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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2013-07

Fogerty looks to unload mansion


John Fogerty might feel most at home in denim but if the house he's reportedly looking to sell in Beverly Hills is any indication, he has or had a taste for lavish living.  The former front man of Creedence Clearwater Revival is said to be looking to find someone willing to fork over $23 million for the 16,000 square foot, nine bedroom home that sports a great room, a home theater some Hollywood directors would envy, a separate guest house, a master bathroom larger than some living rooms, the requisite swimming pool and sweeping views throughout.


JJ Cale passes after heart attack


JJ Cale died Friday (7/26) in a La Jolla, California hospital following a heart attcak.  The Oklahoma born Cale was notoriously reluctant to tour and steadfastly refused to fly, but songs of his were heard performed world wide by some of his biggest fans - fellow musicians like Eric Clapton (Cocaine, After Midnight), Lynyrd Skynyrd (Call Me The Breeze), Tom Petty (I'd Love To Love You, Baby) and many others.  He and Clapton co-released an album titled The Road To Escondito in 2006, but Eric ws unable to get him to agree to hit the road with him in support of the album.

Steve Miller tribute disc attracts odd lienup

Fly Like An Eagle - An All-Star Tribute To Steve Miller Band
has collected an unlikely cast of contributors.  The album, produced by Billy Sherwood, features versions of Miller songs from a number of his top albums recorded by Rick Wakeman and Tony Kaye of Yes, Asia's John Wetton, Steve Morse of Kansas, Fee Waybill from the Tubes, Argent and Zombies veteran Rod Argent as well as of Deep Purple, XTC and Dream Theater members.


Cheap Trick drummer suing othe band members

Last we knew, Bun E. Carlos had decided to stop touring but remained a defacto member of Cheap Trick. Seems things took a turn for the worse in band relations and the drummer is now taking legal action calling for the others to either pay him a bundle of money or change the name of the band.  Carlos is not alone in seeking a judgement against Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen.  Former manager Davie Frey is also seeking repayment of a lot of money he says he put up so the band could replace gear destoryed when a stage collapsed.


Black Crowes & Tedeschi-Trucks hook-up (video)

The Black Crowes and Tedeschi-Trucks are doing a string of dates together and fans attending the dates can expect some potent interplay between Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks and Crowes front man Chris Robinson.  Here's a tasty vamp on a soul classic by Joe Tex.



Rude humor gets Aerosmith's Hamilton in trouble




Tom Hamilton liked his idea of a crude variation on the popular Beanie Babies called Obscenies that he went ahead and had 8,000 of the dolls produced.  His son got into one of the boxes filled with cuddly characters like Scrotilla The Hun and Robin Redbreasts and took a couple of them to school.  That ended the Aerosmith bass player's alternate career.  His son got in trouble, '...and then I got in trouble!', says Hamilton.  What to do with 7,998 crude characters?  Well, Tom syas he just might be winging them into the audience during concerts.


Slash does double duty on new movie



Slash has been busy on two fronts in recent months.  The guitarist in not only co-producing a movie titled Nothing Left To Fear, he has also been recording the soundtrack for the film.  The soundtrack and movie get simultaneous release October 4.  The movie being released by his own company, Slasher Films, is a thriller he describes as being ' an older tradition' of the horror genre.  Don't expect rip roaring tunes on the soundtrack.  Slash says the project called for a more subtle approach and , '...styles of writing and guitar playing that don't always present themselves when I make Rock 'n Roll records.'

Clapton Crossroads preview (video)

Eric Clapton presented his Crossraods Guitar Festival in the Big Apple for the first time this year.  On August 13, a film showing two-and-a-half hours of highlights from the Madison Square Garden concert featuring EC and a cast that included Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Warren Haynes, Robert Cray, Sonny Landreth and Robert Cray will be screen for one time only in theaters across the U.S.  Here's a glimpse of what's in store:



Gabriel Greek Concert Release






With Peter Gabriel on an indefinite haitus, fans won't have anything new from him other than a movie soundtrack contribution, but they will get a big helping of archived live concert material culled from his 1987 tour with the release of Live In Athens 1987.  The September 17 double DVD and Blu-ray package is brimming with great performances captured aduring a three night series of shows performed at an open air theatre in the hills overlooking Athens.  Also included in the release are highlights from the opening sets delivered by Youssou N'Dour and a total of 23 Gabriel music videos.



Man blames Stevie Nicks for Ferry Heist




A 62 year-old man arrested on charges of having stolen a commercial ferry in Boston Harbor several months ago is claiming that Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac was behind the caper.  Samuel LeClair, described as 'disheveled and uncooperative' at the time of his apprehension, told authorities the Fleetwood Mac member is girlfriend and that she was, in fact, the one at the helm the night the boat was on its after-hours excursion.  Prosecutors aren't buyin' it. LeClair faces charges of larceny and breaking and entering with felonious intent.


Stevie Wonder rules out Florida


Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law that permits the use of a weapon based on a perceived threat of physical harm stands between Stevie Wonder and any future concerts in the Sunshine State.  During a Quebec concert Sunday (7/14), Wonder told his audience, "I decided today that until the 'Stand Your Ground' law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again."  Wonder added that he would also rule out appearing in any other location with a similar law on its books, adding. '...for those of you who've lost in the battle for justice, wherever that fits in any part of the world- we can't bring them back. What we can do is let our voices be heard.'

