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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2015-11

Hendrix branded cannibIs items in production

Jimi Hendrix HazeSticks are the latest brand looking to muscle in on profiting from relaxed marijuana restrictions.  Jacksam Corporation is producing vaporizers and other cannibis accessories in association with Purple Haze Properties, LLC, the business entity that involves the late guitar great's brother, Leon.  In addition the HazeSticks being marketed as being 'pre-loaded' with 'Jimi's Genetix concentrates' in California, Nevada and Colorado, the company will be producing and distributing grinders, lighters, pipes, rolling papers, ash trays and an arraY of other stoner products.



Gathering of the Vibes Festival on hold, for now

The Gathering Of The Vibes festival is taking a breather in 2016.  The announcement that the 2016 edition of the Bridgeport, Connecticut music event won't take place this coming year leaves the door open to it being revived after taking 2016 off.  Ken Hays passed the decision organizers made to take a 'time out' on the event's Facebook page. The first Vibes event took place in 1995.

Fire officials close down DL Roth reunion concert (video)

Rumors a name artist was expected to perform free concert at a relatively small venue in Hollywood is a damn good way to get the attention of the city Fire Marshall. A night before Thanksgiving reunion concert marking the anniversay David Lee Rogth's Em & Smile album and tour that was to rfeature Roth as a surprise performing guest got the show at the Lucky Strike shut down before the former Van Halen front man took the stage. California Rock News reported that the set that would have reunited Diamond Dave with Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, Gregg Bissonette and Brett Tuggle got scuttled by authorities because the venue was over capacity.  Here's a clip of Roth making his exit from the club following the announcement.







Boston paper prevails in case involving the band Boston

The band Boston's founder and leader Tom Scholz took exception to what he claimed were unfounded claims by Brad Delp's former wife that he bore some responsibility for her husband's 2007 suicide.  A suit oriiginally filed in March of 2010 against the Herald also named two of the newspaper's reporters.  In addition to claims the assertions were untrue, the  documents filed in the civil action by Scholz asserted the account run by the paper resulted in '...emotional stress, embarrassment and humiliation'.  The decision issued by the Massachusetts Supreme Court Wednesday (11/25) dismissed the case against the paper and also upheld the previous court's finding that a claim by Scholzagainst Delp's former wife Micki, who granted interviews to the reporters about Delp's 2007 suicide, lacked merrit.




Plant, Bowie, Gilmour and others sound climate alarms

Ahaed of the Climate Conference that opens in Paris this coming week, an open letter has been drafted and sent calling on its leaders to develop and stick to a '...comprehensive, binding international framework agreement on greenhouse gas emissions reduction'.  A number of Rockers have added their signatures to the document, including Robert Plant, David Bowie, David Gilmour, Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull and Emerson, Lake & Palmer's Carl Palmer.

Joe Cocker's ride to benefit public radio

We regularly write up auctions involving cars once owned by Rockers, but this one is special for a coupe of reasons.  Most cars being sold are one of several cars owned or once owned by the musician.  The 1995 Jaguar in this story is special because it is the only car Joe Cocker ever owned.  In fact, it was the car he learned to drive in.  The other thing we like about this car and sale is that proceeds from the sale will support a community funded radio station that serves the area of Colorado Cocker and his wife called home during the last two decades of the singer's life. Pam Cocker has donated the XJ12 that her husband owned to KVNF to sell in an EBay auction that will raise money for the station that the couple joined other members of the listening audience in supporting. The 12 cylinder British Racing Green lux sedan has just 36,000 miles on it, a top-of-the-line sound system with a 6 CD changer - and comes complete with the last 3 CD's Joe enjoyed listening to while tooling along scenic Rocky Mountain roads. One week of bidding starts at 7pm Sunday (11/29).  There is a minimum opening bid of just $7,500 for a car Cocker took great care of and paid close to $80,000 for new.  Making the deal even sweeter is that fact that dollars bid above the car's Blue Book value are tax deductible.



Journey gets one Steve back

Journey has two resons for fans of the band to be thankful going into the Thanksgiving day break.  The band announced summer 2016 dates on a triple act tour that features them in the headline role, the Doobie Brothers in the middle and Traffic veteran Dave Mason as the opener.  The other development for the Bay Area band is that Steve Smith plans to be back as the group's regular drummer.  Smith rejoins the group after Dean Castronova was terminated by the group in the aftermath of a run-in involving substance abuse and assault charges.  Smith has indicated that he plans to dedicate the nxt two years to the group he drummer for during Journey's three decades of enormous success in the studio and on the road.  Smith and his former band mates open the tour on May 12 at the irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in California and will visit 27 states before wrapping up back in the Golden State for an August 30 date at the Sleep Train Amphihertre in Chula Vista, California.  Most Journey fans are sure to be wondering whether Smith rejoining the band might lead to the other Steve formerly with the group to think about doing the same.



