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Noteworthy Now Archives for 2016-05

Ronnie Wood a father again at 68


Sally Humphreys, the 38 year-old wife of 68 year old guitarist Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones, gave birth to twin girls Monday night (5/30).  Apparently plans were in place to induce labor later in the week unless nature took its course.  It did, and Humphreys was rushed to a London hospital for the delivery.  The twins are her first children and Ronnie's 5th and 6th.


Metallica's new album close to ready





All that's left for Metallica to put it's first album in several years out is the final song selection and a title, according to Lars Ulrich.  Speaking with Metal Forces, the drummer said the band intends to get together in June to make a decision on which songs the group recorded make the cut, what the effort should be titled and how and when to release it.  'If the record doesn't come out this year then it won't be because it's not done.  It will be because there's some sort of cosmic reason that it would be smarter to hold onto it until next year.  But the album will be done this summer', says Ulrich.



Neil Young's childhood home hits the market (tour it)

Neil Young's song Helpless reflects on the town in North Ontario he was raised in.  Some fan interested in preserving the house Young was very young in can now buy it for just under $300k.  Here's a look around and through it.



Bad Company covers Beatles classic (watch)

Bad Company routinely works a cover or two into sets but Saturday during a concert at the MidFlorida Amphitheatre in Tamps, Paul Rodgers and the band broke into Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, a song Bad Co. had never performed live before.  That's Rich Robinson on guitar, filling in for Mick Ralphs on this tour.



Crossroads Festival compilation due

A 41 song compilation of memorable performances from past Crossroads Guitar Festivals will be released July 1.  The 3 disc set includes 41 tracks selected from Eric Clapton's invitational event to raise funds to support his Crossroads rehab facility. Some highlights of the compilation are listed below.


Sweet Home Chicago - Clapton, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin & Jimmie Vaughan (2004)

Rock Me Baby -  Clapton, Buddy Guy, BBKing & Jimmie Vaughan (2004)

Steamroller - James Taylor & Joe Walsh (2004)

After Midnight - Clapton & JJ Cale (2004)

Funk #49 - Joe Walsh

Isn't It A Pity - Clapton (2007)

Presence Of The Lord - Clapton & Steve Winwood (2007)

Cocaine - Clapton (2007)

Waiting For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago - ZZ Top (2007)

Five Long Years - Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang & Ronnie Wood (2007)

Dear Mr. Fantasy - Clapton & Steve Winwood (2007)

Everyday I Get The Blues - Robert Cray, BB King, Clapton & Jimmie Vaughan (2013)

Born Under A Bad Sign - Booker T, Steve Cropper, Keb' Mo' Matt 'Guitar Murphy, Albert Lee (2013)




Ozzy gets a Crazy tram (watch)

The UK city of Birmingham has honored Ozzy Osbourne with a tram in his home town bearing his name.  Ozzy was on hand to Thursday (5/26) to awkwardly peel off a sticker, mumble a few semi intelligible words and climb aboard.



Dokken reunites for Far East dates

Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown constituted the Classic lineup of Dokken. The four will be back together for a half dozen dates in Japan late this year.  Whether a lasting reunion grows out of the tour remains to be seen. Mick Brown thinks it could.  The drummer says additional dates could develop.  Speaking with One On One host Mitch Lafon, Brown said that after the initial dates, '...there could be talk about something. Let's just get through six shows and if we can do that, then maybe we can go ahead.'

Classic Rock Magazine

Kelly Osbourne ignites Twitter battle

Kelly Osbourne set off an avalanche of reaction by allegedly including a phone number in a tweet bashing the woman her father allegedly had an affair with and a suggestion that people interested in cheap oral sex call it.  The post on Monday triggered a lot of responses, most of them critical of her and many making note that affairs involve two participants.  One replied she should also tweet her father's number in case people want to get on his case about it, too.  Ozzy's wife has avoided to stooping to Kelly's level about the situation.  Sharon says her husband has '...given me an unbelievable life and he's given me three gorgeous children and I love him.'  As to whether she's take him back, she said, 'I honestly don't know. At this point I cannot answer that because I don't know what I want. I've got to follow my heart.'




