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The Miami Herald reports that the death of drummer butch Trucks appears to have been a suicide.  The paper's web site indicates that a call received by the 911 center that serves West Palm Beach at about 6pm on Tuesday (1/24) was made by a woman in extreme distress reporting that her husband had shot himself.  Police arriving at the condo Trucks and his wife own were met by his wife, Melinda, and their son.

Trucks, a founding member of the Allmans Brothers Band had been performing in Butch Trucks & Very Special Friends, a group that morphed into Les Brers with Jaimoe and other ABB veterans since the Allmans went on hiatus at the end of 2014.  He and his wife were active supporters of the arts and civic causes in the south Florida community, but reports had emerged that they were under financial stress due to debts related to real estate holdings.