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Unless Head Job means the same thing Down Under as Head Case. Phil Rudd has either gotten his head together or picked the wrong title for his first solo album.  Rudd, whose off-the-wall conduct during a several month span cost him the spot he'd held in AC/DC for decades, will release Head Job on September 30th.  The drummer says 'My hellraising days are over'.  In a short span of time, Rudd managed to get mixed up in an alleged murder for hire scheme, get busted for drugs and placed under house arrest, get popped for violating the terms of his sentence and lose his status as AC/DC's drummer. Malcolm Young fell victim to dementia and had to retire before Rudd's travails began. Since his ouster, the group has lost Brian Johnson due to the risk of permanent hearing loss and has been notified by bassist Cliff Williams that he intends to retire after this tour. That would seem to make rehiring Rudd tempting to Angus Young intends to attempt to extend the AC/DC legacy. Rudd admits to the hope he could play in his former band again, but questions whether AC/DC can exist without the members its lost.  Classic Rock magazine