Brian Johnson accepts retirement

Brian Johnson has nothing but appreciation for his time in AC/DC and has no issues with how members of the group handled the hearing problem he developed that resulted in them recruiting Axl Rose to finish their tour.
Speaking with SiriusXM, the now former lead singer attributed his hearing loss to crystalized fluids that were attacking the hearing in his one good ear. His hearing problems began nearly a decade ago when the singer and car racing enthusiast forgot to pop in his ear plugs while close to the action at a race.  He says the noise of the engines triggered tinnitus that lasted a number of months. His latest setback came after contracting a serious cold following a concert in a rain storm in Vancouver.  After flying back to Australia, Johnson saw a specialist and was informed of the severity of his situation and warned that attempting to continue with the band could result in him losing what hearing he has left.  As for his treatment by the band, Johnson has no complaints.  He said Cliff Williams was the most supportive of him throughout the ordeal, but added that none of the others in the band did or said anything about his situation that he has any issues with and he understands and supports their decision to finish the tour without him.  In closing, Johnson said, 'I had so many good times with the boys.  And I've had such a lucy and great life.  And I'm just thankful really that I came out of it in one piece.  Now I guess I could rock me socks off.'



Ringo joins Walsh on Rocky Mountain Way (watch)

Joe Walsh has been a participant in the rotating ranks of Ringo Starr's All Starr Band. Friday (5/20), Ringo became a guest member of Walsh's solo band on Rocky Mountain Way at the Forum in Inglewood, CA.





Aerosmith discredits Whitford

It did not take long for Aerosmith to scramble to attempt to squash the latest round of reports that the group might tour without Steven Tyler.  The categorical denial that there is any consideration of recruiting a replacement lead singer for a tour was posted on Aerosmith's web site in a statement that read "There is absolutely no truth to a story circulating that Aerosmith is looking for a new lead singer" and quotes Joe Perry as saying 'Any rumor out there about us looking for another singer is completely untrue. All five of us were just on the phone together talking about how excited we are to go to South America and Mexico City.'  At least one member of the band seems to like the idea of touring with someone other than Tyler out front.  Brad Whitford did an interview in which he expressed frustration over Tyler being absent due to side projects like his American Idol role and his current foray into country music.  Whitford went so far as to suggest he likes the idea of an Aerosmith tour with Myles Kennedy or Sammy Hagar in Tyler's place (story).


Jeff Beck slates new release


Jeff Beck will break a 6 year recording silence with Loud Hailer.  The July 15 release takes its title from another name used for a megaphone because the guitarist says he wants to sound off about some of the things going on in the world that he takes issue with.  The new release features guitarist Carmen Vandenberg, Giovanni Pallotti on bass and drummer Davide Sollazzi. Two of the eleven tracks on the release will be instrumentals. Singer Rosie Bones handles lead vocals on the other nine.

Clapton eyes retirement

The release is titled I Still Do, but that affirmation may not apply to Clapton remaining in the active ranks of musicians much longer.  Speaking with Rolling Stone, the guitar legend admitted he closes the album with a song titled I'll Be Seeing You just in case his 23rd album becomes his last.  EC said, 'It's one of those things that's been haunting me.  I love the song and I love the sentiment.  Just in case I don't cut another record, this is how I feel.  I might be saying goodbye.' But as he added, he's been doing that fairly regularly for years. If this time it's for real, nagging health issues play a role.  EC says he's been plagued by ecxema that has now affected his hands, making playing painful. Back pain also seems to be causing related problems in his hands.  He says if those complications ease he'll, '...start looking to do some work' but if they continue he will, '...have to figure out what to do next.'



