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In a town where few secrets remain secrets very long, news of Bruce Springsteen's free, private performance for the White House staff not only stayed under wraps until the event happened on Monday (1/12), it was kept quiet days after.  Somewhere between 200 and 250 were in attendance, including the outgoing President and First Lady, for the 15 song acoustic set. Solo with the exception of the E Street Band's Patti Scialfa joining her husband on Tougher Than The Rest and If I SHould Fall Behind, the set included several of Bruce's most poignant songs and some between tunes comments and observations from the Boss.  Opening with Working On The Highway, Bruce worked his way through Growin' Up, My Hometown, My father's House, The Wish, Thunder Road, The Promised Land, Born in the U.S.A., Devils & Dust, Tougher Than The Rest, If I Should Fall Behind, The Ghost of Tom Joad, Long Walk Home, Dancing In The Dark and Land of Hope and Dreams.

Springsteen expressed his disappointmtnet that so many people and politicians fail to realize that Born in the U.S.A is a protest song and, dedicating Tougher Than The Rest to the Obamas, praised the President and Michelle for setting such a good example as individuals and a family during their years in the White House.
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