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Alice Cooper's new album pays homage to his departed drinking buddies. The covers album he is finishing work on in LA will feature some of the shock-Rocker's favorite songs from members of the the crew he used to go drinking with, known as the Hollywood Vampires - a group that included Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix, Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, Jim Morrison and Marc Bolan of T-Rex.  Commenting on the current state of Rock and his dismissal of groups like Mumford & Sons and the Lumineers as not being real Rock, Cooper told Highway 81 Revisited, '...the Foo Fighters are one of the only Rock bands out there', calling Dave Grohl's group '...a pure 70's Rock 'N Roll band that don't take prisoners', a compliment he also extended to Slash and his group the Conspirators and GNR, saying, 'Those are the three bands that go out and Rock 'n Roll, like Aerosmith, Ozzy's band, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper. We are bands dedicated to guitar Rock. I don't think you're ever going to hear us unplugged.  At least I can guarantee you are never going to hear Alice Cooper unplugged.'