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February 23


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2-20-1946 J. Geils born


John Warren Geils, namesake of one of the most deserving bands not to have gotten into the Rock Hall Of Fame, was born on this day in New York City in 1946. The future J. Geils Band guitarist's father was a big jazz fan and got his son interested in playing trumpet. While attending Northeastern, John played in the University's marching band. After transferring to Worcester Poly Tech and switching to guitar, Geils started a band with a bass player Danny Klein and harp player 'Magic Dick' Salwitz. After relocating to Boston, they brought drummer Steve Bladd and WBCN DJ Peter Wolf on as vocalist and began playing as the J. Geils Blues Band. Geils passed away on April 11, 2017.
Other Rockers of note born on February 20th include Steely Dan's Walter Becker (1950-2017), Spirit's Randy California (1950-1997) and Kurt Cobain (1967-1954).
Happy anniversary to Pat Benatar and her guitarist/producer/husband Neil Giraldo. The couple married on this date in 1982.
Bob Dylan was given the Lifetime Achievement Award during the Grammys on this night in 1991.
And on Feb. 20.2003, more than 100 died and 200 more injured when flammable acoustic foam ignited by pyrotechnics being used during a Great White set in a Warwick, Rhode Island night club started an inferno that consumed the entire structure.

Robert Plant debuts new band

Robert Plant's latest band is Saving Grace. Here's a look & listen to a song from one of the band's first concerts.


2-19-1980 Bon Scott dies


AC/DC's legendary front man Bon Scott met his end on this day in 1980. He'd been left in a car to sleep off a night of revelry in a London club and was reportedly discovered dead the following day. While there has been some dispute over the details of his death, the official cause remains 'acute alcohol poisoning'.

Rockers of note born on February 19th include Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi and Spirit's Mark Andes, both on this day in 1948.

Ozzy Osbourne added another notch to his notoriety on 2/19/1982 when he relived himself on the base of The Cenopath, a San Antonio, Texas monument erected in 1939 to honor those who died in the Battle of the Alamo.

His choice of facility inevitably led to the story getting turned into him having taken a leak on the Alamo itself and did manage to result in him being banned from setting foot at the fort for a decade.

And one of the oddest reasons for a concert's cancellation went down on this day in 1993 when a cricket infestation caused Elton John's Melbourne, Australia concert to get nixed.

Watch the Who work on next album

Work is progrssing at a good clip as the Who work on their 2019 album.  Pete Townshend shared this in-stidio clip



2-15-1975 Fly By Night released


Rush released its second album on this day in 1975. The album was the first with Neil Peart behind the kit. Peart took over from interim drummer Jerry Fielding and replaced original stick man John Rutsey, who got sidelined due to health issues and differences of opinion over the band's direction.
Other albums of note released on February 15th include Deep Purple's Burn (1975), and Get Happy from Elvis Costello and Warren Zevon's Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School, both in 1980.
The great guitarist Michael Bloomfield, inducted into the Rock Hall Of fame as a member of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band posthumously in 2012, died of an overdose on this day in 1981. Stevie Ray Vaughan appeared on Saturday Night Live on this night in '86.



2-14-1970 Live at Leeds recorded


























On Valentine's Day in 1970, the Who performed a ferociously raw set at the University Refectory, a 2,000 seat auditorium at the University of Leeds in West Yorkshire, UK. The concert was arranged expressly to record a live album that would dispel impressions the Tommy rock opera album created that the group was heading in an art rock direction. The intensely raw and hard rocking set delivered from the stage that night served notice and the album that followed 3 months later went on to become widely considered as the greatest concert recording ever made.
On February 14th, 1973, David Bowie was stretchered off the stage at Radio City Music Hall in New York after an overzealous fan rushed him on stage as he performed as Ziggy Stardust. 
The B52's formed on this day in 1977 in Athens, Georgia. Dire Straits started recording the debut album it would release in October on this day in 1978. Heart's Bebe le Strange album dropped on 2/14/1980, and Frank Zappa appeared as a drug dealer on an episode of Miami Vice on this night in 1986.

2-13-1950 Peter Gabriel born

































Peter Brian Gabriel was born on this day in 1950 in Surrey. He took up piano at a young age with instruction from a musical mother, but played drums in the bands he was in before forming Genesis in 1967. Chris Stewart was the drummer in the early lineup that also included Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips. Peter was the lead voice of Genesis until 1975, when he parted to begin a solo career and drummer Phil Collins took over as lead vocalist. Ed Gagliardi, the original bass player in Foreigner, was also born on February 11 (1952).

