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Ozzy Osbourne has stepped up with an offer of a $25,000 reward if stolen equipment that belonged to his late guitarist Randy Rhaods gets returned.  In a facebook post notifuing his 11 million followers of the incentive to help get the gear returned to the music school his family now runs Osbourne wrote of the Musonia School as "...something of a pilgrimage to his fans all over the world.  It is a place where the Rhoads family happily opened their hearts to share the life of Randy", and, "I am heartbroken that these treasured pyhsical memories of Randy and Delores (Rhoads' mother) have been taken".

The gear taken includes his first guitar, an early 60's Harmony Rocket electric, a Peavey Amp head he used while with Quiet Riot, a rare prototype Marshall amp head given to the family by the company.  Anyone having info or leads can notify Nick at 818-281-7893 or