Jason Bonham brings Bonzo back




Jason Bonham wants to generate a holographic presence of his father performing with Led Zeppelin so he can do a tandem drum performance with him during an upcoming tour.  The younger Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience concerts include plenty of projected images of Jason with John Bonham but thinks the ultimate thrill for him and audiences would be to merge his performance with a 3D one by his father, saying ' dream is to do a drum solo with Dad next to me.  That's my goal, my dream.'

Gov't Mule team album

One of Rock's busiest men has recruited several fine guest musicians to add bonus material to one of his groups next albums.  Allman Brothers Band member and festival organizer (Mountain Jam and Peach) Warren Haynes has announced that the 4th studio album from his other group, Gov't Mule, will include alternate versions of the eleven tracks the Mule does on the disc recorded by Steve Winwood, Dr. John, Elvis Costello, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Grace Potter, Toots Hibbert of Toots & The Maytals, Glenn Hughes, Myles Kennedy and others. Shout! is due for a September 24 release.  Haynes is clearly excited by what he's heard, saying, 'Their performances bring new ideas, energy and sometimes even different meanings to every number.'  
The concept of guest versions of songs on the album was sparked when Haynes sought some tips from Elvis Costello on how to mic and record one of the tracks. Funny Little Tragedy.  He says Costello gave him an account of his approach to recording the vocals on all of his albums, including the recommendation that vocals to some songs sound better when they are recorded on relatively entry level microphones.  Reviewing the extensive notes Costello sent, Haynes started thinking about what the song would sound like if Costello recorded it and asked Elvis if he'd do it. With one in the bag, Haynes started matching-up the other tracks on the album with artists he thought would be fun to have interpret.
Here's the lineup on the bonus disc (all titles also done by Gov't Mule on the album):

World Boss - Ben Harper
Funny Little Tragedy - Elvis Costello
Stoop So Low - Dr. John
Captured - Jim James

Whisper In Your Soul - Grace Potter

Scared To Live - Toots Hibbert

No Reward - Glenn Hughes

Bring On The Music - Ty Taylor

Forsaken Savior - Dave Matthews

Got Done Wise - Myles Kennedy

When The World Gets Small - Steve Winwood

Pearl Jam targets fall release

Pearl Jam has announced an October 15 release date for Lightening Bolt, the Seattle band's first album of new studio material in four years.  The project has taken form over the last year and a half under the production guidance of Brendon O'Brien. Get an ear full of an advance track from the new release below.

Jon Bon Jovi boosts Sandy relief by $1 million



Jon Bon Jovi handed over a check for $1 million Monday (7/8) to the wife of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the fund her husband manages that provides ongoing disaster relief to Garden State residents still facing difficult times due to Hurricane Sandy.  Jon, who performed at the 12/12/12 benefit concert that raised millions in ticket sales and donations to the cause, has maintained  a high profile in efforts to help fans and strangers rebound after the biggest disaster in his home state's history.

Jimmy Page guitar attracts top bid

A Martin acoustic guitar played by Jimmy Page brought in a top bid of £26,250 (nearly $40,000) at a London auction conducted by Bonhams Wednesday (7/3).  The 2007 Birthday Special model guitar was donated for auction by the former Led Zeppelin axe master to raise funds for the Action for Brazil's Children Trust, an organization he regularly supports.  The same event saw the original lyrics David Bowie wrote down for his song Jean Jeanie go for £18,750 and the Vox 12 string guitar he favored during his Ziggy Stardust period brought a top bid of £13,750.  The oddest item in a lot, a lock of Mick Jagger's hair clipped by the sister of a former girlfriend of the Stones front man, brought in £4,000 that will go to Changing Faces, a charity that provides funding for reconstructive procedures to people with disfiguring injuries or conditions.

Hyde Park reconfigured for Stones

When the Rolling Stones appeared in Hyde Park in a concert tribute to former guitarist Brian Jones two days after his death in 1969, the stage was flanked by two large and long gone oak trees.  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are so determined to recapture the feel of that day that they have arranged for the installation of a pair of man made replicas of the giants near the stage they will perform from on the same site Saturday (7/6).  According to a report in The Sun, the band's determination to recapture as much of the atmosphere of that day included finding someone willing to take on the challenge of recreating the two 70' oaks.  Jagger recently suggested he might even try and dig out the white outfit he wore at the original show.  Mick's about the only Rocker his age that could realistically think he'd fit in something he had worn 40 + years ago.


Steven Tyler needs knee replaced

The wear and tear of decades on stage has done enough damage to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler's knees that one of them requires a full replacement.  Tyler, already writing a book and planning to record a solo album, says the next operation comes after so many other surgeries on his lower extremeties that,  '...just to be standing is a miracle'.   The singer expects to go under the knife in November and spend between three and four months recovering from the operation before being comfortably up and about.


Stones Rock Glastonbury (video)

43 years of anticipation was fianlly rewarded when the Rolling Stones took the stage at the Glastonbury Festival Saturday night (6/29) to do their first Glasto set in the festival's 43 year history.  The band launched the performance with Jumping Jack Flash, the song it has performed live more than any other in its considerable catalog, but did include a couple of seldom done tunes.  Speculation about which high-profile guest would oining the lads during the set proved unfounded.  Former guitarist Mick Taylor did reprise his role during the set on Midnight Rambler and Can't You Hear Me Knocking?.  The multi-generational but predominantly young crowd packed in around the Pyramid stage seemed  more than satisfied with the relatively stripped down performance the band delivered.  Spirits and were running high the afternoon before the Stones took the stage.



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