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U2 had been scheduled for two performances in Paris last month.  Those concerts were both cancelled (story) in the immediate aftermath of the terror attacks that took the lives of 130 people on November 13.  Not long after, the band vowed that it would return to the City Of Lights and make those two dates up.  Few imagined it woul happen so quickly, but it did.  At the first of those concerts on Sunday (12/6), a defiant Bono proclaimed from the stage, 'Vive La France! Tonight we are all Parisians' and then repeated the second part of his message in French. Following the performance, names of those killed in the attacks were projected in the nation's colors on the large screen. Reports that the Irish group would be joined on stage by members of the Eagles Of Death Metal, the group that was playing at the venue where the greatest number of victims of the attack were killed and injured, proved false the first night, but the band did take the stage with them during the second concert.  Reuters