Skynyrd cancels remaining 2015 dates

The heart attack Gary Rossington suffered in early October (story) resulted in several Lynyrd Skynyrd postponements  While the sole founding member still in the band is getting better, his recovery has not been as rapid as hoped.  As a result, the Southern Rock band has decided to cancel all of the the remaining dates on their 2015 schedule. The abnd and Rossington's daughter remain confident that the guitarist will make a full recovery.



U2 reschedules Paris concert & HBO taping

U2 has announced rescheduled concerts in Paris to take the place of the group's two performances cancelled after the November 13th terrorist attacks on the city.  The Irish Rockers plan to take the stage December 6 & 7 at the AccorHotels Arena in Bercy.  The second night will be recorded for an HBO special.  In making the announcement, Bono referenced the tragic and barbaric events of the night of November 13 in Paris by saying, 'For one night, the killers took lives, took music, took peace of mind - but they could not steal the spirit of that city.'



Foo Fighters release free album

A month ago, the Foo Fighters posted a countdown clock on the band web site.  The zero point coincided with the release of Saint Cecelia, a free album recorded at the Austin, Texas hotel of the same name.  The 5 song relese is dedicated to victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.  The series of shootings and bombings on 11/13 caused the band to abruptly cancel the remainig dateson their Europen tour.  The 14 room Boutique hotel in the Texas capitol is named for the patroness Saint of Music, according to Dave Grohl.  The recording was done using the Hotel's small office as the control room.  Band members played in the bar area and amplifiers were situated in the kitchen.  The free download is available here.



Bob Seger ain't done yet

Bob Seger fans thinking the 2015 tour was a victory lap might be in for a surprise.  Reports have surfaced that Seger enjoyed having new material and being out on the road in support of it so much that a 2016 album and tour coud be in the offing.



Janis Joplin biopic trailer (watch)

She was bawdy, raucous and wild, but beneath the self assured bravado and dynamic on-stage presence that was Janis Joplin was a shy, gentle soul that desperately wanted the love of parents that had no idea of how to deal with the public persona of the little girl they'd raised in Port Arthur, Texas.  Little Girl Blue seeks to tell both stories.  This glimpse makes us think film maker Amy Berg pulled it off.



Jimmy Page joins other musicians paying tribute to him (watch)

Fans attending an all-star tribute to Jimmy Page at the Experience Music Project in Seattle Thursday (11/19) got the added treat of seeing the honoree in action, too.  The evening of Led Zeppelin songs performed by a rotating lineup of players including Kris Novoselic of Nirvana, Kim Thayil of Soundgarden and Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, saw Page himself take the stage with Free and Bad Company veteran Paul Rogers and former Guns N' Roses member Duff McKagan on a version of Zeppelin's Rock & Roll that followed a version of Radioactive, a song Page & Rogers teamed-up for in the short-lived band The Firm.  (cue in around 5 minutes to get right to the finale)



Bowie releases title track video (watch)

We'd heard David Bowie's next album would push the envelope.  The title track to Blackstar, the January 8 release, seems to confirm that.


Hendrix alcohol concoction released (see the ad)

The latest example of shameless commerce is the release of a vodka and cognac concoction dubbed Hendrix Purple Haze Liqueur.  The Tiger Paw Beverages product was developed in association with Leon Hendrix, the late guitarist's brother. The drink, Leon says, is his way of honoring his late brother, who he says he is convinced would be enjoying the liquid tribute were he alive today.  Initial distribution of the beverage will be limited to Atlanta, Savannah and Athens, Georgia, with plans to make it also available in California by the end of this month.



Tommy Lee back in action

The debilitating wrist injury that forced  Tommy Lee to miss a number of dates on the Motley Crue farewell tour has mended to the point that the drummer says he's good to go. Talking with The National, Lee credited cortisone and a wrist machine he used to exercise it for the recovery.  Lee says he's abck to 100% a looking forward to rejoining the Crue on remaining dates.  Glen Sobel, Alice Cooper's stick man, filled in while Tommy was sidelined.



Bob Dylan defies terrorists

Bob Dylan has elected to continue his European tour despite the threat of an escalation of attacks by terrorists in countries supportive of strikes against them.  The International Business Times reports that Dylan tour officials plan to deploy armed guards in the venues the veteran musician is scheduled to play.  Others will be stationed at entrance points and some will be dispersed within the audience.



