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As far as guitarist Phil Collen is concerned, it's fine if the Rock Hall Of Fame never gets around to inducting his band. Guesting on the Shmonty & Conklin radio show the Def Leppard guitarist said, 'For me, I really don't care, whatever. The way I look at it, I've got two diamond albums sitting on my mantlepiece - that's 10 time platinum. I've got two albums. That means the fans went out and bought it, so that means a lot more to me.'  With the slump in album sales, Phil probably won't need to make room for a third no matter how strong the group's next release is, but he sounds as though he thinks it could measure up with best work the band has recorded, saying, 'The recording has been really going fast and flowing, so we're ultra excited'.  A 2015 release is expected.