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Hyde Park reconfigured for Stones

When the Rolling Stones appeared in Hyde Park in a concert tribute to former guitarist Brian Jones two days after his death in 1969, the stage was flanked by two large and long gone oak trees.  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are so determined to recapture the feel of that day that they have arranged for the installation of a pair of man made replicas of the giants near the stage they will perform from on the same site Saturday (7/6).  According to a report in The Sun, the band's determination to recapture as much of the atmosphere of that day included finding someone willing to take on the challenge of recreating the two 70' oaks.  Jagger recently suggested he might even try and dig out the white outfit he wore at the original show.  Mick's about the only Rocker his age that could realistically think he'd fit in something he had worn 40 + years ago.