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Keith Hornsby shares the height and wingspan of his father, lanky keyboard wizard Bruce Hornsby.  That helped the younger Hornsby compile  impressinve stats against D1 opponents as a member of the North Carolina Asheville basketball team.   Looking to move to a bigger program, the 6'4" 210lb Hornsby put in for a transfer to LSU.  After sitting out the requisite season as a transfer, Keith looks forward to providing a big spark to the Tigers on both ends of the court at the guard position.  His skills and stamina both benefit from having a father who loves the game, too. According to LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones, Bruce has put in time conditioning Keith for the rigors of a Division One schedule.  Jones calls Keith '...the hardest working player I've ever been around', and adds, 'I've seen his dad come in here and work him out really, really hard.  I think that's the way he has been conditioned mentally and physically.  If It's true hard work pays off, he's put himself in position for good things to happen.'

There's a good chance Bruce will be on hand for a number of his son's home and road games, as he was when Keith took the court for UNC Asheville.