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Elvis Costello reunites with early musical partner on new album

Before Declan Patrick MacManus morphed into Elvis Costello, formed the Attractions as his backing band and emerged as one of the lead figures in the new wave and British punk movement of the mid-late 1970's, he was in an act known as Rusty with Allan Mayes. That outfit did a fair amount of touring in the UK but never got the opportunity to record. Mayes recently reached out to his former musical partner to see whether he'd be willing to get together and play some of the songs they performed together those many years ago. To his surprise, Costello was so enthused with the notion that he proposed that he and Mayes not only revisit the material they'd played together in 1972, but that they record the album they never got the chance to then. The two of them went through some old setlists and picked out the songs they wanted to record. Elvis arranged for members of his current band, The Imposters, to contribute to the sessions. The end result will be The Resurrection of Rust, an album that will be available at Elvis Costello concerts and gets released on CD June 3, with a vinyl release to follow.