Eddie Vedder helps family that saved him

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder was in a boat that capsized in the dangerous currents of the Pailolo Channel off the coast of Hawaii several years ago and, were it not for an alert boater and his daughter, might have drown.  His rescuer, Keith Baxter, recently sustained a major injury in a boating accident himself.  A laceration that nearly took off his leg developed an infection and his treatment costs soared.  One of the women that was on the boat with Pearl Jam's singer when it capsized those many years ago recently ran into Keith's daughter Ashley and learned of her father's plight.  The two started a GoFundMe page that collected $70,000 in donations.  Pearl jam has matched that with a 70k donation.



2017 a U2 year

We surface from holiday break to pass along this from our Jam Base friends. U2 will tour doing the Joshua Tree album, including a headline slot at Bonnaroo, and will finally release the new album they'very hyped as being the best album since Joshua Tree. We'll hope so on all counts, especially the last one. A solid album is waaaaay overdue.

Original Pink Floyd Wall album art available

A number of original paintings from Pink Floyd's 1979 The Wall album and subsequent tour and movie art work is being put up for sale by the San Francisco Art Exchange.  The works from the private collectionof artist Gerald Scarfe include iconic images from the 23x Platinum album and the 24 square foot storyboard of 50 original works that went into the feature film.



Will Steve Perry & Jon Anderson sing at Rock Hall induction?

Journey and Yes will both go into the Rock Hall Of Fame based in significant part on the distinctive vocals of lead singers both groups have replaced with sound-alikes that will not be honored by the Hall on April 7.  The announcement Tuesday (12/20)that Journey was in on its first appearance on the ballot and Yes on its third triggered immediate comment from fans of both groups expressing the hope that each will perform with the singers that helped them earn the nomination. 

Steve Perry hasn't sung with Journey since a 1991 performance honoring the late concert promoter Bill Graham.  Guitarist Neal Schon says he hasn't seen or had a conversation with Perry in more than a decade and last exchanged exchanged emails with him two years ago.  But Schon clearly hopes their former vocalist will join them at the mic on stage at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn next April, calling it '...only right and just' since 'He's the one that created all the music with us.'

Perry issued a brief note saying simply, "I'm truly grateful that Journey is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Jon Anderson's resentment over his ouster from Yes in 2009 made a reconciliation seem unlikely.  The group had recruited a replacement to cover for an ailing Anderson on tour the prior year but then elected to keep Benoit David as their lead vocalist.  A year ago, discussions about reinstating Anderson were reported, but no concrete plans appear to have been developed.



Yes, ELO, Journey, Pearl Jam entering RHOF

Yes was told "no" the two previous times the ground breaking Prog Rock band was on the Rock Hall Of fame ballot. This time, the band and its fans got the answer most believe they should have gotten the first time they were nominated.  Others being admitted in 2017 include Journey, the Electric Light Orchestra and Pearl Jam.  The Cars and the J Geils Band fell short. Extending its streak of admitting acts that have near zero cred with the vast majority of Rock fans, Tupac Shakur and Joan Baez will also be inducted during the April 7th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  The Hall will open an exhibit featuring the 2017 inductees on March 30th.

Journey, ELO, Yes lead Rock Hall fan ballot

Journey led fan balloting for indction to the Rock Hall Of Fame by a wide margin.  The Bay Area band that became eligible in 200 but is in it's first year on the list of nominees garnered a massive number of votes.  The Electric Light Orchestra, eligible since 1986, finished second in the onine voting for their first appearance on the ballot. Yes, previously nominated in 2014 and 2016, was 3d in fan votes, followed by Pearl Jam and the Cars. Each act earning a top 5 finish in fan voting is awarded an extra vote for nomination when the  regular nominating panel votes are registered.  The 2017 inductees get announced Tuesday (12/20).


U2 members on losing end of big court settlement

Remarks made by Bono and Larry Mullen incorrectily indicating that a Brazilian promoter had stiffed U2 on proper payment for three concerts U2 had done in 1998 will cost the two musicians $1.5 million.  A judge concluded that the pair's statements resulted in substantial harm to the reputation of the plaintiff in the case.  Interest and other adjustements accumulated as a result of the passage of time since the original decision of responsibility could result in the amount owed increasing substantially.


Springsteen's '57 Chevy on EBay

At 5 minutes after 11pm Monday (12/19), a Bruce Springsteen fan with deep pockets will be the proud new owner of the 1957 Bel Air convertible The Boss was tooling around in at the time he was between his second album and the long delayed Born To Run release in 1975.  More than 100 were active in the EBay auction of the Chevy classic, and bids skyrocketed past the $300k mark in the closing days.



