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John Fgerty plays Centerfield at Dodger Stadium

Baseball''s status as "the national past time" may have passed, but it unquestionably has inspired more songs and in-song lyrics than any other organized sport. A favorite of many is the title song to John Fogerty's 1985 album Centerfield. The song earned the Creedence Clearwater Revival veteran an invitation to perform it at the Baseball Hall Of Fame's annual induction ceremony in 2010. John even donated his Louisville Slugger custom guitar to the Hall when he was in Cooperstown. Fogerty fulfilled another dream of his on his 75th birthday when he got to play at Dodger Stadium, albeit an empty stadium due to the MLB season being on hold due to Covid-19. John said, "It took 75 years and it's a little different than I envisioned", but added,"I get to fulfill my dream playing 'Centerfield' in centerfield with my kids on the team. A home run!"



Fogerty joins Billy Joel for a CCR classic (3-21-19)

Billy Joel's monthly concerts at Madison Square Garden have resulted in some great guest drop-ins. March 21, John Fogerty was in the house to join the Piano Man on this CCR classic.


Official Fortunate Son video finally released

Legal disputes over the rights to his own songs made John Fogerty reluctant to perform Creedence Clearwater Revival music for a number of years as a solo artist.  It may have also have been a factor in why no official video was ever released for one of CCR's biggest songs. That changed this week.


John Fogerty & Billy Gibbons - The Holy Grail

Billy Gibbons and John Fogerty team to tour

Billy Gibbons and John Fogerty cooked up this to promote the joint tour ZZ Top is doing with John and his band.


Blues & Bayous Tour – John Fogerty & ZZ Top from adam rothlein on Vimeo.


John Fogerty