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Frank Zappa was just twisted enough to consider it a compliment that Italian researchers have chosen to name an acne-causing bacteria for him. The grapevine dwelling strain of bacteria discovered at the Italy Centre for Sustainable Agro-Ecosystems and Bioresources is  P Acnes Zappae. It is causing a stir because it is the first case of a strain of plant based bacteria that's been found that developed from a human one - an occurance that probably happened about 8,000 years before its namesake wrote and recorded Call Any Vegetable.   The scientists involved in the discovery credit the Mothers of Invention founding guitarist, singer and songwriter because his approach to music inspired them to think outside the box when doing their research.  Zappa's widow also considers it a fitting honor that a bacteria shares the family name. Speaking with USA Today, Gail Zappa said, 'For me this is just an extension of Frank's means of gluing things together, making sense of the universe.  It's strickly conceptual continuity.'