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Bono underwent what band representatives are calling emergency back surgery following an unspecified injury the U2 lead singer sustained in a pre-tour conditioning session.  Added concern resulted from the fact the announcement on the U2 web site indicated he was admitted under the care of a neuro surgeon, but the statement indicates the singer is expected to remain hospitalized for just a few days, and then return to his home to recuperate.  While the site did not give any indication of how long that process might take, the subsequent post that the band's June 3 concert in Salt Lake City will not take place makes it obvious he'll be laid up at least a couple of weeks.  Manager Paul McGuinness said U2 had planned to arrive in Utah to begin rehearsals for the next leg of the 3600 Tour Tuesday (5/25) - and that some of the more than 400 crew and other tour support staff already heading to Salt Lake City were being turned around.  He also expressed the group's disappointment over inconvenience to fans that might result from the unexpected development.