Grace Slick's advice to Fleetwood Mac: retire

Grace Slick, singer with the voice and looks that propelled Jefferson Starship to great heights, thinks it is past time for Fleetwood Mac to join her in retirement.  Speaking with WENN, Slick said the only band of her contemporaries she thinks should still perform live is the Rolling Stones.  She bases that on having seen the vitality the band still has on stage.  As for Fleetwood Mac, Grace thinks they still sound great, saying, "...I was okay as long as I didn't look at 'em", and added, 'There's something about old people singing Rock 'n Roll lyrics that bothers me. It just doesn't match.'  Slick thinks she should have hung up the mic a decade sooner than she did, herself.  The Starship phase of her career seem convinced her of that, Grace saying that the songs she sang in that spin-off group 'gags me'.



Bruce Springsteen books SNL appearance

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band will wedge themselves into the cramped quarters of the Saturday Night Live stage on December 19. The appearance on the multi-decade late night weekend staple will be the first by Springsteen since an October 2005 performance he did on the show. The episode is the last live SNL show of the season and will be hosted by former cast members Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The announcement immediately spurred speculation that Springsteen will tour with his band in 2016.




Hammett admits Metallica considered dumping Ulrich

Kirk Hammett has added cred to rumors that Metallica was considering firing Lars Ulrich from the band.  Speaking with WPYX-FM, the guitarist said the rumors circulating in the mid to late 80s that the drummer might get replaced had some basis in fact.  Hammett downplayed the prospect of his ouster actually coming about, saying, 'We were unhappy, and we might have grumbled someting to someone. And then that person might have picked up on it and made it something a lot bigger than it actually was.'  That someone could be Scott Ian, the drummer of Anthrax, who claimed that Cliff Burton and Hammett told him that they were fed up with Ulrich. AntiMusic,com



Foo Fighters drop European tour

The Foo Fighters concluded that the 11/13 terror attacks on Paris and the resulting measures being taken throughout the continent made continuing their European tour out of the question.  In announcing the decision, the band wrote, 'It is with profound sadness and heartfelt concern for everyone in Paris that we have been forced to announce the cancellation of the rest of our tour. In light of this senseless violence, the closing of borders, and international mourning, we can't continue right now. There is no other way to say it. This is crazy and it sucks.  Out thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was hurt or who lost a loved one.'  U2 also announced the indefinite postponement of their Paris concerts (Story).



U2 calls off Paris concerts after terror attacks rip city

The wave of terrorist attacks that gripped Paris and claimed more than 120 lives Friday (11/13) has disrupted much in the city of Paris, including Saturday's U2 concert.  Out of respect for the victims of Friday's carnage, most of which was unleashed on fans attending a concert by former Queens Of The Stone Age member Josh Homme and his band the Eagles Of Death Metal, and concern for safety, U2 announced the postponement quickly.  The post on the U2 web sitre read, 'As a result of the state of emergency across France, the U2 Paris concert scheduled for 14th November and the following one will not be going ahead as planned.'  The Saturday (11/14) concert was to be recorded for an HBO special.  The band also issued the statement, 'We are fully resolved to go ahead with this show at an appropriate time.'
The Foo Fighters also announced the immediate suspension of the rest of their European tour (story).



Diverse lineup for John Lennon birthday tribute

Organizers of a 75th birthday tribute concert for John Lennon are casting a wide net to collect partiipating artists. Already expected for the December 5th concert at Madison Square Garden are Peter Frampton, Stephen Tyler, Tom Morello, the Roots, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Kris Kristofferson, Eric Church, Brandon Flowers of the Killers, with many more to be confirmed in the coming days.  The concert will be filmed for future distribution, according to organizers.  Some proceeds from the concert will be turned over to Robin Hood, a New York City organization that provides food and shelter services for the city's poor and homeless.  The concert will be broadcast on Dec. 19 at 9pm on AMC.



Stones could start recording in December

Ronnie Wood says the Rolling Stones are itching to get started on their next album and that actual recording sessions could get underway within weeks instead of months.  Keith Richards told the Guardian the band would probably not get started on the album until sometime in the spring of next year, but the band's other guitarist tells ABC Radio that things are moving faster now and that December sessions are likely to give the group a chance to '...cut a few tracks and see what happens'.  Wood also confirmed trhat the Stones hope to do its first ever concert in Cuba now that US relations with the Island have improved.



