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7-23-1965 Slash born

Saul Hudson's parents weren't musicians, but their careers related to it.  The eventual Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist's mother was a costume designer whose client list included David Bowie. His father an artist, whose work included album covers for Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. Slash was born in Hempstead, London on Jyly 23, 1965.

David Bowie's first studio recording up for bids

A record company 16 year-old David Jones submitted it to considered it worthless, but the demo the future David Bowie recorded in 1963 while in a band called The Konrads is expected to sell for close to $20k. The Independent reports that the drummer/manager of the group came across it while packing things up for a move almost 30 years ago.



7-22-1947 Don Henley born

The Eagles spent fewer years as a band than disbanded, but the body of work they produced from 1971-1980 and the tours they have staged since getting back together since the first of a couple of reunions in 1994 have kept the one of America's most prominent bands. In addition to QBing the Eagles, Don Henley has 5 solo albums to his credit. The drummer/guitarist/vocalist/producer was born on this day in 1947 in Gilmor, Texas.


7-20-1947 Carlos Santana born

Many don't realize that when Santana delivered one of the most riveting sets at the original Woodstock festival the group's debut album hadn't even been released yet.  The fusion of Rock and firey Latin American rhythms and the searing guitar work of the man born on this day in Mexico has continued to enthrall audiences to this day.  Happy brithday, Carlos Santana!


Springsteen on Broadway coming to Netflix


Springsteen on Broadway, Bruce's one-man show on Broadway, will wrap-up after three extensions and close to 300 performances.  Ticket demand and prices remain high.  If the availability or cost of going to the live show proved too daunting, you'll still be able to catch it. Netflix has reached a deal to televise a recording of a performance on December 15th.



7-19-1947 Brian May born

If you're a big Queen fan you might have a fighting chance going one-on-one with Brian May on trivia involving his band, but he might then up the stakes and shift the subject to Astrophysics and Astronomy.  The Queen guitarist's Rock credentials are matched with some major qualifications in those fields. Happy birthday to him today.


7-18-1969 The Soft Parade released

The Doors 4th studio album was eight months in the making, due in good part to the fact Jim Morrison was not writing songs during the group's long tour leading into the studio sessions.  He contibuted less to this album than he had to any of the previous studio recordings. The addition of orchestral backing and more jazz influenced styling from Ray Manzarek than on the first three albums earned little praise from fans and critics that had come to expect straight-up Rock from Morrison and company.



Sammy Hagar's band readies release

The Circle has been playing together a few years and released a live DVD, but Sammy Hagar's group has yet to put out an album.  That changes soon when the group that includes Jason Bonham, Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson in addition to the Red Rocker turns loose a debut album that Bonham described while talking with Sonic Perspectives as an release that is intended to be listened to as albums used to be... from start to finish.



7-16-1966 Cream forms

Most bands morph into existence, picking-up members over a period of weeks or months. One of Rock's original power trio's was formed in a single day, July 16, 1966.  
His time as a member of the Yardbirds and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers made Eric Clapton the best known of the three, but it was Ginger Baker that brought the members of Cream together.  Baker had been the drummer in the Graham Bond Organisation, a band that also included Jack Bruce.  When Ginger proposed forming a new band with Clapton, Eric agreed to it, provided that Bruce, who had been a member of the Bluesbreakers during EC's stint with Mayall, be included.  Since Bruce and Baker had frequently feuded during their time together in the Bond band, Baker was reluctant to go along with it but did because Clapton insisted.  Baker and Bruce continued to knock heads during the few years and four albums Cream was together.  
In 1969, weary of the ongoing battles between Baker and Bruce, Clapton and Baker joined former Spencer Davis Group and Traffic member Steve Winwood in forming Blind Faith, opting to invite Ric Gretch from the band Family to play bass.

7-14-1978 More Songs About Buildings And Food released

Talking Heads second album dropped on this date in 1978. David Byrne brought Brian Eno in to produce it. The biggest song on it was the group's unlikely choice of Take Me To The River, a song written four years earlier by soul singer Al Green and his guitarist that Green never released as a single.


Smashing Pumpkins cover Stairway To Heaven

Smashing Pumpkins have been known to throw a curve ball from time to time, but one they played during the 30+ song set opening their reunion tour in Glendale, Arizona Thursday night must have really surprised their audience.



John Lennon postage stamp out in September


The USPS will issue a John Lennon stamp in September.  The 'forever' stamp includes John's signature on a photo shot for his 1974 Walls and Bridges album.  The stamp pane is designed to resemble a 45rpm singles sleeve and has a photo of John taken in 1971 at his white piano for the Imagine album.  The official release of the stamp will be at a ceremony at the Namburg Bandshell in New York City's Central Park at 11am on September 7th.



7-12-1943 Christine McVie born

Christine Anne Perfect was born July 12, 1943 in Lancashire. Her father was a professional violinist, her mother a spiritualist said to have psychic and faith healing skills. The future Fleetwood Mac keyboard player and vocalist was classically trained on piano, but jumped to Rock in her mid teens. During her college years she did some singing with Spencer Davis before joining the group Chicken Shack. She met and married FM's bass player John McVie in 1968, released a solo album in 1970 and was invited to join Fleetwood Mac.




7-11-1959 Richie Sambora born

He took up the accordion when he was 6 but switched to guitar at 12 and has been shredding ever since. Happy birthday to the RHOF guitarist born on this date in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.