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Former President honors Gregg Allman

Gregg Allman said the Allman Brothers wanted Jimmy Carter to induct them into the Rock Hall Of Fame but Hall officials refused to grant that request. Mercer University in Macon, Georgia was happy to have the former President, Mercer University Board member and fellow Georgian on-hand to award Allman an honorary Doctorate of Humanities during graduation ceremonies on Saturday (5/14). Carter has always considered the Allman Brothers Band instrumental in him becoming President.  He made that point from the podium, telling those in attendance that in 1976, 'It had been more than 140 years before a candidate from the deep south had even been considered for this office' and that the band's support of his candidacy contributed significantly to him winning the election.  He would have the band play at one of the Inaugural Balls in Washington after being sworn into office.  Chuck Leavell of the ABB and Little Richard have been previously honored by Mercer with degrees.


During a 2012 guest shot on Conan's TBS show, Gregg talked about his long friendship with the former president.