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The Abbey Road recording studio console used in recording Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon goes up for bids March 27 in New York when Bonhams at the TCM Presents Rock and Roll Through the Lens.  The TG12345 MK IV resided in Abbey Road's studio 2 from 1971 - 1983 and was used in recording sessions for Paul McCartney and George Harrison, as well. The console, described by one of the studio's former engineers as 'the greatest console ever created', is expected to fetch a six figure top bid.  We think it could make it into the 7 figure category.  David Gilmour may have had a role in EMI adding the custom console to the studio. His band had recorded Meddle at George Martin's Air Studios, which had a 16 track board.  It impressed him enough that he suggested that Abbey Road the jump from 4 to 16 tracks instead of just making the move from 4 to 8.