Brad Whitford all for an Aerosmith tour without Tyler

If Aerosmith members follow through on touring without Steven Tyler, Brad Whitord suggests that Myles Kennedy or Sammy Hagar would be good fits for his group.  Speaking with Blabbermouth, the guitarist says there is no firm plan in place to tour but added, 'I think it would be great' if it did and that enlisting guys like that could  make being in the band less frustrating and more fun.  As for the current state of his band, Whitford says, 'There is still a lot of turmoil and it can be frustrating.  It should be easy. The whole thing started because of the music.  If the focus was right there, everything would e fine.'



Tesla recruits Def Leppard's Collen to produce

Phil Collen has been a fan of Tesla ever since Def Leppard toured with them in 1983, so Tesla's Frank Hannon says having Collen produce his group's new album makes for a great process.  Speaking with My Global Mind, Hannon says his group already has a half dozen songs for the 2017 release nailed down and that the group has been working in sessions as the two bands tour together. recording songs in non-studio settings has 're-energized' his group, according to Hannon. He equates working with Collen to being similar to having the right coach get the most out of a team.  He also credits Collen with making the group more open to trying different things, including a blues based song he says '...came out great.'



Ozzy & Son hit the History Channel

Ozzy Osbourne has made plenty of history of his own.  On July 27 he'll make more with the History Channel launch of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, a 10 episode series that features a father and son road trip to historic sites.  The pair will visit Stonehenge, Mt. Rushmore, UFO haven Roswell, New Mexico, a cold war missile silo, Sun Studios in Memphis and other sites during their trek.  'History with an Ozzy slant' is what the elder co-host calls the show.  Count on the pair to encounter some interesting characters along the way.

Details about the back-in-time show come along as Ozzy faces the prospect a future without his wife and manager of 30+ years.  Sharon Osbourne recently annnounced a split with Ozzy, one sources told In Touch was the result of her discovery that her husband had been lavishing time, attention and a considerable amount of money on a 45 year-old celebrity hairstylist.



Chili Pepper's Kiedis rushed to hospital

A sudden onset of severe stomach pain resulted in Anthony Kiedis being transported by ambulance to a Los Angeles hospital and the postponement of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Saturday (5/14) concert a Irvine Meadows.  The band issued a statement saying the lead singer was suffering from complications relating to an acute case of intestinal flu and that at least 2 dates would have to be postponed.  Flea was handed the tough task of letting the crowd in Irvine know that his band could not perform.



Former President honors Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman said the Allman Brothers wanted Jimmy Carter to induct them into the Rock Hall Of Fame but Hall officials refused to grant that request. Mercer University in Macon, Georgia was happy to have the former President, Mercer University Board member and fellow Georgian on-hand to award Allman an honorary Doctorate of Humanities during graduation ceremonies on Saturday (5/14). Carter has always considered the Allman Brothers Band instrumental in him becoming President.  He made that point from the podium, telling those in attendance that in 1976, 'It had been more than 140 years before a candidate from the deep south had even been considered for this office' and that the band's support of his candidacy contributed significantly to him winning the election.  He would have the band play at one of the Inaugural Balls in Washington after being sworn into office.  Chuck Leavell of the ABB and Little Richard have been previously honored by Mercer with degrees.


During a 2012 guest shot on Conan's TBS show, Gregg talked about his long friendship with the former president.





U2 posts preview of Paris concert (watch)

The preview trailer captures a defiant U2 delivering an exceptionally powerful performance when they returned to Paris to play a concert that had originally been scheduled to take place the day after the terrorist attacks on the city last November.





Maker of legendary line of audio equipment true to red, white & blue

The name McIntosh is most closely associated with Apple Computers to a majority of people, but audiofiles recognize it as a name that stands for audio excellence. And while Apple Computer prefers to take advantage of low wage labor in distant countries to produce nearly all of its products,  the audio company maintains a solid commitment to continuing to make every one of its top-notch componenets in the U.S.A.  CBS paid a visit to their Binghamton, New York facility to give viewers an inside look at the people and company that make amplifiers that sound sensational.



