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Joe Bonamassa has been binging on Blues, recording and playing interpretations of songs by a number of major and lesser known masters of traditional Blues.  Now the guitarist has decided to do a short tour recognizing a trio of Rock guitar legends he credits with having done the most to generate recognition and appreciation of those artists. Bonamassa and his band will do five concerts in the UK honoring Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, three guitarists that came through the ranks of the Yardbirds and have always shared an enthusiasm for and appreciation of Blues.  The 5 concerts will all take place in the UK in July. Bonamassa releases another album of original Blues material on March 25 titled Blues Of Desperation.


Update (3-1-2016): The strong demand for tickets to the initial series of dates has resulted in an extension of this tour, with additional concerts being added in Ireland and Europe.