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Having performed as a member of his brother's Grateful Dead cover band while a freshman in college, Bruce Hornsby entered his stint as a member of the Dead with a decent grip on most of the band's best known songs. But joining a group with such a vast repertoire for what will be three concerts an even wider audience than the Grateful Dead's considerable fan base will be paying attention to represents a challenge to him and Trey Anastasio. Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, the keyboard player sounded upbeat about getting reacquainted with the 60+ songs he expects the band will be working into one or more of the three set lists for the Fare Thee Well concerts in Chicago (story).  He commended the group for recruiting Trey Anastasio, calling the Phish guitarist a ' player' with '...a joyful quality about his music making. A great exuberance' he thinks '...will be a huge plus with this band.'  As for the ease he felt when brought on after the death of Brent Mydland, Hornsby credited long tour bus sessions talking music with Jerry Garcia, who Bruce says, '...knew the territory so intimately and deeply. He was basically giving me a music lesson every day.'