Styx and Jackson Browne stick with NC concerts

While Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Ringo Starr elected to cancel North Carolina concerts in protest of tge state's stance against transgendered people being able to use restrooms of the gender they identify themselves as, other artists are taking a different approach. Jackson Browne announced a few days ago that he would play his scheduled NC concert but donate proceeds from it to the  LGBT rights cause. Styx and Don Felder plan to do the same and to auction an autographed guitar for the cause. Jimmy Buffett denounced the legislation but kept his concert date in the state. We don't know whether any money made on that show goes to it.

Desert concert adds second weekend

Any doubts about the drawing power at premium price points for superstar acts were dispelled Monday (5/9) when organizers announced a second weekend and then sold all of the tickets priced up to $1,599 for both weekends in less than 2 hours.  As of Tuesday morning, the only tickets still available were some VIP tickets priced close to $3,200.

The consecutive weekend October dates at the Caochella festival site in Indio, California will both feature complete concert sets by the Who, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and Bob Dylan.

Axl makes AC/DC debut in Lisbon (watch)

Fans now have some actual performance video to judges Axl Rose by as clips from Lisbon's opening night with the Guns N' Roses front man fronting AC/DC make it online.



Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne marriage may be over

The 33 year marriage of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne could be over for real this time. The Rocker and his wife and manager have had some rough recent years, including some time apart after Ozxy relapsed, but this split apparently has nothing to do with Ozzy reverting to drink or drugs - and it looks as though a reconciliation is not likely.


Rose reached out to AC/DC

Axl Rose revealed some details about how he landed in the position of filling in for Brian Johnson on AC/DC make-up dates that begin Saturday (4/7) in Lisbon, Portugal.  In an interview with BBC 6, Rose said he contacted the band through a production manager for the group as soon as he heard that Johnson would be unable to do the remaining staes on the tour.  The GNR veteran says his only interest is helping out the group on an interim basis and added that he thinks some of the Brian Johnson era songs will be more difficult than the Bon Scott fronted songs for him to do justice to.  The group decided to go with Rose after giving two highly regarded AC/DC cover band singers the chance to also audition.



ROCKinsights Quick Takes

The suit filed against Led Zeppelin claiming a key portion of the melody of Stairway To Heaven was lifted from a song by the band Spirit has been pushed from a May 10 start to June 14.


Tens of thousands of AC/DC fans in Europe have reportedly sought refunds on tickets to postponed shows the band plans to make up with Axl Rose subbing for Brian Johnson.


The Rolling Stones are calling for Donald Trump to stop using Start Me Up at his campaign appearances. A report has surfaced that an intervention might have been planned to take place later in the day that the singer was found dead.

California Mega Concert confirmed


The superstar festival we tipped you to a couple of weeks ago is now official. The Coachella festival site in Indio, California is the site of a three day festival that will include complete concert sets from the Rolling Stones & Bob Dylan (October 7), Paul McCartney & Neil Young (October 8), and Roger Waters & the Who (October 9).
Tickets go on sale Monday, May 9 and will be available on both a reserved seat and general admission basis. Single day GA tickets will be $199, 3 day GA $399 and 3 day up front pit tickets $1,599.  All reserved tickets are 3 day tickets, with floor seats priced at $699, $999 and $1,599. Grand stand reserved seats are $999 and $1,599.

Tickets will be sold at



Bronze Bon Scott statue unveiled (watch)

A largely fan funded statue honoring the late Bon Scott was unveiled during the annual BonFest in tribute to the late AC/DC front man in his hometown. The life-size figure holding a microphone aloft took sculptor John McKenna three years to finish. The unveiling drew the triple capacity of the regular festival honoring Scott in Kirriemuir, Scotland on Saturday (4/30).






7,356 Guitarists set new Guinness mark

Hey Joe x 7,356 is the new record to beat in the largest simultaneous on-site guitar jam. It happened in Poland over the weekend.


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