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An estimated 1 billion around the world tuned in to view a very  distinctly British opening ceremony for the summer Olympic games in London Friday (7/27).  The spectacle included a chronological and bizarrely choreographed medley of UK pop music that included songs from a lot of artists - nearly none of which was in attendance.  The notable exception was Paul McCartney, who led the 80,000 in the stadium on Hey Jude to bring the over-the-top barrage of Brit pop culture to a merciful close (and remind us of how little music of redeeming value played after the program moved beyond the 60's & 70's material). Rock highlights included the Who's Baba O'Riley, London Calling and God Save The Queen from the Clash (played before Her Majesty arrived), Satisfaction from the Stones, Zeppelin's Trampled Underfoot, the Queen anthem Bohemian Rhapsody and Eclipse from Dark Side of the Moon.  Thoughts of Pink Floyd were visually triggered when the stadium floor was converted into a children's hospital - complete with dozens of the kind of white, metal beds depicted on the cover of Momentary Lapse of Reason.