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2014 has been a tough year for Gregg Allman.  A serious case of bronchitis forced him to miss some dates during the Allman Brothers Band Beacon Theatre residency in March. He then suffered a wrist injury tat resulted in missed solo tour shows.  His most recent challenge came after film makers announced plans to resume production of a biopic about him that had been put on hold after the death of a crew member when a train struck and killed a crew member and injured several others while filming on a rural  railroad trestle in Georgia in February.  That incident convinced actor William Hurt to announce he was withdrawing from one of the lead roles (story) and triggered a campaign by family and friends of the victim to call on the producers not to resume work on the movie. Gregg himself requested the same in a letter to the producers.  When it appeared they intended to disregard the pleas, Allman filed suit seeking to legally bar resumption of the filming. Tuesday (5/13), a settlement was reached following a day on which Allman's attorney went hard and heavy after Midnight Rider director Randall Miller on the witness stand.  While neither side would comment on the specifics of the agreement reached, Allman has dropped the suit, which suggests the movie is on the shelf if not gone for good.