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The country estate an hour from London that John Lennon paid just over $32,000 for in 1964 is on the market for just over $22 million.  The sprawling Surrey house John and Cynthia lived in was where John did much of the writing that would appear on the groups transformative albums of the mid to late 60's. Paul McCartney, who preferred to remain in London, made regular visits to write with John. John also hosed a vist with Bob Dylan at the six bedroom Tudor style home.  Most of Lennon's writing and informal recording was done in a small den toward the back of the house or a top floor room, which was where he and Yoko Ono recorded most of the songs that appeared on the Two Virgins album.  The house is also where Cynthia discovered John and Yoko together when she returned from vacationing in Greece.  The house was sold not long after.