Crosby, Stills & Nash light up in DC

David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash will be featured perfromers when the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony takes place December 3rd.  The event will be staged at the Ellipse in President's Park, adjacent to the White House in Washington, DC.  PBS will televise the ceremony and rerun it several times during the month.  The festivities continue a tradition begun in 1939 and is presented by the Narional Park Service and the National Park Foundation.



Eddie Van Halen lays out his favorite riffs (Watch)

Eddie Van Halen has generated enough mind melding guitar solos and riffs in his career that there's a good chance more than one of his would make the top 10 of lists compiled by other guitar greats. So who's play earned a place in Eddie's list of favorites?  Billboard set out to find out from the man himself.



Brian May accepts award with Freddie Mercury in mind

Brian May was at the Roundhouse in London Wednesday night (11/11) to accept his Classic Rock Living Legend award but shared the credit for him earning it with Freddie Mercury, calling the band's lead singer. '...incredible and irrepressible'. The guitarist also took a moment to express how much fun it was to have Mike Myers call him up out of nowhere seeking permission to use Bohemian Rhapsody because the members of Queen used to give their songs the Wayne's World treatment themselves while traveling between gigs.

AC/DC nabbed the Band Of The Year honor, an Inspiration award was accepted by Janie Hendrix on behalf of her brother, Jimi and Iron Maiden got Album of the Year recognition for The Book Of Souls.




Billy Gibbons books Conan debut

Billy Gibbons and his solo band will debut tracks from the guitarist's Latin flovored album on Conana O'Brien's TBS show on Monday (11/16).  The band dubbed the BFGs will back Gibbons on tracks from Perfectamundo. The lineup includes multi-keyboard player Martin Guigui, organist Alex Garza and Greg Morrow on drums.  Also pitching in on guitar during the Conan show will be Joe Hardy, who co-produced the album with Gibbons.



Allen Toussaint dead at 77

Allen Toussaint, a revered musician and songwriter that influenced a wide range of musical artists and was a great ambassador for the music of the American South, passed away at 77 on Monday (11/9) in Madrid, Spain, where he had been on tour.   New Orleans based until Hurricane Katrina drove him north, Toussaint maintained an active schedule of writing, producing and performing right to the end of his life and a career that included collaborations with an impressively diverse group of musicians.  As a house producer in the early 1960's for Mint Records, Toussaint had a hand in a slew of R&B songs, foremost among them Lee Dorsey's Ya Ya and Mother In Law from Ernie K-Doe.  The Rolling Stones had Toussaint on their radar early and recorded his song Fortune Teller. He branched out in the 70's when his notoriety attracted Paul McCartney, Paul Simon to his Sea-Saint Studios to record and brought his songs to a new crop of artists, including Elvis Costello, Littel Feat, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker, Warren Zevon and Robert Palmer.

Roy Harper cleared on sexual abuse charges

Roy Harper, a fixture on the UK folk scene that sang lead vocals on Pink Floyd's Have A Cigar, has reason to light one up. Charges of sexual abuse lodged against the singer three years ago have been dropped after a grand jury found them to be unwarranted.  Harper released a statement to the Guardian stating that the allegations and charges took a serious toll on him and his wife and also had a substantial impact on their finances.  Saying he is angry at the unfairness of a process against him he maintains should never have been initiated, Harper vows that he will resume his musical career the case derailed.



Aerosmith members feel 'abandoned' by Tyler

A new rift in the Aerosmith ranks has developed as a result of Steven Tyler making his solo career a bigger priority than the band.  Brad Whitford said in a recent interview with Billboard that he and other members of the group feel 'a little abandoned' by their lead singer.  Whitford says Tyler's commitment to advancing his own career are getting in the way of doing another Aerosmith tour and that, in Whitford's opinion, '...his fans around the globe want to see him in the context of Aerosmith - and don't really care for whatever he thinks he's going to do'.

Monday (11/9), Tyler announced Janie's Fund, a new initiative and foundation to raise funds to help provide support services and treatment to abused and battered women.



Seattle rockers untie in Jimmy Page tribute

The Experience Music Project, the Seattle museum that focuses on Jimi Hendrix but includes space devoted to lots of other Pacific Northwest artists, will reportedly feature some of them performing in tribute to Jimmy Page on November 19.  A Facebook page includes a post indicating that Slash & Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses fame, Jerry Cantrell of Soundgarden and Alice In Chains Kim Thayil will join forces on that date at the EMP and perform in honor of the Led Zeppelin guitarist.

