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Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles are said to be headlining two day festivals being staged in National League ballparks on both coasts. Dubbed the Classic East and Classic West fest, the Citi Field and Dodger Stadium shows appear to be modeled on the Desert Trips concerts held near Indio, Claifornia last year. Representatives of both bands declined to respond to requests for details, according to Rolling Stone.  Don Henley had declared his band disbanded following the death of Glenn Frey.  He later seemed to be open to the possibility of playing again if one of Frey's sons would fill his 

                                                           father's place in the group.  Dates and details about other acts are still 

under wraps.

Fleetwood Mac has been trying to get a new studio album done, but the unavailability of Stevie Nicks due to her solo touring schedule seems to have resulted in the band album morphing into a Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie duets album with backing from some of the others in the group.