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John Fogerty, a veteran himself, took to Facebook to defend Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl for playing his song Fortunate Son during the Concert for Valor on the DC Mall on Veteran's Day.  Reaction to the decision to play the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic at an event honoring past and present members of the military has been sharp, with many condemning the choice.  Fogerty disagrees, saying the song was written to honor those who fought during the Vietnam War and were '...shamefully ignored and mistreated' by the administration that sent them there on their return from Southeast Asia. Fogerty added, 'As a man who was drafted and served his country during those times, I have  ultimate respect for the men and women that protect us today and demand that they receive the respect that they deserve.'  Fogerty also posted a photo of him with Springsteen when the pair played together at an earlier concert.