Beatles auction shatters records

One of a kind memorabilia with a direct link to the artist always commands top dollar, but the amounts paid for Beatles artifacts at a Saturday (11/7) Julien's auction in Beverley Hills astonished even experts.  A Gibson acoustic guitar John Lennon bought in 1962 and used in the writing of several early Beatle songs brought a high bid of $2.4 million.  The logo bearing bass drum head from the kit Ringo played when the band appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 was sold for $2.1 million.  Pre sale estimate projected top bids between $850,000 and $1 million for the guitar and around $500,000 for the drum head.  A baseball all four members of the group signed went for $100,000. A lock of Lennon's hair brought $25,000, the same price paid for a pair of his glasses.



Floyd member's former exotic ride torched

Thieves that stole a Ferrari in Melbourne, Australia might not have known just how rare a car they had on their hands. The 1972 Daytona model was valued at $2.5 million. It's extra value is a list of former owners that includes Doti Fayed, the paramour of Princess Diana, and former Pink Floyd member Nick Mason. The car, which had only recently undergone a full restoration, was found torched on a roadside by police.

ROCKinsights Quick Takes - Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen

Neil Young was apparently willing to accept an offer more than $4 million below his listing price for the oceanfront  estate the singer owns in Hawaii (see it). The LA Times reports that the compound was purchased for $18 million within weeks of going on sale.


Bruce Springsteen fans wanting to see the documentary packaged in the expanded edition release of his River album won't have to spring for it. The film will be presented on HBO November 27.

John Lennon acoutic guitar could set auction record

A rather unremarkable looking guitar is one of the most coveted instruments to ever come to auction. It belonged to John Lennon and he used it while writing several of the Beatles early hit songs. The Gibson will be auctioned by Julien's in Beverley Hills and is expected to go to a buyer that will pay $850,000 to a million dollars for the privilege of becoming its next owner. The bass drum head from the kit Ringo played when the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show is also in the same auction.

Hendrix Electric Church preview (Watch)

Electric Church, the documentary about the Jimi Hendrix appearance at the Atlanta Pop Festival, aims to do more than capture the essence of the guitar legend's greatness on stage.  It adds context to ways he and his music influenced what was going on in socially and politically during a time the country was coming together and getting torn apart simultaneously.




Frey facing surgery, Eagles delay Kennedy Center honor

The Eagles have notified the Kennedy Center that the group wants to defer their scheduled December 6 Honor until next year because Glenn Frey is facing major surgery and a lengthy recovery period.  The guitarist is reportedly going to have the operation to address intestinal problems that have caused health issues for him in the past. Frey has attributed his gastro issues to years of abuse during the band's heavy partying days in the 70's and early 80's.  A portion of an intestine was removed in 1990, delaying a planned reunion of the band several months.  A case of Diverticulitis also interrupted the 1994 Hell Freezes Over tour.



Colbert & Allison Janney play with Foreigner (Watch)

Stephen Colbert and actress Allison Janney had fun on The Late Show when the host pulled out cards with the lyric's to Foreigner's Hot Blooded and invited her to do a dramatic reading of them with hiim.



Metallica locks down secondary Super Bowl gig

Rock has been out of the NFL's headline halftime lineup for the Super Bowl, but Metallica has reportedly secured a night before the big game. The Bay Area band will participate in the CBS Radio Night Before event at AT&T Park on February 6th.  The game itself takes place in San Jose at Levi's Stadium the following day.



U2 goes VR

U2 fans looking for an immersive live experience with the band that doesnt't require paying big bucks for premium concert seats will have the opportunity to put on a headset and feel like they are on stage with the Irish Rockers. Apple and Vrse App have developed a virtual reality version of the band's Song For Someone and created The Experience Bus fans attending tour dates can board to get the full surround treatment in.  The bus will travel with the band during its European tour.  The Vrse app is available on the iTunes and Google Play stores.



Ozzy coming to the History Channel

Who better to make history entertaining than Ozzy Osbourne?  That's apparently what Ozzy and his son Jack will do on an upcoming series of shows riffing on historic events and sites.  Speaking with Rolling Stone, Ozzy revealed that the father-son collaboration will include segments filmed at Stonehenge, an a decommissioned Minutemen missile silo, Mount Rushmore and other otherwise serious sites.  Osbourne also says Black Sabbath elected to do a farewell tour instead of one last album because doing the album would take years to write and record.



Fleetwood Mac bumps up Tusk

Not many Fleetwood Mac fans count Tusk as their favorite release from the band, but that's not preventing the band from putting out a massive expanded edition of the album.  The December 4 release will be packaged with a remastered original album, a complete version of the album featuring alternate takes of each song on the original album.  Some will be different studio versions, others have been culled from concerts staged during the months surrounding the album's original release.  The material is presented on 5 CDs, a pair of vinyl discs and a DVD.




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