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A dispute between Roger Waters and David Gilmour over the liner notes is holding-up the release of a remastered 5.1 mix of Pink Floyd's Animals album. Waters escalated the issue by posting the description written by Mark Blake on his website and commenting that his former band mate doesn't contest the validity of Blake's notes but prefers "...that history to remain secret". Waters apparently contends that Gilmour wants more credit than he is due for the concept, songwriting and album cover of the original 1977 release, while Gilmour evidently feels Blake's take on those things shortchanges him.


Waters claims that Gilmour is blocking the release of the album over this issue and also blocking Roger from posting anything about it on the Pink Floyd Facebook page that has more than 30 million followers.


It's unfortunate that the bickering of the two stands in the way of Floyd fans being able to enjoy the remastered masterpiece in surround sound.