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How convincingly Andre Benjamin is captures the performing experience of Jimi Hendrix remains to be seen (Waddy Wachtel does the actual playing that's heard in the soundtrack), but some of the scenes being released of Andre 3000 as Jimi interacting with others indicate that he does a remarkable job coming off like Hendrix in conversation. A scene in which Animals bass player Chas Chandler (also well portrayed) talks Hendrix into going to London to play for Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Keith Richards is particularly convincing. Some scenes, including the one below, make us wonder how deeply researched the conversations were - a nagging issue with most of these projects, but it appears 12 Years A Slave screenwriter John Ridley did his homework before writing Jimi: All Is By My Side.  Benjamin worked six hours a day to be able to appear as natural and convincing as possible playing left-handed on an inverted guitar. Unfortunately, songs in the film and on the soundtrack will not be Hendrix originals.  His estate declined to grant use of them in the project.  Songs by the Beatles, Muddy Waters and others that Hendrix covered during the years the movie depicts will be used in their place. The film was previewed at the Toronto Film Festival last fall and will gets a screening Wednesday (3/12) for a more musically versed audience at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas.