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Justin Hayward Solo Project

Moody Blues guitarist Justin Hayward is wrapping up work on a solo album that he plans to release in 2013.  Hayward says the project includes material he developed a number of years ago that recently '...gathered momentum' and has been enjoyable to get ready for release.  Hayward's last solo effort came out in 1996. As for the Moody Blues, he says the group may release future concert DVDs, but has no plans to write or record new material at this time.  Asked about the group being left off the Rock Hall of Fame ballot for the umpteenth time, Hayward says he feels bad for fans about the annual snub, but notes, 'It's an American thing. If you really want to run a hall of fame and get people coming through and it's a great tourist attraction, that's fine, but it doesn't impact me at all.'