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Journey and Yes will both go into the Rock Hall Of Fame based in significant part on the distinctive vocals of lead singers both groups have replaced with sound-alikes that will not be honored by the Hall on April 7.  The announcement Tuesday (12/20)that Journey was in on its first appearance on the ballot and Yes on its third triggered immediate comment from fans of both groups expressing the hope that each will perform with the singers that helped them earn the nomination. 

Steve Perry hasn't sung with Journey since a 1991 performance honoring the late concert promoter Bill Graham.  Guitarist Neal Schon says he hasn't seen or had a conversation with Perry in more than a decade and last exchanged exchanged emails with him two years ago.  But Schon clearly hopes their former vocalist will join them at the mic on stage at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn next April, calling it '...only right and just' since 'He's the one that created all the music with us.'

Perry issued a brief note saying simply, "I'm truly grateful that Journey is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Jon Anderson's resentment over his ouster from Yes in 2009 made a reconciliation seem unlikely.  The group had recruited a replacement to cover for an ailing Anderson on tour the prior year but then elected to keep Benoit David as their lead vocalist.  A year ago, discussions about reinstating Anderson were reported, but no concrete plans appear to have been developed.