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Eric Clapton, Lindsey Buckingham, Pearl Jam members contract COVID


Eric Clapton, Lindsey Buckingham and Pearl Jam are the latest to have touring plans disrupted due to positive COVID tests. While it appears Clapton will be able to resume touring this week and expects his upcoming US dates with Jimmy Vaughan to stay on schedule, the entire schedule of the former Fleetwood Mac member's first solo European tour has been put on hold.

EC tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 days after his May 8th Royal Albert Hall concert and was advised by doctors that a full recovery could be jeopardized if he resumed performing too soon, leading to the postponement of concerts scheduled for Zurich, Switzerland last night and Milan, Italy tonight. Barring any setback, the 77 year-old guitar great should be able to re-start his European tour this Friday in Bologna, Italy. His seven concerts US tour opens in Columbus, Ohio September 8th.

Pearl Jam had soldiered on with replacement drummers at a couple of gigs after Matt Cameron tested positive. After learning that Jeff Ament had also tested positive for COVID, the group announced Wednesday it would cancel concerts in Sacramento and Las Vegas.