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Bother bands are notoriously unbrotherly.  Ray and Dave Davies sniped at each other relentlessly and even came to blows during a Kinks concert.  John and Tom Fogerty fought over so many things while together in Creedence Clearwater Revival that they were estranged until Tom's death. While less overtly disdainful of one another, Rich and Chris Robinson couldn't get along well enough to keep the Black Crowes together.  It's a shame, because Shake Your Money Maker hinted that the Crowes could become a band for the ages at a time when so many other groups with that potential were imploding for a variety of other reasons.
Rich has remained the more musically active of the Robinson brothers, but none of the projects he's been involved in post-Crowes fulfilled the potential many thought that group had.  His latest band, The Magpie Salute, will put out its debut album on August 10th.  From it, here's Send Me An Omen. See whether you think it bodes well for Rich.