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Objections over what other group members contend is the illegal use of the name of his former band in promoting his solo concerts has resulted in a legal claim for $2 million being filed against Ed Kowalczyk.  This is the second round of legal action initiated by the other members of Live against the former lead singer.  A 2010 lawsuit sought compensation after the others claimed that Kowalczyk had set himself up to receive all of the proceeds from Live publishing income and demanded that the he get a $100,000 bonus as the front man for performing at a European festival in 2009.  Guitarist Chad Taylor criticized after claiming he found a  2005 'hidden contract' signed only by Kowalczyk, and called the singer out in a blog for putting himself in a position that made him ' to stab his three best friends from middle school in the back' , and add that when informed of the $100k bonus by management, he flatly declared that Kowalczyk was no longer in the band and is ' friend of mine or the lifelong friends of Live."  For his part, Kowalczyk calls the allegations '...all absolutely untrue', defiantly adding, 'The spirit of Live is alive and well in my performances and my new material.'