Ian Anderson unplugs Tull classics

Ian Anderson has already parted company with his Jethro Tull band mates. After completing a Rock Opera based on hte band, its front man turned his attention to rearranging a dozen Tull songs to be recorded by a string quartet.  The album featuring Anderson working with the Carducci Quartet gets released March 24th and includes reworked and retitled versions of Living In The Past (The Past), Bungle in the Jungle (Bungle), Farm on the Freeway (Farm, the Fourway), Velvet Green (Velvet Gold), Ring Out, Solstice Bells (Ring Out These Bells, Aqualung (Aquafugue).  Anderson recently recorded a video describing the project.



Ozzy & Sharon to renew vows

Sharon Osbourne says dual successful careers nearly undid her 36 year marriage and 38 year relationship with Ozzy Osboune, but that having beaten drugs, alcohol and the other things that threatened to undo things, she wasn't going to let a fling her husband had earlier this year with a stylist ruin it.  Speaking with the Sun and reported in the Daily Mail, the manager-wife said, '...when one side of your life is so brilliant other things can suffer.  It's hard when you are both succesful and both working away.  It is easy to take each other for granted.'  Sharon calls Ozzy's invitation to renew their vows '...all I want for Christmas this year'.



Tickets for GNR's next North American tour flying

A track record that earned them a reputation for being one of the less reliable bands to risk buying tickets to see is doing little to keep fans from springing for tickets to Guns N' Roses dates that won't commence until late July.  According to HenneMusic, Live Nation has already sold more than a million tickets for the 16 staduim concerts the group will do between July 27 and September 8.  Addded to the major box office action the group's 2016 tour has generated and the 19 spring and early summer concerts the band has scheduled from May 27-July 12, Guns will have played to close to 4 million fans by the time the final date of the Not In This Lifetime tour takes place.

Ace Frehley considers KISS farewell tour

Ace Frehley is indicating he is open to rejoining KISS for a farewell tour.  The guitarist and co-founder of the band parted ways with the group after 11 years in 1982, rejoined in 1996 and quit again in 1996.  The ensuing years have included years of silence interspersed with occasional snarky remarks back-and-forth between Frehley and the members he left behind, but  his relationship with Paul Stanley improved enough in recent months that Stanley agreed to record on the guitarist's 2016 solo album.  Speaking with Eddie Trunk, Frehley said he has not been formally invited to participate but ads that if he is, 'It's a possibility.  If that's something they would like to do to end the career of KISS, if it was handled correctly, it could be great',  And if it doesn't come about, Frehley says he's fine with that and they will be, too.
Classic Rock Magazine

Cancer claims ELP, King Crimson bassist

Emerson, Lake & Palmer and King Crimson bassist Greg Lake has died. The 69 year old that was widely regarded as one of the most gifted and innovative bass players in Rock died of cancer, according to a brief statement released by his manager.

In addition to the impressive body of work Lake leaves as a member of these two bands, he also co-wrote with Peter Sinfield and recorded a Christmas song in 1975 that remains one of the most requested holiday songs to tis day on Classic Rock stations. In an interview conducted not long before his passing Lake said of I Beleive In Father Christmas, 'It was about how Christmas had deteriorated and was in danger of becoming yet another victim of crass corporate financial exploitation.  As much as I love everyone having a good time, it's about more than 12 pints of lager and a crate of Bailey's. It's mor important to make some spiritual human contact, or visit someone lonely.'

Pink Floyd related response to Trump's election

In a move to both pay tribute to Pink Floyd and take exception to the President-elect paying tribute to himself by putting his last name in giant letters on buildings, a Chicago design firm is proposing to tether a fleet of inflatable pigs to block the view of the 20' tall TRUMP on a building in the Windy City. New World Design's hopes to win approval to deploy the swine will no doubt get support of Roger Waters of the group, who launched a pig sporting the then candidate's face during his last concert tour.

Clapton unloading nearly 30 guitars

Eric Clapton's collection of guitars will be reduced by 29.  The instruments slated for sale by Gruhn Guitars in Nashville includes rare and frequently used guitars, among them a 1941 Martin, a sunburst custom Fender Strat that Eric played often in 2014 and an Epiphone Les Paul model autographed by the man whose name it bears.  Each guitar sold will come with a photo of Clapton holding it and a letter confirming its ownership and use by him. Classic Rock Magazine

Henley dismisses prospect Eagles will reunite

A couple of months ago, Don Henley made it sound like the Eagles would reunite if Glenn Frey's son Deacon was willing to assume his late father's role in the group. He has now called that pronouncement another example of why he should learn to keep his mouth shut. Henley now says that without Glenn there can be no Eagles.


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