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We can only imagine the phenomenal music that might have come out of a band featuring Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Paul McCartney and drummer Tony Williams but had Hendrix lived longer, that supergroup could very well have come together.  The Jimi, Miles and Tony Williams collaboration was pretty much set to happen.  Less known was that the three dispatched a telegram to Paul McCartney inviting him to join them on bass. In a cable delivered to Apple Records on October 21, 1969 and now a part of the Hard Rock Cafe treasure trove of memorabilia, a message signed, 'Peace Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Tony Williams' reads, 'We are recording and (sic) LP together this weekend. How about coming in to play bass', and advises McCartney to contact producer Alan Douglas if he was interested and available.  Whether Paul even got the message is not certain. A reply, sent on his behalf by
Peter Brown, an assistant to the Beatle,  informed the senders that Paul was vacationing and would not return for two weeks.  Whether Hendrix, Davis and Williams actually got around to recording that weekend with someone else on bass is also a mystery.  If it did happen, Hendrix producer Eddie Kramer would have loved to have been there, commenting, 'Lord knows where it would have gone; those huge egos in the studio at the same time!'.