Black Sabbath's self-titled debut dropped on 2/13/1970. On this day in 1972, Led Zeppelin was denied permission to deplane after arriving in Singapore because of their long hair. Lou Reed got smacked in the face by a brick thrown by a political activist during a concert in Milan, Italy on this night in 1975. The headstone at Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zant's grave site was stolen on 2/13/1982, but was recovered and returned to the plot two weeks later. And a fan bought Paul McCartney's boyhood home for $231,000 during an auction at the Cavern Club on this day in 2015.


2-12-1972 & 1981 Eat A Peach and Moving Pictures released



















A couple of albums many fans of each band count among their favorites got releasd on this date almost a decade apart. The Allman Brothers put out the double album Eat A Peach on 2/12/1972 and Rush released Moving Pictures on the same date in 1981.
Steve Hackett of Genesis (1950) and Triumph's Gil Moore were both born February 12. On this night in 2012 (when the show was still somewhat worth watching), Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl combined forces to close the Grammy Awards with an Abbey Road medley.

Dylan's Blonde on Blonde 12 string goes to auction


The 12 string Fender XII that Bob Dylan used during sessions that produced his landmark 1966 double album Blonde on Blonde is heading to auction. Heritage will offer it as a featured instrument in its March 16th Entertainment Memorabilia Signature Auction. Also on the block is one of only six known copies of the Sgt. Pepper album to have been autographed by all of the members of the Beatles and a velvet robe that belonged to Jimi Hendrix.




2-11-1964 Beatles do first US concert in Washington, DC

February 11 was an eventful date in frenetic early days of the Beatles. On this day in 1963, the Beatles recorded 10 songs in a single session for the Please Please Me Album. A year later on the same date, the group made its live US debut, doing a brief set at the Washington, DC Coliseum in front of a delirious crowd. And on 2/11/1965, Ringo Starr married Maureen Cox. 
On this day in 1977, Jethro Tull released Songs From The Wood, and the Police reunited to perform at the opening of the Grammy Awards on 2/11/2007.


2-10-1978 Van Halen debut album released


Van Halen unleashed their debut album on this day in 1978. A mostly dismissive Rolling Stone Magazine review predicted the group would end up "..fat and self-indulgent and disgusting" within 3 years, but also credited Eddie Van Halen having better riffs than Joe Perry had produced in years. VH laughed all the way to the bank while their first became one of the best selling debut albums of the decade.


2-9-1970 Morrison Hotel released


The Doors 5th studio album dropped on this day in 1970, A top 5 album, Morrison Hotel found the band getting back to basics after venturing in a different musical direction in The Soft Parade failed to impress many early and core fans of the group. 
On this night in 1964, a record shattering 73 million viewers tuned in to the Ed Sullivan Show to see and hear the Beatles battle it out with an audience filled predominantly with screaming teenage girls.
Rock pioneer Bill Haley died on 2/9/1981. A former Beatle and Rolling Stones member's solo albums came out on this day in '93 when Paul McCartney released Off The Ground and Mick Jagger put out Wandering Spirit. 
Soundgarden did its last concert before breaking up on this night in 1997.


Lindsey Buckingham suffers vocal cord damage during surgery


2018 was a rough year for Lindsey Buckingham. He lost his spot in Fleetwood Mac to Mike Campbell. 2019 is not off to a good start either. Late last week, Buckingham underwent open heart surgery. During the operation he suffered vocal cord damage. It is apparently uncertain whether the vocal impairment is temporary or permanent. Buckingham's family medical history includes the deaths of both his father (56) and a brother (46) to heart related issues.
We wish Lindsey his best in battling back from this.



2-8-1968 Blind Faith forms


The short-lived supergroup Blind Faith formed on this day in 1969, its members coming from Cream (Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker), Traffic (Steve Winwood) and Family (Rick Grech). The group would stay together only long enough to release one studio and one live album. The studio album, released in August '69 caused more than a musical stir. The cover photo was of a quite young and topless girl, causing many countries to ban it. An alternate cover was released simultaneously in the UK and later replaced copies in countries and stores unwilling to sell the album with the original cover.
Another supergroup did its first concert on this date five years later. Bad Company, made up of Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke from Free, Mott The Hoople's Mick Ralphs and King Crimson's Boz Burrell, made its live debut in Newcastle on 2/8/1974.
David and Angela Bowie's 10 year marriage ended in a divorce on this day in 1980. In 1994, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue was arrested for carrying a loaded gun at LAX, and ACDC played the Grammy's on this night in 2015 with Chris Slade on drums in place of Phil Rudd.

Man breaks into John Mellencamp's house to "arrest" him


An Indiana Sheriff's Department arrested a 48 year-old man early Thursday morning (2/7) and charged him with using a Jeep to ram a security barrier outside John Mellencamp's house near Bloomington and then kicking in a door of the home.  The suspect apparently claimed he wanted to "arrest" the singer over his political views.  Charges the Indianapolis man faces include criminal trespass and burglary. Mellencamp was not in the residence at the time of the incident.